Electro-Magnetic Storms, War Drums, Bots & Water Popcorn & News Update




New scientific articles admitting Planet-9 (Planet-X) is REAL, The electro-magnetic environment is changing, cosmic radiation is increasing, health problems all over, earthquakes and earth rumbles, Putin plays chess, Trump plays the bio-metric and loyalty oath card! Can Trump fix what is wrong, or only God can?  Trump is challenging the Babylonian power elite! People are feeling wiped out as their energy is way down, chem-trails the world over, and geoengineering admitted. What’s next?

The 50th Year ends September 23rd, 2016. Star Sign in Revelation 12 comes September 23, 2017. Does it mean anything?












8 thoughts on “Electro-Magnetic Storms, War Drums, Bots & Water Popcorn & News Update

  1. Hi, Stewart Best: Where on YOUR website should I be looking to see info re: future shows? Reason I ask is I get lost on your websites everytime I go but when you send me emails or Larry posts upcoming shows then I click link & attend. I’m asking you this because, once again, I got your email re: show much later than I should have. I looked for it but it was not there in my inbox before 7pm CDT last night. I even checked Larry’s website but saw nothing. Thought you were not having it due to holiday weekend. Please advise, Thanks Christi


  2. Interesting: I listened to the archived show and Stewart gets garbled at the end when he says, “the only escape [garble-garble] -rist” (I assume it cut out a full, “the only escape is the Lord Jesus Christ”). I had to listen to it a second time to even get what was tried to be said (I thought it might be my computer, but no).

    In other words, for most, the message re: the Lord Jesus Christ probably slides by without ever being noticed.

    The show wrap-up begins at about the 59:40 mark I believe.

    The link I used:

    God bless.


    • So, I thought it was my computer. I heard this “skip” listening live. The whole show was loud and clear and skip-free, except the Lord Jesus Christ. Hmmmm.

      Otherwise a wonderful informative show Stewart and Larry!! Thank you for all you do.


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