Richard Shaw, Stewart & Larry Round Table, UFO’s Bible Codes, Fakes & Planet-X


NIGHT SHADOWS AT 7:00 PM CT 9-30-2016


Paranormal Updates. UFO’s. The Arrival, Planet-X, Bible Codes and Much More…


9-11-2014 5-03-54 PM

Richard Shaw, director/producer of THE WATCHER series joins Stewart & Larry for an update on all things paranormal, touching on the UFO situation, the arrival, planet-X news, fake artifacts, and Richard’s take on world events as world leaders all meet in Israel because of Perez’s death, the last of the original leaders of Israel, surely a warning of things to come. With the approach of the Destroyer, confirmed by the Bible and The Book of the Kolbrin and even Native Americans, such as the Hopi. We will talk about the fake artifact passed off as real and how that effects documentary producers such as Richard and L.A. Marzulli, and much more in this round table discussion.