In one of the more memorable scenes of the STAR WARS films was when Luke Skywalker tells Yoda that he is not afraid. “Yoda narrows his eyes, looks directly into the eyes of Skywalker and in a deadly tone of voice says “YOU WILL BE…”


I liken that comment to the gainsayer Christians who now say “I am not afraid, for I know I am saved and heaven bound”, and Jesus is saying to them, “YOU WILL BE…” How can we make such a statement? Because it is true, AND THE Good Book makes that very clear.


The Christians of today, with RARE EXCEPTION, cannot offer any true and authentic salvation testimony, just as the Good Book says  even one in a thousand, or more like one in a million (tiny – micron) can correctly answer the Lord when He asks them “how can a soul be righteous before the Lord?” in paraphrase. We don’t want to believe that, do we?


But Jesus verified that when He said that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again…”, that is, only 8 souls, out of the entire population boarded the Ark, the rest mocked. So it is now, FEW ENTER IN, the REST MOCK. Now obviously far more get in under the Lord Jesus Christ than in the Days of Noah, but the warnings are very clear and direct!


Millions stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and suddenly find they are TOTALLY REJECTED. Yoda’s comment to Skywalker becomes crystal clear. Skywalker had no idea, no clue as to what lay ahead as he battled the New Age “Dark Side”.


Christian DECEPTION is the DARK SIDE of modern Christianity. Those embracing it HAVE NO CLUE, NO IDEA WHATSOEVER they are going to RUIN, even when the Scriptures made it abundantly clear that was their destination. How so?


If you had one warning, you could say, well one could overlook it. When you have two such warnings, you have a “verily, verily, I say unto you” type of warning. When you have a dozen or more such warnings, no one has any excuse whatsoever.


I have spent over 30 years now attempting to point out to the modern day so-called Christians that salvation theology of today is SATAN’S DECEPTION, and has little to do with the Lord’s statements of what constitutes AUTHENTIC SALVATION, and what constitutes FAKE SALVATION. It is here that modern Christians are GAINSAYERS, or as the Lord says “Bastard Sons” whom he KNOWS NOT, for as it says, they did not undergo the chastisement of the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY.


Because of their denial and unbelief, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get these latter day Christians to even TAKE A LOOK into the Bible itself to see if they are saved or not – they “KNOWEST NOT”, just as Jesus said would happen.


So that maybe explains the total lack of comments when I posted THE CHRISTIAN GAINSAYERS, and the total lack of interest in the subject. It is totally unexplainable to me,  for one would at least think a Christian who claims to stand upon every Word of the Lord WOULD WANT TO KNOW what the Bible actually does say about it. Evidently not.


So it is what it is, and all of these so-called Christians are in reality GAINSAYERS, and will soon discover, to their horror, that they are rejected for all time from EVER GOING TO HEAVEN. They may be saying “I am NOT afraid”. but as Yoda says to Skywalker, “YOU WILL BE”.





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  1. I have no idea how many people are reading your blogs, but eventually I do take the time to read them, even if I am several days behind. I wish there was something to say that would make you feel like you are getting somewhere with all your posts. I think, this being my own thought which is not backed up by any real facts, is that the time is up. I think this world doesn’t have much time left. Being that you are reborn, I think it means you are never going to give up trying to reach people. I wish things didn’t look so bleak. So, reading this I hope it helps. If it wasn’t for your ministry and all the teaching videos, books, night shadows and blogs, I would still be dying. I am not reborn, but I know I just need to stick with the program, and Jesus will come and sup with me. I will never give up. Thank you Stewart, Cindy and Patti. You really have tried to help thousands of sinners. Surely God can know and see all you have done, being good and faithful servants to the Kingdom.


  2. What people don’t realize is that it’s not about Emotion. It’s about Freedom from the Dark Side. One can read about demons and angels and not even realize we were born in a War Zone. And the Battle is over US. So as Christ was an Overcomer, so must we also be an Overcomer. That can only be done by following Christ’s example. And He was Truthful, not Politically Correct. There’s a form of Godliness and then there’s the Real Thing. The Dark Side will Flee from the Real Thing. And don’t expect much out of this life if you’re Truthful. You’ll lose family, friends and maybe more, much more. That straight path is very narrow and a person can get weary beat up and battered but the Good Doctor will be waiting and happy to see you. He’ll bandage your wounds and give you food and drink that’s already been paid if Full by Himself. No insurance claims or co-pays.


  3. THE TRUE TEST OF BIBLE NT SALVATION IS being able to say…
    ”satan you have nothing on me”
    [like Yeshua did]
    and only then know ” we have become HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS and no longer captive to sin and death


  4. What are we to do then? Christ came to me, I didn’t come; or know I was coming at the time, to Him!
    Yep just like good old John Wesley who started the Methodist (my) church, when he got a “warm”, “fuzzy” “kind of feeling,” while he contemplated God in a chapel one day, and called that “experience”,- Salvation. People will settle for and fall for that. You’d think there would be some kind of B.S. blinker go off inside their heads or hearts or somewhere but, apparently there’s not. Their names aren’t on the Guest List I guess.We have been warned, and warned, and warned about this all, or at least some of us, all of our lives. This is no guessing game and you only get to choose one answer. Many will say “yes” just because they know that’s the right answer. Gosh, that was so easy, what was so hard about that? Well yes, I might have choked up a little or even maybe shed a few tears, but now that I got it, ain’t anybody gonna change me mind. “I know that I know, that I know that I know…” ad nauseum.
    Listen: When the Creator of the universe et.al. comes into or to you it’s no warm fuzzy kind of feeling like so many claim they feel from overactive emotional moments of “giving their lives to Christ”. When Jesus appears into your present moment bit of reality and makes Himself known to you and you to Him it’s like sitting inside an atomic bomb of “Life” as it goes off, and when the Holy Spirit came to me some 40 days and nights later for the Sealing, it was like being on the inside of a hydrogen Bomb of Life! Now who’s gonna believe a story like that? My best response over the last 39 years has been, “I believe you believe” <>
    Now there seem to be very few people left on the earth who will find something or someone even if it kills them in doing so. What started out what for me was a simple experiment in order to solve a mystery (maybe), became a do or die “adventure” for me. You can’t work with the believers because that’s all they just are, believers. Your’e better off going to work with the unbeliever who will admit he’s not sure, unsure, confused, suspicious, lost, ad infinitum. I know that everyone’s experience is different, but the essentials are the same for all of us. Would you expect anyone you know who would be willing to go through what you, or I or any of the”mighty few” went through to get to that point of authentic salvation? You couldn’t hang enough carrots in front of my eyes to get me to go through that again! It’s solely between a man’s soul and God, so forget the cotton candy, no one’s interested in the truth. And just what if that WERE true; that no one, or only a very very tiny few and you never know who they may be or not, despite their shouts towards heaven that they just want to know the truth, really do?
    God, help us all!

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  5. I don’t understand the concern about comments, I’ve read all your posts, blogs etc and have commented on some but just because I haven’t commented on others doesn’t mean I haven’t read them and whole heartily agreed with them, I’m betting there are many others that have read and agreed with them as well and not commented, you just continue to do what you’re doing, I’m truly grateful for it as I’m sure many others are. .. thanks for everything Stewart.

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  6. I am so thankfull a friend introduced me to Stewarts ministry some years ago. The Dark/Light series really opened my eyes.

    I had went down to the altar of several churches after being EMOTIONALLY charged and listened to the so called sinners pr.ayer .and left the altar still wonderering about a GOD that had created everything on this EARTH and I did not feel any different.

    I stopped going to the brick and mortar buildings..I am still waiting for my acceptance.

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  7. I don’t know…I see so many “Christians” wallowing in, and loving, deception and lies. I try to tell them the truth, and they hate me for it. It’s sad to know what’s going to happen to all these folks.

    I think they truly believe that they are saved, which is why they don’t care when they hear the warnings. They laugh and shrug it off, secure in whatever some pastor or teacher has told them to believe.

    Perhaps they are simply blind, because of their refusal to really examine themselves, and know not that they are on their way to destruction.

    Gainsayers, saying “I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing”, knowing not that they are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

    I used to think I was saved – everyone told me I was. I believed, didn’t I? That’s all you have to do, they told me…and yet…something, someOne, whispered to me and told me that something was wrong…terribly wrong. I didn’t FEEL saved. I didn’t feel joy, peace, happiness, hope, or relationship. I felt wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

    Thank GOD He never gave up on me! Now, I at least have the chance to become saved in truth.

    I used to listen to “Stairway to Heaven”, by Led Zeppelin. One line of the song says: “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but, in the long run…there’s still time to change the road you’re on”.I don’t think there’s much time left, if any.

    “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.”

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