The signs for a coming literal polar shift are already well underway. All of the increasing earthquakes, volcanic, sink hole, and rift activity are fore-runner signs of a catastrophic polar shift that will wipe out our global civilization. We are on the cusp of changes so great it will reach every man, woman and child the world over.

 All of the world leaders know it is coming. They have prepared. They have moved major operations to high ground, underground, have built huge underground cities, seed vaults and off Earth bases on the moon and Mars to survive. They have left you to be on your own. It is known as Alternative Three.


The nations are angry, they are growing restless. People the world over are beginning to realize that something is wrong, something is amiss, but they do not know what is coming, only that something is and it well soon be in their face.

They say it is far better to face reality than to deny it. To settle this issue between yourself and your Creator. It is what it is, and you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to understand the reality of what is actually coming. Magnetic anomalies are now a fact. The magnetic poles are shifting. There is now an Earth Wobble, with the Sun and moon not rising or setting in its normal places from time to time. The signs are now everywhere.


The memories of previous Earth catastrophes is in our DNA – an unconscious memory, but a memory nonetheless. It is now beginning to be awakened. Native Americans have warned us all what is coming, but the world at large is in denial.  The prophecies are now coming to pass, the fore-running signs have been with us for several decades.

Listen carefully as Art Bell interviews Stewart Best on what is soon going to be upon us. This show is timeless, and the proof is in the pudding.







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  1. For the record Stewart Best has been one of the very few who’s teachings over the years rang true to me overall. Stewart has published a few critiques I submitted, and has been a soldier for Jesus Christ.

    I have even recently adjusted my views a bit on Israel, based on Stewart’s teachings. This article is on the mark and the last few Night Shadows have been serious TRUTH.

    I only support two ministries and Stewart is one. Blessings, paul aka “Professor Truth”

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  2. The powers that be truly are blind. I know that if I were aware that a major polar shift was in the offing, the LAST place I would want to be would be underground. One good earthquake and BOOM! Squashed like a bug.

    Looking forward to the show tonight!

    Thank you, Stewart, Cindy, and Patti for all you do. I really appreciate how you all work to get the truth out to so many. Super grateful that I was led to the ministry.


  3. Dear Stewart In your article the word shift is not spelled rightly. You might want to know to remedy it. Blessings Mary


  4. This should interest you Stew.

    The Theory of the middle of the earth being molten rock/lava and the Continental Plates floating on an ever moving level of molten rock seems to just be that for now.

    A Theory, as well as many other of man’s ideas about the planet we live on,Space,Earth and Under the Ocean. We actually Literally Know Very Little it seems.

    But Hey,If you’re a scientist who lives off Government Grants you’ve got to come up with something to keep the money flowing.

    It’s like the Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex of which I was a part of for more than 20 years. All my Uncles on my Mother’s side did their part in WWII along with my dad.

    Then my crazy cousin on my dad’s side was Special Forces during Vietnam, he was so mentally jacked up him and another Viet Cong,the guys on our side, I was a hair young for that one, but when 12 remember him coming home after being shot twice and almost dying. The guy was a serious alcoholic and what else I’m not sure. I just recall him and my dad getting drunk and throwing an M-15 bayonet in the house sticking it into the wall. He told me his job was to sneak into villages,kidnap people and bring them back for Torture,I mean Interrogation, actually it was both.

    He told me they’d ask these guys a question and if they lied they’d start hacking off pieces of their fingers from the tip. That and pushing them out of Huey’s blindfolded while still on the ground, then if the guy wouldn’t break they’d take him up for the real drop.

    He’d bring me all kinds of military issue items I’d use for camping. Backpacks,bayonets,ponchos,etc.. I was a little young,but he asked if I wanted a jeep. Knowing him he’d have brought one to me from Ft.Bragg.

    Anyway my x-wife,deceased now, worked on Drones before the 1st Gulf War when the word hadn’t been coined yet, then my nephew joined the Air Force and was some kind of Special Forces attached to Drones.

    I saw the prototypes 1st used in the Gulf War. Now my nephew is out but is working for Lockheed as a Lockheed Rep. for Drones and is in Africa at the moment.

    I can’t get it through His or my Brother’s Heads that he’s working against the people now. They don’t see the world as you or myself.

    Anyway,look into the deepest hole ever drilled,there’s other The Russian’s could only get down 12 miles and after that kept hitting rock that would tear up their drilling heads.

    Seems the Creator doesn’t want us poking around to much with His Creations. He does say He’s the Top Guy in Creating and gets jealous when others try and worship a rock or piece of wood they’ve carved into an idol.

    He asks, Man takes wood for fire to warm himself and to make fire to cook food then makes an idol with the left over piece. Who made that wood? Was it the demon behind the idol carved from the wood? No! But I!

    One last thing I have in some notes about the Shuttle Missions and their Mason influences and also witchcraft tie ends.

    Seems if you take all the Shuttles in order there’s a message for the Elites. I’ll write it below…..And it probably has much to do with Project Blue Beam and other stuff we don’t know about yet. I’m sure you’ve heard of God’s Rods also.

    Anyway here we go with an esoteric message- Shuttle Names,etc. A Columbia, Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis and all Challengers will be destroyed.

    The Enterprise, called Columbia,the US, will Endeavor to Discover the lost city of Atlantis, but all Challengers will be destroyed.

    Two Shuttles were destroyed, 1st the Challenger,then Columbia. So the message is Columbia will also be destroyed in order to make way for the Phoenix,N.W.O. to rise from her ashes. The New Atlantis.

    Now, here’s Reagan’s Speech in the UN to Russia.

    Think How Easy it would be to Work Together If there was a Threat to the Earth from Another Species from Another Universe! We are All God’s children after all!

    Key Message- WE CAN’T WAIT for some Alien Race to come down and Threaten Us, but Between Us(US & Russia)We Can Bring about That Realization!!!!!!! Reality Check! FAKE INVASION???????

    HAARP can ionize the air and create Plasma Balls, Fire in the Sky that looks and acts similar to a meteor except these Plasma Balls just show up in the Sky, they are not incoming from Space and burning from atmospheric friction.

    Seen anything similar lately?

    Also I’ll leave you with a riddle. When is a Plane not a Plane? When it’s a Hologram.



  5. Uhhhhh….Stewart……I think you may have a typo in the beginning paragraph! That is,unless you are really talking about the polar shit. Ha-ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist pointing that out! Brenda Argo

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