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June 15, 2016


Night Shadows on Blog Talk Radio TONIGHT (6-15-2016 at 7:00 PM), will be giving a Global Intel Update with Larry Taylor and Stewart Best:


A free wheeling discussion NEWS UPDATE as to what is going on with the Orlando false flag event, the gun grab, Internet control and much more surveillance to catch these “lone wolf” terrorist types before they can act – hence PRECRIME, a part of any police state, so anyone thought to be in opposition to the state can be rounded up and put in FEMA camps (NDAA 2015-16) with America being a war zone now by act of Congress.


The Black Knight satellite decoding, anomalous weather, Earth changes heating up, Trump’s attack on Obama, the Middle East and the connection between Israel and Russia.  America going under Martial law, Homeland Security and America down.





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