The Sweet Nothings Of Satan


Satan of course, attempts to prove he does not even exist, and for the most part, is actually very successful, given that even a majority of Christians today do not believe there is such a creature. Odd of course they would believe that and somehow believe in Jesus Christ, who of course, not only taught that Satan was real, but dealt with him constantly.

Therefore we conclude that most Christians also believe Jesus is a liar and a lunatic, dealing with a non-existent phantom. Such is life, such is as it is. Ignorance and stupidity abound as mankind ascends upward into his utopia of grandeur. What a shock it will be for all of them discover their utopia was a lie that they bought into hook, line and sinker.


Now then, there are those folks out there who not only believe the Word of God, but also attempt to do as it commands them. These are they that the early church called the “people of the Way.” These are they who follow the commands of their Lord to ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE, and who want to SEARCH THE LORD OUT WITH ALL DUE DILIGENCE. It is they and they alone who run smack into this non-existent phantom the Good Book calls Satan.


He comes calling soon after an individual finds out there is much more to true Christianity that just believing something, or putting their faith in the Lord. After all, one can believe anything they want, and they can put their faith in anything they want, and thus Christianity is no different than any other religion or belief structure out there. Modern Christianity and their faith only, belief only concepts have reduced Christianity to its lowest denominator, destroying the true essence and total DIFFERENCE between TRUTH and LIE. It is what it is, and it is called APOSTASY, and we could call it the RANKEST OF APOSTASY.


Now to those who find out by various ways and methods that perhaps there really is more to Christianity than just believing it, and their unease concerning it leads them to INQUIRE WITHIN THE GOOD BOOK, well, they suddenly or not so suddenly come to the conclusion of “wait a minute, I am being lied to, there is more to this, much more to this…”


Alas, these poor folks now face formidable opposition almost immediately. This opposition comes from family, employers, friends, church leaders etc. Why is it that when a person picks up the Good Book with the intent to actually study what it actually says, rather than what people say it says, run into such horrible and mean nasties from people they thought were their friends? Ever wonder why this Book, and this Book alone brings about such a radical reaction to it?


If you don’t believe it, put it to the test. Pick up Moby Dick and read it, do you get a reaction? Pick up a law book, or some instruction manual, do you get any reaction? However, pick up the Bible and start to read it, and you will be asked almost instantly, why are you reading that? If you were to mention the name of Jesus Christ in the work place, or in public now, the reaction is immediate. The boss stops by the desk or cubicle you are a prisoner to and says “I hear you have been mentioning the name Jesus Christ to others, that is not allowed here…if you continue you will be dismissed, understand?


So you nod your head, and remain quiet. You tuck your Bible into a desk drawer only to find out it is not there the next morning because your boss searched through your desk, found it and threw it in the trash can.


So what is going on here? It is easy to explain, but few want to even hear the real explanation. So here goes, because I specialize in getting people so angry they throw my stuff across the room before they burn it. His name is Satan. He is real and he is a spirit entity of immense power and intelligence. He still runs the Earth and is the ruler of spiritual darkness, the prince and power of the spirit world, a general of generals to control the minds of fallen mankind, of which you are one, as am I.


When one picks up the Good Book with the full intent to find out what it REALLY SAYS, you become a target. You are immediately placed under total surveillance. The spiritual warfare begins if you persist in your intent. He will work first through the minds and emotions of your immediate family, that is, husband, wife, sons and daughters, grandparents, in-laws. They do not realize they are being used as weapons as they begin to take notice you are “reading” the Bible. What? Why would anyone want to do that? What has happened to Mary, To Sally, To Patti, to John, to Stan? Have they gone off the deep end?


If a church goer, immediately you are spotted and singled out. They all notice something different, but they don’t know what it is. If you ask questions concerning this verse or that, immediately the senior pastor will call you in and if you persist, they will say something like “Perhaps you would be better off at another Church” or as Bob Dylan says in his song “I Believe In You”:


They ask me how I feel
And if my love is real
And how I know I’ll make it through
And they, they look at me and frown
They’d like to drive me from this town
They don’t want me around
‘Cause I believe in you.

They show me to the door
They say don’t come back no more
‘Cause I don’t be like they’d like me to
And I, I walk out on my own
A thousand miles from home
But I don’t feel alone
‘Cause I believe in you.


So why is all of this? Why should one not ask questions concerning their eternal destiny at a Christian Church? Well the answer is these so-called Christian churches are not really Christian, but in name only. Secondly, the vast majority of them have been infiltrated directly by the Illuminati/Masonry. Thirdly, they are run and controlled by Satan and his demonic hordes. Fourthly, the Good Book indicates that FROM THESE APOSTATE CHURCHES God calls many of HIS OWN PEOPLE, called the OVERCOMERS out of them.


Satan knows this, so as soon as one starts to ask questions, he knows that if this continues, and other people start to ask questions, things will get out of their CONTROL, and CONTROL is all modern religions of the world are actually about.


Planet Earth really is UNDER THE CONTROL OF SATAN even if they totally refuse to acknowledge it. God may be the overseer, but until the Return of Christ, well, it is what it is. Hence one will almost immediately run into severe opposition from their local church just because they are seeking the truth of it all. Truth is not the issue or desire of any Earth religion today, CONTROL IS.


If all of this opposition from family, friends, employers, churches, etc. does not stop the seeker after the REAL TRUTH, then further “punishments” must be administered. Perhaps a job loss, a severe fall, an accident, a sickness,  or in the opposite direction a great promotion that will entail long hours of work, or a move, or both so that the “search for the truth” is derailed, put off, by the targeted person. The parable of the sower goes “live” and the operation MUST SUCCEED or another soul will be in the hands of the TRUE GOD, and Satan cannot have that happen. ALL STOPS ARE PULLED OUT if the person persists, and refuses to let any of the obstacles stop them.


Now the resistance goes INTERNAL, and I call it the “Sweet Nothings of Satan.” It goes like this, and intensifies as time goes on as the soul persists in this search. The WAY TAKES TIME, and as the parable of the sower says WITH PATIENCE does a soul find the truth. A person’s patience will be tested to the uttermost. It will be stretched to the breaking point and seemingly at times far beyond.


It is here that Satan begins his whisperings to the soul. “It may be for others, but it is not for you…” These thoughts come softly in the night. “Maybe for her, but not for you, for you have committed so many sins…” “Do you remember, Judy, those one night stands you did when in collage? You cannot be forgiven of that, so give it up, God will NEVER answer you, you are rubbish to Him, totally unworthy of any consideration…” or “You will never make it, see how long it has been and nothing is happening, you are simply counted among the lost, give it up, you cannot and will not ever make it.” Or “see how short the time is, you don’t have time, quit now, there just is not enough time…”


Or, “you haven’t even, in truth, entered in.” “You’re not on the Narrow Way, you just think you are.”  “You are still in the world.” “You really don’t have enough faith.” “Why are you afraid, if you believe?”  “Do you really believe?” On and on and on and on it goes, and you have to IGNORE IT ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL LIES. Satan is the FATHER OF LIES and a MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING.


Usually he concentrates on a person’s past, especially women and their sexual indiscretions, because this is where a woman is most vulnerable, and may well regret the “experiments” and “lusts” of growing up, especially in today’s modern society as a woman’s virtue is very important even now. Hence she is afraid to reveal it to anyone, out of shame and guilt. Same with men, remember the fallen ones main interest was sexual and spiritual deceptions. The attacks can come from many other avenues, but just as harsh. “You will never make it, it is simply not FOR YOU, forget it…”


These doubts, these fears are all based upon total lies, but it is something the seeker of truth feels is MORE THAN REAL, for all of these so-called “indiscretions,”   or “sins” have nothing to do with finding the truth. If Satan can get one to concentrate on their past, current or even future weaknesses, or their unworthiness he has made a great inroad.


Many people feel they are unworthy because maybe they smoke, or drink, or are closet wine or hard liquor drinkers, are deep into pornography or some other vice they cannot seem to control,  and so Satan whispers, “God cannot and will not deal with you, you are so unclean you are beyond all salvation…” In other words, he uses DIVERSIONARY TACTICS to slow the seeker down. The one thing that Satan DOES NOT WANT YOU TO FIND is the REAL TRUTH, because if you do, YOU WILL BE SET FREE.


A Chinese General wrote a book called the ART OF WAR, and the main tactic to be used in DIVERSION. The FOUR diversions of Satan are FEAR, DOUBT, GUILT, and VICES. If he can get you to focus on any of these FOUR, you will have a much more difficult time.


One must learn not to listen to these whispers in the mind. Shut them off. Tell Satan to take a hike, go bother someone else, you are all done listening to all his lies and deceptions. They are not the issue, this issue was removed at the CROSS OF CHRIST, and it has been done away with. The issue here is not your sins, no matter how bad they were, are, or will be, the issue is FINDING THE TRUTH, SINS BE DAMNED.


What one must understand is that the LOVE OF GOD sent Jesus down here to first of all REMOVE THE SIN BARRIER. It is the CROSS that removed it, that made reconciliation of God TOWARDS MAN. Your sins have nothing to do with it, but rather, YOUR RECONCILING YOURSELF BACK TO GOD. Reconciliation is a two-way street, or there is NO reconciliation. Except two be agreed, they cannot walk together.


How does one reconcile themselves back to God? The clue is in the Temple. The veil was RENT, allowing all of us to go into the Holy of Holies via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY and meet the Lord and come into full agreement. This is not a SIN ISSUE, this is a LOVE TYPE ISSUE. There is no other issue between man and God, it is all about LOVE and LOVE TYPE. That is why Christ commanded we “come to the light” to have our deeds reproved. Our deeds are all done in human love types, be whatever they are, but we are going to be judged according to the LOVE OF GOD, not our own. This is a LOVE TYPE ISSUE, AND THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY CONDEMNATION. There is no other. What one is seeking after is the ultimate truth behind everything there is, and guess what? It is the DIVINE LOVE OF GOD, THE SPIRIT OF GOD, OR GOD HIMSELF, FOR HE IS A SPIRIT.


So now if the real issue is not about your sins, but rather about your FALLEN loves, then why does one concentrate on their sins or listen to anything connected to them? No one is worthy of salvation, hence grace. We are all fallen creatures riddled with sins. So what? Jesus knew all of that, knows all of that, and loves us anyway!! So when you hear these types of whispers, if you know the foundation upon which you are resting, IGNORE ALL OF IT, it MEANS NOTHING.

Now this is not a license for or to sin. Heaven forbid. It simply means seeking after the real truth. I use the “lost car keys” as an example. You must find the keys to get to town and if you don’t you will lose your job. Do you think about your smoking, drinking, swearing, or whatever else you are into? NO, you are fully devoted to only one thing, FINDING THOSE KEYS. Hence it is the same with FINDING CHRIST.


These whispers of Satan come on the spirit wind, usually at night, when you are restless, alone in your loneliness, alone in your mind, and he attacks you on your weakest points, your sins, your thoughts, your infamous deeds that you keep secret. He attacks best when you are tired and worn out. These are the fiery darts, the accusations. IGNORE ALL OF THEM. Is the arm of the Lord so short that He cannot save you? The Lord promised, not for your sake, but for HIS OWN SAKE!


Now if all of that fails, and you begin to claim the victory, Satan shifts gears, and it goes something like this: “You’re already saved, you believe, you have faith, and thus why are you bothering with this? This business of a strait gate and narrow way is not true, and if it were, the churches would all be teaching it. How is it you seem to know more than all of them? Besides, you are saved and going to heaven, so why are you so worried?” “This strait gate and narrow way CANNOT BE TRUE, God would never ask us to do such a thing…”


The truth is, Satan gives no quarter. You are his and he will not let you go without a huge spiritual battle, and he uses your own mind to defeat you. He delights when a soul seeking truth gives up, let’s go and “let’s God.” Modern Christianity has no struggle, no fight no cross, no victory. It is of this world, only of this world, and millions of Christians die and go into eternal ruin because of the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists out there. Read Matthew Seven until you get it.


We are to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH and come to the END OF OUR FAITH, and to acknowledge the MYSTERY OF GOD. We are to be overcomers, who engaged in battle and who defeated Satan by OUR FAITH in the one who died for us. We are to have HIS FAITH IN US, as He also had to FIGHT THE GOOD OF FAITH UNTO DEATH. He is always with you, right beside you, or carrying you as the needs be. Be a brave heart, listen not to the sweet nothings of your deadly enemy. Remember always he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning. That will never change, for he is what he is, and it is what it is.


Can we do no less and claim Him as our Lord? Consider it.


ANY AND ALL COMMENTS HERE ARE WELCOME. Any “whispers” we have not covered, please forward them and I will post them. We are in a FIGHT, and the battle is intense. DO NOT GIVE UP, CARRY ON, YOU CAN AND WILL WIN THIS BATTLE. This not for quitters. This is not for the fearful.




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11 thoughts on “The Sweet Nothings Of Satan

  1. So true Alyson – it is a fight to the death. I was going to find what was waiting for me at the end of the narrow way even if it killed me. Satan came to me and asked me to just take one step back across that threshold I had just passed over and promised me the world if I would. I had met Jesus only a short time before this and I told the Devil that I had entered into this new contract, this new world, and that I would take my chances here instead, even though I didn’t know what it was all about or what it all meant, but that I had already decided to stay where I was and that this old world nor his promises did not mean anything to me anymore. I didn’t have much knowledge back then, I was only 26 and I’m 64 now. And all I knew the morning after is that I had met Jesus Christ, when He cut through that veil of darkness and showed Himself to me I acknowledged Him and He acknowledged, therefore He could not say to me, “I never knew you.”
    Thanks to Stewart, whom I discovered 20 years later after my experiences did I begin to understand what all of these experiences I had had were all about. I thought every one who claimed they were ‘born again’ had had the same experiences I had had. Boy was I wrong! I even began to ask the Father if there wasn’t someplace else in Heaven I could go because I didn’t like, much less love, all these “born again” Christians and I didn’t want to spend all eternity with them!!!. I even asked Him if there was something I had missed along the way, even though I didn’t believe or feel that I had, but that I was willing to start the process all over again if I had.
    Talk about tempting and challenging God! But all I got was a “positive” YES from Him and that I had no need to worry or doubt about my experiences. (Meaning: meeting Jesus[God] and being sealed by the Holy Spirit [also Christ and God] about 40 days and nights later; a joy unspeakable as Stewart so appropriately describes it.) “Yes”, it was indeed all authentic and all True.
    I had no idea what I was doing at the time even, all I knew is that “curiosity killed the cat” and that “curiosity” had killed this cat.
    To this day I still have no explanation as to why The Lord chose me. This is embarrassing for me to say – and maybe not even appropriate – but I made a list of all the women I had sex with. When I got to 100 I stopped making a list for I no longer had a list, but as the term used during the Vietnam war, I didn’t have a ‘list’, I had a “body “count”!
    Talk about a sinner – plus I had broken ALL of the Ten Commandments during my life by that time.
    It doesn’t mean how good you are, being good has nothing to do with it. Just follow the directions to get off the brodway, turn your back on EVERYTHING you love, even your own life. “He who finds his life shall lose it , and he who loses his life shall find it.” That’s all I really knew at the time plus bringing myself out of the darkness and into the light so that my sins could be reproved”, what ever that meant; but I came to the light anyway. All I knew was that that was what the Lord had told all of us to do and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so why not try that? After all I could always go back if it didn’t turn out to be anything really that important to me. But as it turned out, it was! Boy was it something I never expected to happened. I didn’t even know that this had anything to do with salvation until it happened to me.
    Those two experiences were the most “realistic experiences” that I have ever experienced in my life. I will never doubt them nor disavow them even if I have to give up my earthly life for them. As Paul said,”To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” I am no longer afraid of death. How many people do you know that can make that statement?
    The best way I know how to describe it in secular words is to say that I was the ‘cartoon’ who suddenly woke up and saw the ‘cartoonist’, or, I was the pot who suddenly awakened and saw the potter! Fascinating!!! I have so much to say about it I don’t think I could ever stop talking. I think about it everyday, every night. And I get so high and so humbled by this for now, I understand the Mystery of God.
    When Stew said it was “a repentance not to be repented from”, I immediately understood what he meant by that.
    Study, study, study, and question everything. Sooner or later you will find the key that unlocks the door.~


  2. I’ve listened to Stew a long time. Then some things changed and I had lost track of him. But he’s always spoken about the Straight Gate and Narrow Way or Road that’s traveled If one finds the Gate,few find it but many find the Broadway that leads to Destruction. All one has to do is look around and ask the Father to open your eyes and you’ll see how satan likes to openly brag and show his territorial markings. For example- The Broadway, doesn’t one go to Broadway to be entertained? I’ve never been, but can imagine now all the perverted types of entertainment that happen there. Entertainment is a sensual feeling one may get from certain entertainment. A good place for satan with his well placed army, I’m x-military so have to think on those same terms, actually I’m x- government military and am really a part of The Army of God. I actually repented of the things I did and know about that goes on in the US Military and elsewhere and that was my prayer, to now be in God’s Army and I asked Him to Personally Teach me what He wanted me to know. I learn better with On the Job Training. When I took my original Oath I did not take it with Only the USA in mind, it’s an Oath to Die in my Duty if it comes to that. But I took it with the Heavenly Father and Christ in mind. So it still stands and I’ve been shot, have chronic pain and other issues because I’ve challenged his soldiers. If you pay for the writing and audio you get that Stew wrote called “The Day I Met Jesus Christ” it’s worth every penny to finally get to hear him explain that Saying he always uses and why. You’ll get an insight into greater things. And once you start reading what he wrote you can’t stop because it’s True and you’ll search high and low and I guarantee you’ll never read or hear anything like it in any Church building. The Creator is Spirit so does not need a brick building. We are the Temples of God. Therefore we all have an X on our foreheads as one would see in the scope of a sniper rifle and satan will do anything to stop us speaking or writing things like I’m writing. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. That’s part of the Battle, he’ll use you family, friends, anyone to get to you, you’ll lose many of these people as they will not associate with you once they see you are serious and Stand Your Ground. I told my mother when 17 she’d die from cancer, she’ll been dead 2 years in July, but everybody else knew she had cancer but me, I’m the oldest in what fragmented family is left, I have no family that’ll even return my phone calls unless it’s to get something material from me, yet they have the fancy cars, houses and all the rest. I’m fortunate to get VA Disability, so compared to my younger brothers I’m on the poor side and have given to my niece and nephew things that I’ve never gotten from any of my family because I love them, but they don’t understand the type of love I’m speaking about. Stew knows and eventually Peter did also. One of my favorite books is The Gospel of John. There’s much to learn in that book, especially at the Last Supper where Jesus gives His disciples a New Commandment. I challenge you to read it. You’ll find that New Commandment there. Anyway, keep your Armor ready and be prepared for whatever satan’s little group will throw at you. Once they see you mean business the most they can do is maybe make some bumps in the night or play games. But if you have the Authority then use it, they’ll go away, but like testing you every now and then when tired or maybe not feeling well. The Point is, don’t let little bumps in the night or whispers make you Fearful. That’s what they are trying to do. Scare you as a horror movie may do. Stay away from anything like that also. It’s all mostly a Big Mind Game. And as far as how they’ve affected my health I’ve come up with this saying. It’s all Mind over Matter. If You don’t Mind, it doesn’t Matter. Keep your heads up, your minds open and Talk with the Father and also His Son, Our Messiah all day and night. You’ll be amazed what will happen in your life. One last point, don’t try and do more than you can at one time, do things in steps,but always go forward as the Battle has already been Won. Read Psalm Chapter 91. If God is with Us, Who can be Against Us? But expect Trials and Tribulation. It’s meant to build character and make you stronger. God Bless All……….


  3. Excellent Stew, as usual. I’ve sent this to about 8-10 people who all say we must get back to our Hebrew Roots and the name Jesus Christ is not to be used. Only 1 person has Thanked me and said this is meaningful and important. These people say the Hebrew name must be used and will argue about this,I’ve already told you my experiences and demons leave when the name Jesus is used, I know from personal experience along with an Angel/ Malik/ Messenger that saved my life. He didn’t manifest so I could see him because I was so weak I may have been in shock and died from that, but he told me plainly what to do and I did and was in a hospital bed that afternoon and well in 3 days. My cat knew He was there waiting and tried telling me but I was so out of it I just thought there was something wrong with her.

    I had accidently overdosed on over the counter medication and depleted all my electrolytes and shut down my kidneys and was so weak I crawled into my computer chair and passed out, I’d lost the amount of days I’d been there, I’d wake up and immediately pass out again. And so weak I couldn’t do anything else. After days I’d woken up enough to make it into my bedroom thinking I needed sleep, just before my head hit the pillow He spoke up or I’d have gone to sleep and still be sleeping.

    The Veil between Worlds is very thin.


  4. Beautiful article and totally uplifted me. Thank you for writing this…it was a gift to me. may the Lord Jesus bless you.


  5. Excellent post. Regarding the Bible being a book (the ONLY book) which seems to cause division between people, well, I know that’s true from first-hand experience. It frightens people, makes them angry, even if they don’t know why.

    The enemy has been relentless with the lies – I’ve heard all of the above, and then some. I know they are lies, so I fight onward, even when I am exhausted, battered, bruised, and bloody. The narrow way is the hardest thing I have ever undertaken, but I refuse to stop until Jesus manifests Himself to me, or I drop dead. Guess I’ll be dropping dead either way, so, since I have to make a choice as to which death I prefer, I’ll take the one I’m working out right now over the permanent one.

    To the Bride be the victory!

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