It’s All Written and You Can Change Nothing

It had always seemed odd to me how the kings and rulers of this world think they can actually alter any outcome. It is apparent that they do not understand TOTAL FOREKNOWLEDGE, something only the Lord knows, as He Himself says with Alpha and Omega, and knows the end before the beginning. Even the ancients taught that time is a wheel, a circle, an age that blends into another age.

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Everyone’s name is written in the Good Book, but not everyone is written in the Lamb’s Book. This is, of course, where people jump into the fray claiming predestination, it is all decided and we have no free will. That is not true at all. As a matter of fact, FREE WILL ITSELF is what DETERMINED what was written in the Good Book as prophecy is not prediction, but rather a discourse on what actually happened as time ran its total course to OMEGA POINT.  Just because we are not there yet and have not seen it yet, rest assured, it will go down exactly as written.


It is like the argument over dispensations. All it means is that God deals with the human race a little differently as time passes by. That’s all it means. For example, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrived in a different manner and dealt differently with people than before Pentecost. We simply call it “The Church Age,” or the “Age of Grace.” As we approach the end of the so-called Church Age, the Holy Spirit will once again deal differently with people during the Tribulation. It is easy to prove. So why argue over it, it is what it is, and it cannot be changed, because God was the one who ordained it to be that way!! Once again, the FUTURE KNOWS, and so does the Lord!!


So when the Bible tells you that “whom He Foreknew He did predestinate” has nothing to do with the Lord’s Will, but rather THEIR OWN FREE WILL that predestinated them to one outcome or another and the Lord simply KNEW their choices made with their own free will and thus the were “ordained” but not in the matter or way most people would think.


Another one oft quoted is from the Old Testament “I will pardon whom I will pardon.” Who does God say He will pardon? We are told in no uncertain terms that those who obey His Son will get a pardon. OK, so then, because of total FOREKNOWLEDGE God knows and KNEW who would and who would not, of their own free will, SEEK OUT CHRIST for this age. In ages past, God dealt differently but the results were also all known.


Do you see? The FUTURE KNOWS. The future is already written, already etched in Titanium and cannot and will not EVER be altered. Why? Because no matter what FREE WILL choices or decisions are made, from the individual all the way up to the nations, or to the United Nations, it was all FOREKNOWN.


God, because He knows the END from the beginning, knew EACH AND EVERY CHOICE MADE, or EVER WOULD BE MADE. THE FUTURE KNOWS. You cannot alter it because the future encompasses all of those choices, decisions, etc. The future was written by humanity itself in that sense, and terminated because of choices and decisions made.


I marvel at this lack of understanding of how time/space works, and why all of this maneuvering, all of the wars, all of it, CHANGE NOTHING, as it was already written down before the foundations of the world.


There is not going to be one soul lost, or one soul gained that was not already known because of their own free will choices.  This is the great advantage of true and total foreknowledge. In point of fact, no one, including the rich men of the earth, can out maneuver or outsmart their creator! Why? Because He already knew every choice, every decision before any of these folks were even born!!


It is an odd thing that when Jesus Christ entered time and space that a predestination occurred. How so? Because from that point on, choices for or against would be made by FREE WILL, and the Lord knew WHO, WHAT AND WHEN concerning it all, and thus by their individual choices for or against Jesus Christ they predestinated THEMSELVES to eternal ruin or eternal life. It was all known before the world was created. Same with bowing down and taking the MARK OF THE BEAST. The Lord already knows WHO WILL, and WHO WILL NOT. He does not make that choice for them, THEY MAKE IT THEMSELVES.


All of the attempts at remote viewing, or the bots, or whatever other attempts being made to “divine the future” are futile if they are made in an attempt to ALTER THE OUTCOME. Let’s take an example. Same goes for the distant past. Do people honestly believe that the Lord would allow time travel where one could go back and attempt to ALTER THE FUTURE? Impossible because the Lord says that everything written in prophecy MUST and WILL come to pass exactly as written.  Perhaps one could go back AND VIEW the past, but in no way would anyone be allowed to ALTER THE PAST.


Let’s take a look at what I mean by all of this:


The USA military remote views a meeting between Russian and Chinese military in an effort to unlock their plans for an attack upon America. They find out that indeed both nations are working on a plan for a nuclear strike to take down America and are going to position their launch sites for maximum effect.


Our military leaders now know the plans and wait until the launch sites are built and ready and then strikes and demolishes them. The plans of Russia and China are set back for three years on account of this.


The FUTURE ALREADY KNEW this was going to occur. Nothing was changed, because it was all written down before the world was created that the USA military would do this and knew exactly when they would do it and also knew it would set the plans of the Russians and Chinese back for three years.


Now let’s take another example. John Doe hears a prophecy from a Christian man who came to their Church and warned of a huge earthquake that was coming to the area he lived. He believes it and moves his family away from that area and the earthquake struck as the prophecy said and he and his family were saved because they moved. THE FUTURE KNEW ALL OF IT. Nothing was altered, because the future already knew about the move. Do you see? It was all known before the world was created. The advantage of total FOREKNOWLEDGE is beyond our ability to grasp!! WAY BEYOND. You cannot outsmart your Creator. It is impossible.


Hence, CERN, as an example, which may still be an attempt to storm the throne of God, will not, and COULD NOT, succeed. This is why it is so stupid for these rich men to attempt to set up their NEW WORLD ORDER. Do they really think that by killing off millions of people, and especially the Christians is going to alter anything at all? They are foolish dupes, just as Satan’s plan cannot and will not succeed, because all of that was also known long before time and space were created.


In the end of it, people should take great solace in knowing that THE FUTURE KNOWS, all is VANITY, and those who hate the Lord cannot and will not ever see their glorious kingdom come into being. It will be ripped away from them in an instant of time. All of their dreams will come to naught. All of their attempts to change the future are total and complete vanity, a total waste of time and effort.


Bible prophecy is not prediction it is simply the actual facts of what happened during the entire course of this age, from Alpha to Omega. It cannot be altered even if people think it can be.


Israel attempted to alter the future by killing Jesus Christ. They even said it would be better for this man to perish to save Israel. Of course by killing Him they did save Israel but they did not know that. You cannot OUTSMART YOUR CREATOR. He knows everything you are about. That includes the idiots of Psalm Two who think they are going to win this war and exterminate every thought of God off the planet. Lots of luck, guys, lots of luck!!


How arrogant and how stupid such a thought is. But alas, as Daniel says, the WICKED CANNOT UNDERSTAND and NEVER WILL!  That also is WRITTEN and MUST OCCUR. Not to say that the wicked are not brilliant men and women. They are, but just not quite brilliant enough, it seems.


So only the WISE WILL UNDERSTAND. It is better to be wise than wicked, don’t you think?


People would do well to grasp these essential key facts of time and space and relax in the fact that the Creator has it all under control, and nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, can happen that He has not already taken into account. That includes World War Three, Planet-X, Antichrist; all of it. So relax, stop and smell the roses, and listen to the Spirit Wind. Perhaps He is telling you something you need to know.





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