Desperadoes Waiting For A Train That Will Never Arrive


They say that if we elect The Donald, he will fix it all. Things will be turned around. Things will be better for America. He will change the change of Obama. He will make what is wrong, right.


“Put your faith in The Donald” is the new mantra. Everyone on board, the train is pulling out of the station. “He will save America.” Ever hear of hope deferred? Hope delayed, or as the Good Book says “False Hope?”  I think I might have read somewhere that it is better to put one’s faith in God rather than man. Wonder why the Good Book says that?


Delay or Decoy? Delay or Deception? Delay because His people are not ready and need a slight amount of more time to get ready. More time, they say. More time. Please give us more time…


Perhaps in mercy, a delay. But then again, perhaps the Lord is ready to hit the delete button, for there comes a time when there is delay no longer. The Good Book also says that somewhere – though the vision tarry, it will come, and it will not tarry any longer. So could it be that perhaps Trump is the LAST TRUMP?


“At the last trump” rings in my ears. Maybe a double meaning here? Could it be that TRUMP is the LAST TRUMP FOR AMERICA? Maybe in mercy toward brain dead comatose people a warning here? AT THE LAST TRUMP. When you hear the last trump, better be ready. Odd we have a man who does not even want to be President (his friends all say),  is named TRUMP. Is he the Lord’s TRUMP CARD?  He could bring down the elite – maybe this is what it is all about…but then again…


Why Donald Trump? Multi-multi-millionaire. Businessman extraordinaire. Traffic. Goods. Where did I read that somewhere, I wondered? Oh, it was in Ezekiel – a traffic gone awry. A trafficker gone bad. Businessman extraordinaire, a musician to boot.


Then came the last STAR WARS. Satan’s home planet blasted to bits. Mars nearly obligated. WOW, I thought – are we being told something? Sort of like Susan Boyle and her swan song for humanity? Could be, I thought, but then again…


Then I thought, well, it is possible the Donald might not only be the LAST TRUMP, but also the last deception for a people who are dumb dogs, bent upon their own destruction. Why delay anything? For another million babies to be cut open, body parts sold? For multiple more women to be raped and sold into slavery? For more thousands of murders by the elite? So more ISIS atrocities?


The answer most likely is yes, for we are watching the horrific horrors of humanity playing out so they have no excuse and cannot say we are all OK, you are OK and I am OK.


It’s part of the program. It is written and it cannot be altered. The human race is a fallen, destitute collection of mad dogs hell bound because they refused the offer of Jesus Christ. God wants to show them who they really are in their heart of hearts. Yes, it is insanity, but what else is new in human affairs?


Christ offered a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY so if they would enter in they would find out who they really were, but few wanted to know, so now it will be made manifest in the physical realm. Really bad stuff here. None of George Carlin’s my stuff is better than your stuff. As No-Eyes says, really big stuff going to happen now. Not good stuff, really bad stuff.


There is no good in evil, and we were all branded evil by Jesus Christ. He also said there are none good, only God. Where does that leave us?


We are about to enter into a new phase of operations here. Some call it dispensational change. It does not matter what you call it, it only matters if it is true or not. Can we prove something here?


Odd that Paul said you could offer your life at the stake and it would profit you nothing if you were not born again or had the gift of Divine Love in you so you understood what all of this was about. But then there is a radical change, for in this new phase soon to come, one can and must offer their life up to the guillotine if they want to go to heaven. That’s a change. It goes from spiritual to physical.


Why is that you ask? Because man refused the spiritual way. In mercy one is offered a new method. A total change. Big stuff here. God’s offer to save everyone that wants to be, will stand – the method changes, not the end result.


The same was true way back before Pentecost and after.  Then God changed his METHOD, not His concept, not His desire to save the wicked from themselves. What changed was the HOW.


It is always interesting to me to see from afar the BIG AGENDA. THE BIG PLAN. THE BIG PICTURE. It shows you that an offer was made, the methods to enter into that offer changed, but the results never did. All who refused, and most did, and still do are, shall we say, going to regret their choices.


Of course, Donald the trafficker might delay things, but then on the other hand, it may speed things up, as the elite, looking through their blood soaked eyes, taking their deeds into their wine soaked brains, might decide they have to move now and thus heap more troubles to themselves.


As Obama said, TRUMP WILL NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT. Not under his watch, anyhow. How does he know that? I think I read somewhere that Sweet Hillary, the turtle dove of the occult said the same thing. NO DONALD. NOT EVER, NO HOW, NO WAY, NEVER HAPPEN. Of course, she might also be nurse Ratchet, presiding over the insane asylum called America, and she might know something we don’t.


The Donald said if we want to know what happened to Flight 804, we ought to ask Hillary, she most likely knows. Left at 11:09, 66 people on board, and some say that is Obama’s birthday or maybe his creation day, who knows? The Donald is getting bold, letting out state secrets. But how long before The Donald is silenced?


Something to ponder. In point of fact, the DONALD may be the LAST TRUMP. You might want to ponder that as you watch friends and loved ones wait for their train that will never arrive.









6 thoughts on “Desperadoes Waiting For A Train That Will Never Arrive

  1. Darby started the Rapture non-sense, read your Bible correctly. Best lie satan came up with other than the one that he doesn’t exist. If you’re a Real Christian then be a man, the Apostles all went through the same thing Christ went through. Are we better than Him or Them? Today’s so called Christians don’t have a clue. They don’t even know what Matthew 24 is all about. Just read some Josephus and Roman History. It’s a done deal just as Christ said it would happen when you read about the Roman Siege in a real history book and read it from an Israelite perceptive. Having their Temple destroyed and all the rest to them is like the End of the World. Christ was answering a question directed to His Disciples at their point in History. Let me know how the Rapture works out for you when you get dragged into a FEMA Camp. By the way, if you are over 44 expect to be facing a hi-tech guillotine made by Chanel. The Rich Men plan a large sacrifice to their Master satan. Very large. Read the Georgia Guide Stones. I’m doing my best not to make it to FEMA, but I don’t expect to live through what’s coming or fly away. Get Real. If you’re not ready to be a Martyr for Christ He can’t use you anyway. You are either a luke warm pew warmer or in the Army of God. Soldiers put their life on the line. We realize that when we take our Oath. I took mine to the Creator, not the US or UN Government. My Oath expires when I expire. Muslim’s are cutting little Christian girls heads off. They didn’t fly away. They paid the ultimate price to follow Christ. What do you think Pick up your Cross and Follow Me is all about? I was in the military then realized who I had worked for, then had to Repent and asked the Father to except me into His Army. He did. Read about where the Beast is to make War against the Saints and Overcome Them. Pretty straight forward to me. What do you think it might mean? If the Saints all Fly Away, Then who is Scripture,(Prophecy) addressing?


    • I recommend husky394xp YouTube channel for your further education on the Rapture. He has done multiple videos teaching why you position is false. You are in line with Rome with the post tribulation Rapture. They believe that the church must be purified through the great tribulation. I have been made pure by the blood of the lamb. Satan is cast down and Christ true church is Raptured. The saints mention in Revelation are the tribulation saints, they are a different group of people. Obviously you are certain about your position and so am I having had two vivid Rapture dreams. Each of us believes the other is misinterpreting scripture. P.S. questioning another mans manhood is childish and unchristian. Rev. 3-10 applies to me because I have already died to this world. Read that scripture, some people are kept from the hour of testing that is coming upon the whole world. Why? Because they have already passed the test by dying to this world. The Rapture is a wake up call to the lost not the saved.


  2. I have heard recently Trump just may be the punishment “they” need! Interesting you touch on that..
    ““At the last trump” rings in my ears. Maybe a double meaning here? Could it be that TRUMP is the LAST TRUMP FOR AMERICA? Maybe in mercy toward brain dead comatose people a warning here? AT THE LAST TRUMP. When you hear the last trump, better be ready. Odd we have a man who does not even want to be President (his friends all say), is named TRUMP. Is he the Lord’s TRUMP CARD? He could bring down the elite – maybe this is what it is all about…but then again…”
    My mother is an ancient Waldenses descendent. Our motto is:
    Light in the Darkness


  3. Very well said, ” the method will change” post rapture.What a terrible world those left behind will find themselves in. HBO did a unbiblical show to tarnish the Rapture of the bride( The Letfovers). Those raptured in this anti Christ show where completely random, not born again believers in Jesus Christ.The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is drawing very near. Without God’s vindication of his people by way of the Rapture, very few would realize their error in rejecting Christ. The will need to physical give up their lives to enter God’s kingdom.


  4. Exact and concise, spoken like a true watchman, but dont forget to love means to lay down our lives even for the dogs, which we may do any day now, as overcomers never love their own lives, but proclaim His Salvation and Glorify Him, in testimony and the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord! Praise Him through all, the tears for the lost and the scoffers come as they have NO idea that hell is real, and they do not want to go there. Jesus is REAL and they do need Him so desperately.


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