Night Shadows on Blog Talk Radio TONIGHT (6-15-2016 at 7:00 PM), will be giving a Global Intel Update with Larry Taylor and Stewart Best:


A free wheeling discussion NEWS UPDATE as to what is going on with the Orlando false flag event, the gun grab, Internet control and much more surveillance to catch these “lone wolf” terrorist types before they can act – hence PRECRIME, a part of any police state, so anyone thought to be in opposition to the state can be rounded up and put in FEMA camps (NDAA 2015-16) with America being a war zone now by act of Congress.


The Black Knight satellite decoding, anomalous weather, Earth changes heating up, Trump’s attack on Obama, the Middle East and the connection between Israel and Russia.  America going under Martial law, Homeland Security and America down.






  1. Thanks for doing all you do, Stewart. I’m so glad to have found your show. Many so called Chrisitan friends think it is irrelevant to study about this paranormal subject. My thoughts are that if it will be the greatest deception to bumfuzzle even so called Christians. I think it may just warrant a wee little bit of attention. Could this be the hidden mysteries to be revealed in last days as stated in Daniel? Mainly referring to the hidden agenda of disclosure of aliens. Of course we know they are fallen angels.
    Also, I heard yesterday on a show, I believe with Tom Horn that the illuminati, luciferian greed mongers can’t complete their New World Order plan until the watchers, Giants, come back here to earth. If true that causes one to pause and reflect and of course PRAY. Stewart I have an acquaintance that was kidnapped by aliens. He says they were beautiful, young, never get old, and so very nice to him. He was once a preacher, although rearranges the Bible to fit his agenda. He is very New Age, Gaia now. I try to minister to him the gospel, he has been brainwashed by them. A friend that works with him in this holistic practice helped pull wire out of his leg. He does colonics on people, loves to help people. He is Cherokee Indian. I try to avoid him now as he is friendly but hard headed. I told him once to not tell the aliens about me just joking and he said, “I’m sure they already know about you”. Should I be concerned about him? I only go there now to buy my aerobic bottled water and the friend who works with him we still talk. I guess truth is I find it interesting and try to get more info out of him. They recently met a hybrid, they said at a sports bar here in Durant. His dad was from Mars. He supposedly has a company in Cali. That makes suppositories that heal cancer. I want to find out more about it, should I? Anyway I hope you’re not shaking your head too, thinking this girl is a little loony. I’m a registered nurse since 1989, and love all paths of healing when w/in Gods realm. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY and NO ONE will ever deceive me because I know the tactics of the devil!!! And did our Lord not say that HE CAME THAT HE MIGHT DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE ENEMY! Thanks for teaching us more–who woulda thought things would get so interesting? GOD BLESS YOU SIR—I pray a very special blessing on you and all you own. And that angels will stand shoulder to shoulder around you and your wife and Larry and his wife and protect all do you. I know your too busy to write back, it’s okay, Augusto is the only one who does, he is a saint. I pray for him daily. I love him on your show too. Mary Kay


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