Tonight at 7:00 PM Central, Night Shadows radio will have RICHARD SHAW, producer of THE WATCHER SERIES and LARRY TAYLOR as guests to discuss the Torah Codes, Aliens, UFO’s, Planet-X, End of Days in a wide ranging discussion. Including a recent attack upon Richard – something that anyone who produces the truth will receive as the saying goes “No good deed goes unpunished” in a world of lies and liars.



Here is Richard’s reply to these attacks concerning a growing controversy over the Torah Codes and how they can be manipulated and distorted, but further it concerns the issue of investments into intellectual property and the right, if one chooses, to profit from them.


10 thoughts on “Richard Ruff attacks Richard Shaw and SkywatchTV. ”

  1. Richard Shaw says:

April 3, 2016 at 5:28 pm

I have been following and appreciate your posts about rabbi Glazerson and our work together. And, I’m saddened about “Lord RayEl,” the self-proclaimed messiah originally from the U.S. It doesn’t take much due diligence to discover that this man appears to have had a very checkered past, and what is sad is that he has managed to convince people to follow him when he needs help himself. This is not a hit piece about RayEl (Raymond Elwood) or Richard Ruff. I will simply mention the truth of what has been happening so that there is no confusion.

For years, Richard Ruff has been doing Bible Code tables about RayEl, using Glazerson’s picture (the original picture was one that I shot in New York at Prof. Haralick’s house) as if Glazerson had something to do with it. They also used a UFO sighting that went viral on YouTube, typically referred to as the “Jerusalem UFO” back in 2011, now old news, that was analyzed and proved fake by a video expert here in Hollywood. (For a technical evaluation of this sighting and why and how it was analyzed fake, it is in the video WATCHERS 2). There were something like 6 different versions of this UFO video, each one looking more and more fake. Version 3’s background image of Jerusalem at night was actually a commercially available stock photo, (complete with star filter effects) put up on a computer screen and shot with a camera, with the UFO composited (keyed) over it. Incredibly, version 3 is the one Fox News used to report the sighting even though it is based on a still image. These sightings is what RayEl seems to want to connect his “second coming” to Israel. Most of the other videos were taken on a cell phone, with the UFO composited over it in Post. How can we know this? Because the frame rates of the two layers don’t match. This really has nothing to do with Lord RayEl, but the original hoaxster putting up fake UFO videos on YouTube, of which there are already hundreds of them as well as hundreds of “real” ones. It takes careful analysis to know the difference.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has not made any attempt to confirm Lord RayEl as the Messiah and finally when they continued to post unwanted materials linking him to Lord RayEl, he did a new table, which I showed on Skywatch with Derek Gilbert. It was my hope to finally put to rest any connection with my friend Glazerson to Lord RayEl. To most of us, Torah Code tables exist only to prove the validity of the Torah text, that no other text can manage to produce codes about people and events in our age like the Torah can. It can be used for good or bad. To lift up, or to defraud, to show the truth, or make up nonsense — as can anything good be twisted into a bad thing. Dubious codes need to be run through prof. Haralick’s Monte Carlo experiment to know for certain whether they are significant or simply “ordinary.” I would like to stress that the Codes research is not a cult or a religion, but a discovery made by rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl back in the 50s, and carried into the modern age by professor Eliyahu Rips, Doron Witztum and Joav Rosenberg back in the 70s and 80s when computers finally became available. I have enormous respect for professor Rips, Rabbi Glazerson, Dr. Alex Rotenberg, Art Levitt, and my long-time friend Prof. Robert Haralick. All brilliant genius-level and dedicated men trying to understand the 3-dimensional mystery of the Codes and Gematria. All of them feel we have a long way to go to fully understand them, but the fact is that they are real. The Codes do exist mathematically. How they are used is predicated on the correct use of the original Hebrew text, and the rabbis and professors have noted many tables in the past where correct Hebrew was not used, and hence the tables came up with incorrect information. And, there are sometimes more than one way to spell a name or a word in Hebrew. Rabbi Glazerson knows the way words were phrased in ancient Hebrew, which makes him invaluable for these searches. I will not attempt to search for Codes on my own since my job is to cover the phenomena as a filmmaker.

The tables that I was showing on Skywatch, and will be showing in the month of April, were some of rabbi Glazerson’s latest discoveries which I thought were interesting. Several of them are about the Messiah. The year 5776 / 2016 came up repeatedly. We cannot and will not make predictions, only point out what the rabbis are finding. This is also not to confuse the Jewish beliefs of their Messiah with the Christian faith. All will become known in due time. This is not a contest, nor the time to divide and cast aspersions on the Judiac or Christian faiths. It is my belief that we all need to come together.

As far as Glazerson “peddling” the DVDs, I would submit that he has probably given away more of them for free to other rabbis than he has ever sold. Perhaps Richard Ruff has never had to finance a real documentary himself and doesn’t realize the enormous expenses of production and post to do one at this level. Still, we have given away many DVDs and BluRay copies for all the right reasons. Raymond Elwood, “Lord RayEl’s” real name, is simply one of many self-proclaimed Messiahs that are misleading people all over the world. It is not surprising to us, since this type of thing was prophecised in scripture that it would indeed happen. What seems to now be happening, in their provocative Tweets about ISIS, is disturbing.

What is curious to me is why people won’t even do a modicum of research about this man before believing in him. If they did, they would soon come to the conclusion they were following someone who the state of Indiana still considers a wanted man on an “outstanding warrant” as indicated at http://www.rawstory.com/2014/03/meet-lord-rayel-the-prophet-who-may-have-ruined-a-young-mans-nfl-prospects/

And, those are not my words or the words of Derek Gilbert from Skywatch TV, who I respect as being one of the best in the business. My friend and partner in the WATCHERS series, L.A. Marzulli, has also invested time in researching the various “Messiahs” that are currently in business and considers the phenomena “prophetic.”

— Richard Shaw, Director of TORAH CODES End to Darkness and the WATCHERS series.