War Games, Dollar Games and All Kinds Of Lies and Games





Insanity Rules, Chaos, Betrayal Is Wonderful, and Rich Men Rule


Banks on the brink of total collapse, economic reset on the way, the American Dream is dead, and war is on the horizon. America and the UN’s NATO are pushing Putin to the edge of nuclear war, and always remember that “Sudden Destruction” is the byword for America to go down. Are we going to be hit broadside with bank closures if the “reset” for a global currency is announced on Friday, September 30, 2016? Visions and dreams of a sudden collapse of the economy were given many years ago, and those visions appear to be very close now. Putin and Syria may be the trigger, along with North Korea and may other hot spots appear close to ignition. Martial law and FEMA camps appear ready and waiting in the wings and more..


“Give me what I want and I’ll go away…”