Larry Taylor joins Stewart in a discussion about how the The New World Order, via ISIS/ISIL and the CIA/NSA has changed gears in their attacks upon the freedoms of Americans. In the name of “security” the call on all major TV networks is the same – we must control the Internet, surveillance must be increased and we all must give up our freedoms to the government until the crisis is over. In short, Obama’s “profound changes” to America are just around the corner – as to what form they will take, no one really knows, but insider sources say that the confiscation of guns across America may begin shortly. Once the guns are out of the hands of law abiding Americans so they cannot defend themselves, the KILLING FIELDS OF AMERICA will also include millions of men, woman and children, as millions of abortions have already taken the lives of untold innocents.

The Orlando attacks have all the signs of a false flag attack, crisis actors, the numbers game, all of it are showing up for what it most likely is. As usual, no one really knows if anyone was actually killed, but always remember all of this is a Satanic sacrifice for the elite.  Senator Sessions says much more is on the way, so it is hunker down time and who knows what is next, or if there will be another long “null” period to see if this attack gets the desired results called for in the “Protocols of the Elders of Sion” AKA “Masonry” or “Mystery” of the Bible.


You need these books, folks, you need to know the what, why and how that MYSTERY is working to totally destroy America, rob you of everything you have, steal your children and when they are finished, KILL YOU.