The Good Book. Loved and Hated. Reviled and Adored. It is, without doubt the most controversial book ever to be given to the human race.

Science claims the mathematical continuity makes it impossible for any human being to have written it. So if mankind did not write it, who did? Some say aliens. Very advanced aliens.

Some say the Lord, the Creator of all there is. But one thing is very clear, whoever wrote it, if you want to argue over it, the author of that book says we are in a MATRIX. We are blind to it. The Good Book gives us total and complete directions on how to ESCAPE THE MATRIX, and DISCOVER THE REAL TRUTH. That is what the Good Book is really all about – how to UNLOCK THE PRISON DOOR AND SLIP OUT OF YOUR PRISON and FIND THE TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.

You see, the Lord does not want you to stay in your prison. He wants you to escape. He has given you the keys, but you must search them out.

GAINSAYERS II points the way.





We can say “I DON’T LIKE THAT.”
We can say “I DON’T BELIEVE THAT.”
We can say “I REFUSE TO DO THAT.”


The approach chart to heaven is very clear.


Do you want to escape? You can and you must if you want to see the GLORY OF HEAVEN.




A pastor, who was positive he was saved and going to heaven was briefly declared dead, and says he found himself in the presence of the Lord. The Lord told him to go back and continue his study and finish up his salvation, that he was not saved yet, which he did.He had been trying to prove Best’s DARKLIGHT was wrong. It wasn’t.


A young lady, in a desperate search for the REAL TRUTH was in a Church, and a voice told her to look up Stewart Best for he was telling the truth concerning what salvation is, what it was, and how to obtain it.  She did that and met the Lord and underwent authentic salvation sometime after.  If you are interested, her testimony is on the Night Shadows Membership site. It is a true story.


In yet another story, a man from the southern part of the USA was in Alaska and had been also searching for the truth. As he was returning to the airport to come back home, a voice told him to stop at a diner and gas station. He did not. The voice told him to turn around and go back to the diner in a forceful tone and so he did. He said he had no idea why he was to stop, but did so, and went into the diner.


He sat next to a man and they struck up a conversation and the man slid him a catalog of Best Video Productions and said he should look into it. He said he knew immediately why he had been told to stop.


Please understand I have never asked anyone to believe anything I have ever written or will write, the Lord willing. I have no truth in me, but the Lord has nothing but the truth in Him. All I have ever done is search out the real truth behind the mystery of life and I found it after a long hard journey through the night into the dawn and then DAYBREAK.



I do not pretend to be a good Christian. I am the worst of Christians. I am not worthy to stand in the Lord’s Temple. I am not worthy of anything except ruin and destruction. My flesh is worthless.  But I do know one thing: I met the GLORY OF THE LORD, and the BEAUTY AND SPLENDOR OF WHO HE REALLY IS.


He LOVES YOU with a LOVE you cannot imagine and there are no words to describe it. You will be judged, however, by HIS LOVE. That is the standard, by which the judgment takes place. No one can stand. All fall utterly short of the Glory of Divine Agape.


Remember that, according to the Good Book, that mankind is a FALLEN CREATURE, condemned to eternal ruin because of it. Hard facts to swallow, but true nonetheless. There is but one way out – and modern Christian theology refuses it, mocks it and gainsays it, and has brought in another gospel, a fake gospel, just as Jesus, Paul, John and Peter warned us all about. It is here, now, and it looks correct, sounds correct, but is a total fraud.


I have tried, for the last 36 years, to share what I found, and I can back it up totally with Scripture. People have written to me and said “I have been going to Church for 40 years and NEVER heard any of this Scripture.”




Because the Church has been infiltrated by the enemies of the TRUE GOD, and they do not want you to BREAK FREE FROM THE EVIL SATANIC MATRIX OF PLANET EARTH.  


 You are in a satanic and very real evil matrix. You are born in it, live in it, and unless you AWAKEN and do as Christ commands, you will DIE IN IT, never understanding that this planet is a prison planet, a planet of the living dead, an anomaly. To you it seems normal. It is all you know. But beyond, beyond the veil, is the REAL TRUTH, and when you find it, when you have crossed over, when you have taken the RED PILL, you will KNOW THE TRUTH, and that TRUTH will forever set you free, and when the Son of Man sets you free, you will be forever and totally FREE FOR ETERNITY.


The movie The Matrix had a lot of truth buried within it (even though heavily occultic), for it showed a reality that those living within the matrix knew nothing about, and only those who were searching for answers outside of the Matrix would find the alternate but TRUE REALITY.


The RED PILL is your desire to find the REAL TRUTH. If you will take it, and if you will CONTINUE in this search you will go down a very deep rabbit hole but YOU WILL FIND THE TRUTH, and you will find the DEPTH OF THE LIE WE ARE ALL BORN INTO.



You can find THE TRUTH too, but if your head is up and locked, and you are unwilling to shed off the lies of modern religions, then you will remain lost, you will remain dead to your creator, and you will miss heaven’s gate. It is that simple. All modern religions are wonderful and intricate lies, designed to take you to ruin and eternal loss. Do not believe the liars out there, no matter how popular they are – you are in a deception, a matrix that these fakes either do not want you to escape, or have no clue themselves as to the reality of their prison.




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  1. thanks-is there a way to get a hard copy???



  2. Religion saves no one. Only having a Living and Loving Relationship with Our Creator and His Only Begotten Son is step 1. But getting to step 1 may be harder than a person can imagine. The longer a person stays in Religion the harder it becomes. We are told to Be as Little Children. Little Children Trust and Have No Prejudices. We learn all the prejudices and learn to hate the older we get living in this World still under satan’s rule. That’s why we are told- Be In This World, but Not Of This World. That was the last thing I said to my mother on the phone and she lashed back at me, “And just exactly how do we do this!” About 8 months later I learned she’d died of cancer. When I was 17 I told her she’d die of cancer. I imagine she had it in our last conversation on the phone and could have told me, yet everybody but myself never knew this until I finally found out 2-3 weeks later after she’d died. It took my brother that long to finally get in touch with me and tell me this. My last living Uncle, her Oldest Brother who was a Baptist Preacher over 50 years had spoken with me Twice and could have told me about my mother, yet instead told me My brother had something to tell me. Now if that’s not Dysfunctional, What Is? And I could say more about how I had dropped everything, even my plans of where I was going to retire after 20 years in the military because she said, “I was the Only One that could Help!” I came over 3000 miles to find out it was all a lie and my brother lived less than 3 hours away. It’s hard keeping track of others in the Service especially if you’ve come and gone in and out of the country as I had. Now my brother is still the same distance away, but never returns a call if I leave it at his home. I have to call his job and hope to catch him there. For some reason I still have no clue about what her husband had said on a Father’s Day I’d called to see if he’d gotten what I had for him. Instead he said He and my mother were divorcing themselves from me. So I never bothered them again yet couldn’t go back where I’d come from for reasons to long to go into. Anyway, they’d moved out of State leaving me here and had been gone over 2 years. So that’s the reason I had to speak to my mother over the phone. Christ says if one Loves their mother and father, etc. more than Him it does one no good so far as being Saved is concerned. I assume they didn’t want anything to do with me because I always told them the Truth when asked certain questions and tried explain to my mother that going to Church would not Save Anyone. She never seemed to grasp that idea. But lived In and for this World. I Pray somehow she managed to get Saved. But I have to be realistic also. Her husband let Hate eat his life away because he was a Gunner in a Torpedo Bomber in WWII and was Mad because he never got to kill a Japanese because the 2 big bombs were dropped 1st. I was in Desert Storm and had no wishes to Kill Anyone. I even prayed I’d not be put into a situation that would cause me to kill another man. And we did all kinds of things, yet I was never put in that position as I had Prayed. Actually I was a little confused because I got an immediate reply back. I was told, “No harm will come to you.” I don’t speak like that, so I wasn’t talking to myself. Here I was unconcerned about myself and that’s what I had received back, so took it as Truth and were in situations where many of us could have died from a rocket threat and minefields and more, so it would have been a large amount of us dying at one time, but when those Unknowns came and we could only sit it out and wait, I carried on like a clown trying to cheer people up because I’d been given a Promise and Trusted that Promise.


  3. Thanks Stewart, read Gainsayer 1 last night, will be reading Gainsayer 2 tonight.


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