We know from prophecies in the Good Book that Israel will become (if not already), the most hated nation upon Earth outside of America, even hated by the Big Obama guy in the so-called “White House.” But of course Obama has come out of the closet and told us he is a Moslem guy who already said when push comes to shove he will side with his Islamic buddies and Israel, well, we need to get rid of this worldly thorn in the flesh. Better off if Israel was no more.


But what is Israel? Who is Israel? Why is she there, making trouble for the entire planet? And why all the controversy over who is a Jew or is not a Jew? Does it matter in the end if all these guys and gals over there are all fakes or not?


It does to them, we know, for if you are screened and not one of them, well, you are out, not in. Reminds me of Bill Clinton and his speech of who was in and who was out, and he wondered why all this worry about it?


And, by the way, if they are all fakes as so many contend, then how come the Arabs don’t know that? Certainly the Arabs would recognize their enemies from ancient times. That war has been going on for thousands of years, with such intense hatred, seems to me these guys could spot each other from a long distance, draw their swords and well, it is just another Alice in Wonderland’s OFF WITH YOUR HEAD.


Just asking, I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, I have better things to do than argue over genealogies that are so filled with error no one really knows, do they? Maybe, maybe not…why perhaps the Native Americans are part of the Ten Tribes…


The tribes of mankind are exactly that – tribes and that brings with it tribal warfare, because each Tribe’s stuff is better than the other tribe’s stuff. On top of that, if that is what they think, why do they want the other tribe’s inferior stuff anyway? Maybe for their women, sex is great, raping and killing even more fun.


Pillaging is great too – the fun and games of boys and now girls with their toys. We are bored to death, let’s hack a few innocents to death, burn them up in the fire, video tape it to entertain the world. So it goes. What an interesting planet and its occupants. So peaceful, so full of love, mercy and compassion for one another, it is a marvel of all marvels.


Seems that the tribes of this Earth are not evolving upwards as so many people contend, but rather descending downwards to the PIT OF HELL, because they cannot, and will not, lift their eyes to the heavens, open their hearts to the common plight of us all, and finally to admit we are all sick, perverted, destitute, fallen jerks in dire need of a fix.


It has always amazed me how some folks claim that Adam and Eve were the white folks. The others, they claim, were inferior stock, many say they came from Eve getting all hot and bothered and who mated with Satan. Out comes a satanic race with no hope of redemption. Now according to this concept, these white original parents were the ones who fell. That is interesting, because if that is true, that means that all of these other inferior folks DID NOT FALL, for there is no record anywhere of their fall, only Adam and  Eve, whoops today it is Adam and Steve, or Eve and Liz, or whoever.


So then, if these folks ARE NOT FALLEN, then they are in fact SUPERIOR TO THE WHITE FOLKS WHO DID, NOT INFERIOR. Further, if they are not fallen, then they have no need of redemption, only the white folks. They don’t need to be saved, they already are. Oh, I forgot, these poor folks don’t even have a soul. I wonder how they know that. I have met, in my travels over many years, people from almost every race, tongue, tribe and all of them appear to have the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. Gee, how did that happen? Two trees? Three or more?


All of them feel pain, cry, weep and know the golden rule even if they do not apply it to themselves. These are soul things. It reminds me of my youth when my brother would rat me out and yell “MOM, DID YOU SEE WHAT RUNTY DID?” It is all finger pointing, all part of the evil Matrix.


So how are all of these human traits possible if they have no soul? That’s a soul thing, you know. And so it goes. Of course, one has to wonder why the Bible says humanity is all OF ONE BLOOD. The Good Books says that, you know. ONE BLOOD. ONE ADAM, ONE EVE. ONE BLOOD. Science has proved it to be true, ONE SET OF PARENTS STARTED THE BALL ROLLING. What a mess we have made of ourselves.


Acts 17:26

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;


How can that be possible? Cannot mean what it says. God is wrong, because we cannot wrap of little pea brains around it, so we have to change it.


Not to say that the “aliens,” you know, the fallen ones, did not come down here and mess with our DNA, for they did. They wanted to destroy redemption because they were well aware of Kinsman Redeemer law. They knew all that. God stopped them with the flood.  You cannot outsmart God. You can only think you can outsmart the Creator. It’s a form of insanity you know.


It also says that EVE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING. Not just some of the living, ALL THE LIVING. Adam is the guy who brings the fallen nature to humanity. He was sucked into something by his wife. Everyone picks on Eve. Poor Eve, the poor woman did not even know what a LIE was. Never been lied to. Like getting her to eat of the apple was like giving a candy bar to a sugar addict.  So we ought not pick on Eve. It is what it is, you know.

Genesis 3:20

And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.


Must be wrong. God is wrong here. The Bible cannot be trusted. Paul was a liar, actually an antichrist. Same with Peter. Maybe Christ was really antichrist Himself. Interesting how humanity only hears what it wants hear, and disregards the rest. Like a song I once heard, called “The Boxer”. Simon and Garfunkel sang it I think it was.


And then of course, one has to totally ignore the Book of Revelation. Revelation means to open up, disclose. It says that the REDEEMED OF THE LORD COME FROM EVERY RACE, TRIBE, NATION, TONGUE, etc.


Revelation 5:9

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;


Revelation 7:9

After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;



Now how is that possible if only the whites can be redeemed? Seems to me that we are all in for some big surprises. So if the white folks fell, and there is no record anywhere in the Bible of the others falling from grace, that creates an interesting dilemma for these “superior” white supremacists. Well, they say, the Bible really does not say that. Let’s go in and change what it says so it proves what we think it should say, because, after all, our bias, our opinions, our hatreds for others are far more important than the actual, logical truth of it all.  Plus it makes us superior, anyhow.


Not to say the white supremacists are alone in this concept. They have lots of company. Everyone wants to rule the world. If you want to rule the world, you would have to think your concepts, your truths are superior to anyone else’s truths and concepts.  Do you suppose that is where all of these isms come from? Religions? Theologies? It’s just a worldly game here folks, get over it.


Just a game. If you play the game, you lose. Big time, actually. The whole object of this insane game we all play in our playpen called Earth is not to play it, but to get out of it. This playpen is a matrix of evil. You need to take the red pill. You need to rise above all of this “stuff”, and turn your back to it. Only then will you find the depth of the deception here.


The fix we need is not the fix we get. The fix we get is a smoke of Minnesota Green or a needle in the arm. Maybe sniff some model airplane glue, which was a big deal with kids long ago. Maybe uppers and then downers. Huffing, cutting, sniffing, starving, vomiting – nothing wrong with us!!  Perhaps a touch of mushrooms thrown in for a side benefit so we can dream the impossible dream.


Then again, let’s all light up and just smoke all that good stuff the tobacco people put in those cigs to destroy you, give you a slow death, actually if the truth be known, take you to hell slowly, because, like booze, it destroys your mind slowly, so you don’t notice it, only your loved ones know, but they are afraid to tell you, because you might throw a temper tantrum for being found out. You know, throw dishes around, furniture all over the place. Break a few windows, steal the family car and go crash it. We are an interesting lot, are we not?


Or over the counter drugs, pain killers, all of that sort of thing we all love to do but refuse to admit it. The diversions are endless, the traps are everywhere, and planet Earth is a mine field of many and assorted ways for them to go off in your face. It’s called death, and that is when you find out just how evil the matrix really was. You need to take the red pill, and find out while you’re alive just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


The world is under condemnation. Humanity is in a lot of trouble with the Creator. We are all guilty, do horrible and horrific things to each other. Guilty as charged. So what? You might ask. That is why Jesus came, to help us out of the evil matrix. He offers you two pills, the blue pill allows you to stay in the matrix just the way you are. It is called denial. The red pill opens your eyes to the real truth and shows you the rabbit hole. It is called TRUTH. Which pill do you want?


Has it ever occurred to anyone that what is really going on here is from a very intelligent source that has but one goal – take humanity with him into eternal hellfire, deprive Christ of His work on the cross for our benefit and does this all by using the argument as to who is who, who is in, who is out? Could it all be a DIVERSIONS’ DIVERSION?


We are what we are. Fallen humanity is an insane humanity, and we are all in the same boat. But then there are those who claim that certain folks in humanity don’t even have souls, cannot ever be saved no matter what. But is that what God says? He says he does not want ANY to perish, but that ALL come to repentance. Back to who is a Jew and who is not a Jew.


So who are those folks over there in Israel saying they are Jews? Martians, perhaps. Maybe from Venus, most likely anyone but who they claim to be, according to the world. Odd is it not? Did you know that even back in the days right after Jesus came along they were in heated debates as to who is what and is not what? Early race wars, I suppose.


Makes you wonder that if there really were “aliens”, and if so, why would they want anything to do with all of this? What a waste. Let’s just blow the planet up, but then, why not let mankind blow themselves up? Cheaper that way, less work, let them do themselves in. Why waste the death stars ammunition? Save it for later.


Well, we know that the tribes of mankind all argue, all fight and all make claims that really don’t matter, for in the end 99% of them will be terminated by the Creator’s “That Was Easy Button.” Even those who claimed they were all superior. Even the evil figs of Jeremiah.


I suppose if I was God, I would have hit the “DELETE” BUTTON LONG AGO, which is, of course, why I am not the Lord.


He set before us a path he called THE WAY. It had a strait gate, a narrow entrance. Once on this way one discovers just how fallen, fallen really is. You find out just how deep the rabbit hole really is. Take the RED PILL, awake thou that slumbers, for the time grows ever shorter.


So then who are these guys and gals over there in what we call Israel stirring the world up to a frenzy of hatred? One might wonder if somewhere deep underground that all of this is SPIRITUAL, and might want to ask, WHOSE SPIRIT? FOR WHAT PURPOSE?  Let me make a few guesses.


First off, it seems that all of this confusion as to who they are over there causes strife and lots of angry talk. Last time I checked, those were not the attributes of the Lord, that is, unless the Lord knows the human hearts, and wants to accomplish something like an AGENDA, A PLAN. I read in the Good Book that the Creator’s hand is STRETCHED OUT OVER THE NATIONS, and that HIS PLAN is going to be accomplished and as He says, “Who is going to disannul it?” The United Nations? Obama? The Illuminati? The CFR? Perhaps the Bilderberg. Maybe all those rich folks. Maybe our military forces. Perhaps our TR3B’s.


WOW, Earth vs. GOD. I wonder who might win! It would make a good movie. Hollywood stuff here.


So the Good Books says that GOD HIMSELF causes Israel to be formed over there in the land of the forefathers. By the rich men, even. By the God haters, actually. Said He would do that somewhere, Ezekiel, I think it was. So there it is. It is what it is. The Good Book says that God has a controversy with humanity and their treatment of HIS PEOPLE, HIS LAND, and HIS JERUSALEM. The apple of His eye, He says. Mess with Jerusalem, well, not a smart idea.


Now what is interesting here is that HIS PEOPLE come under eternal covenants. They are the Abrahamic, Davidic, Palestinian, and New Covenant. It is all in the Good Book folks, all you have to do is read it, accept it, sit back and watch the fireworks caused by all of this evil and hatred in the entire FALLEN HUMANITY, THAT IS WHITE, BLACK, BROWN, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN WITH PURPLE POLKA DOTS!! ON AND ON.


COME ON, FOLKS, LIFT YOUR EYES TO YOUR CREATOR. You are watching a STAGE PLAY, and you are watching an AGENDA unfolding before your eyes. You are in an EVIL MATRIX. You need to lift your eyes above the din of constant bickering, fighting, killing, wars, rapes, torture. Do you see? We are all victims caught in the mire of fallen humanity’s ISMS, PHILOSOPHIES, RELIGIONS, THEOLOGIES, DEBATES, ARGUMENTS and WARS AS TO WHO OR WHAT IS IN, and WHO OR WHAT IS OUT.


None of it matters one iota. WHAT MATTERS is that you UNDERSTAND THAT ISRAEL IS THERE TO DESTROY THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD AND GOD PUT IT THERE AND USED THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH TO DO IT.  Israel is the center of all latter day events, they all revolve around this tiny sliver of land. Who would guess that such a small bit of land could bring down the entire planet? It will be done — be they Jews, Fake Jews, Gentiles, Extraterrestrials, Aliens or Purple People Eaters, Illuminati, CFR, Bilderberg, The Papacy or the UN! Do you get it?


In the end, only one thing matters, and that is that you take the RED PILL, and leave this evil Matrix and come into the glorious light of the Lord. Be Redeemed. Find your ransom. Nothing else matters. NOTHING.