Planet-X & The Omega Code, Earth Changes and Mass Madness



Planet-X is real, but no one knows when it will actually get here. The Bible says it is inbound, and the code indicate 2017 sometime after Trumpets, the Book of the Kobrin says it is inbound, Enoch infers something causes huge Earth changes the Bible codes say it is coming, and Dr. Doom says it will be here December 2017.


The OMEGA CODE points to 2017, which means WWIII and Isaiah 17 seems to be close. Election chatter indicates hacking, and electronic rigging, and major media is beating the drums of possible fraud – an excuse to either delay or cancel the elections? Middle East is a powder keg and the nations are getting restless. News and updates and more. UFO spotted in Spain, is the video real or fake? Omega Code confirmations increasing. September-October warnings


If real, a new video has surfaced from Spain of a UFO and an alien grey who appears and then vanishes. Could it be BLUEBEAM holographic or is it real? Blue beam appears to be in the final phases of testing upon an unsuspecting public, with strange UFO sightings, airliners that fly, stop and then vanish, floating cities, and even possible fake projections of an inbound planet?

Major Ed. Dames reveals the truth about Planet-X and claims not only is it real, but they do not really know what it is, and it will be here in December 2017, which confirms the star sign of Revelation 12 on Trumpets, 9-23-2017. Remember that moves, YouTube and cartons all pointed to 9-23? And how 9-11 was in reality 9-23? It is all coming together now.


Now 9-23-2017 is the date of the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12. Interesting!!







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  1. Hello Stewart.II have been gone due to funds for 18 months. On a note about 2017.A Tom Cruise movie Called Oblivion has a scene where he repairs a drone in a blown up football stadium. There he remembers and recaps a professional football game. On the blown up board it says 2017 football champions which to me says kaboom shortly thereafter. also with Trump moving in and being antii Muslim etc. Do you see Albert Pikes Morals Dogma as it told about the three planned coming wars which two have been accomplished and the last one was to be a war with the Muslims. Trump is the man for this job..


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