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Barry Roffman will join Stewart Best and Larry Taylor on NIGHT SHADOWS to discuss a very odd remark made by a military general at a University in Vermont concerning “little green men” and “hybrids”, and what the coded message was according to the Bible codes and how that ties into the Roswell UFO crash and recovery of the craft and its occupants. Does all of this tie into the UFO enigma and the arrival? Life on Mars, and many other topics in the wide ranging free for all conversation!














In one of the more memorable scenes of the STAR WARS films was when Luke Skywalker tells Yoda that he is not afraid. “Yoda narrows his eyes, looks directly into the eyes of Skywalker and in a deadly tone of voice says “YOU WILL BE…”


I liken that comment to the gainsayer Christians who now say “I am not afraid, for I know I am saved and heaven bound”, and Jesus is saying to them, “YOU WILL BE…” How can we make such a statement? Because it is true, AND THE Good Book makes that very clear.


The Christians of today, with RARE EXCEPTION, cannot offer any true and authentic salvation testimony, just as the Good Book says  even one in a thousand, or more like one in a million (tiny – micron) can correctly answer the Lord when He asks them “how can a soul be righteous before the Lord?” in paraphrase. We don’t want to believe that, do we?


But Jesus verified that when He said that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again…”, that is, only 8 souls, out of the entire population boarded the Ark, the rest mocked. So it is now, FEW ENTER IN, the REST MOCK. Now obviously far more get in under the Lord Jesus Christ than in the Days of Noah, but the warnings are very clear and direct!


Millions stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and suddenly find they are TOTALLY REJECTED. Yoda’s comment to Skywalker becomes crystal clear. Skywalker had no idea, no clue as to what lay ahead as he battled the New Age “Dark Side”.


Christian DECEPTION is the DARK SIDE of modern Christianity. Those embracing it HAVE NO CLUE, NO IDEA WHATSOEVER they are going to RUIN, even when the Scriptures made it abundantly clear that was their destination. How so?


If you had one warning, you could say, well one could overlook it. When you have two such warnings, you have a “verily, verily, I say unto you” type of warning. When you have a dozen or more such warnings, no one has any excuse whatsoever.


I have spent over 30 years now attempting to point out to the modern day so-called Christians that salvation theology of today is SATAN’S DECEPTION, and has little to do with the Lord’s statements of what constitutes AUTHENTIC SALVATION, and what constitutes FAKE SALVATION. It is here that modern Christians are GAINSAYERS, or as the Lord says “Bastard Sons” whom he KNOWS NOT, for as it says, they did not undergo the chastisement of the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY.


Because of their denial and unbelief, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get these latter day Christians to even TAKE A LOOK into the Bible itself to see if they are saved or not – they “KNOWEST NOT”, just as Jesus said would happen.


So that maybe explains the total lack of comments when I posted THE CHRISTIAN GAINSAYERS, and the total lack of interest in the subject. It is totally unexplainable to me,  for one would at least think a Christian who claims to stand upon every Word of the Lord WOULD WANT TO KNOW what the Bible actually does say about it. Evidently not.


So it is what it is, and all of these so-called Christians are in reality GAINSAYERS, and will soon discover, to their horror, that they are rejected for all time from EVER GOING TO HEAVEN. They may be saying “I am NOT afraid”. but as Yoda says to Skywalker, “YOU WILL BE”.





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