Paranormal Extreme – Night Shadows Tonight

Night Shadows at 7:00 PM CT TONIGHT.


Humanity is full of strife, wars, rumors of wars, corruption, murder, lies and the list could go on for a long time. This interview between Keith Arndt and Stewart Best discuss something most people don’t want to face – the issue of the human heart and the possibility of each person being confronted by the creator at death.


Something is missing within and it is the most paranormal issue of all – is mankind under indictment? The Bible is the most paranormal book the world has ever been given, the mathematical continuity beyond all chance – the Bible was given from another dimension, the most extreme paranormal event in the history of the world, and it is either true or false, there are no middle grounds.

Strange as it may seem, the Bible makes no attempt to prove it is true, it presents humanity with what it calls THE FACTS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE. One can take it, or one can leave it. But is it fanciful old wives tales or the real truth behind our reality and existence? Is humanity a fallen race, already condemned? Is Satan real?


This interview is part two of Stewart’s ultimate search for the truth behind the Universe, and his meeting with the Creator of it all. The biggest mistake that the world is making right now is its rejection of the most paranormal book in the world. We call the Bible and not reading what it actually says, and how it all but destroys all the world religions including modern Christianity.


 The Bible gives us a blueprint of reality and it offers us a way out of the world we all THINK  we know. We don’t. It is an illusion, but also very real, a paradox. Jesus Christ declared we are all prisoners, held fast by a prison keeper He called Satan, the god of this world.  What in the world was He talking about? How did He know about DNA and things only modern science is now discovering?

Something strange is happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear – or is it?

Your are about to be sheered. Do you know why?