AUGUST IMPACT EVENT!!? Night Shadows Radio Tonight!

2016-06-10_12-10-11On Night Shadows tonight at 7:00 PM CT, Larry Taylor and Augusto Perez will join host Stewart Best for a round table discussion on a number of topics, from a remote viewing project that says a major IMPACT EVENT has been remote viewed for sometime in August area, and it appears to be a possible PARTICLE BEAM WEAPON that destroys an America city. Then there are the new Bible Codes that refer to Trump, Hillary and Obama as having mental illness!! Then the reports of people everywhere having trouble thinking and concentrating like never before – possible EMP types of emissions coming from the cosmic super wave, the sun or the Destroyer?

Wars and rumors of wars, the Putin/Turkey situation, the incoming gravity wave and its possible time-space warps vs. Mandela effect and much, much more.

So tune and for a fast moving show if you can or listen later on NIGHT SHADOWS membership site!!

here is the link: