Bible code experts warned us abut 3-23-2016 as a point of “turning”, that is that something, no one knew what, MIGHT occur to alter the history of the world, and especially Israel. Perhaps 322, the Skull & Bones boys and girls favorite number did have a false flag event in Brussels and it went off early. Who knows – but each time these false flags go off, more police state operations come into the open.

It is also of note that a BLOOD RED MOON did occur on Purim, and that was the FIRST ONE they say, that fell on Purim in 6000 years. The early church taught what is called the 6000 year doctrine. That is to say, that this age would culminate in 6000 years. We are here according to all the data that I can collect, and it dovetails into the Omega Code research that 2017 is the key pivot year, and 2017 is here on the religious calendar of the Lord.

Then of course we had the infamous 9-23 handshake of Obama and the Pope, at exactly at 9:23 AM, a handshake that would change the world and everyone in it within a few months or years.


So then we also had our tetrad of course, book-ends if you will, concerning the Lord’s prophetic feast days, as though pointing a finger to it to remind those that are not comatose to perhaps “wonder” what is coming next.




It appears that Obama has on his agenda the breaking up of Jerusalem/Israel into two main parts – with a Palestinian State alongside the state of Israel, and that leads us to those who watch all of this stuff better than I do, and that is that the Lord seems to respond rather rapidly to things that our leaders do and replies with natural disasters of one type or another IN KIND when He is displeased.


The United States is under judgment, and actually has been for a number of years now, as these types of Deuteronomy 28 judgments take many years to be fulfilled. We are in the middle of Psalm Two wars, and the rich men of the earth are fully committed now, and cannot, and will not turn back, even though it is totally suicidal on their part.


For those who are skeptics concerning the Lord’s natural catastrophe answers to stupid things the world leaders do, a number of books that verify that have been published. It is an undeniable fact that the America people, comatose as they are, and oblivious to things as they are,  are going to perish by the millions for “lack of knowledge” or even better, lack of preparing. None of it had to be.


So the TWO STATE solution being demanded by the antichrist and anti-Israel establishment appears to be one in which the Lord may well respond with the BREAKING UP OF THE UNITED STATES into two main parts with an inland sea dividing America. This appears to be part of an overall natural disaster attack, or so it seems, upon America with the passage of Planet-X, tsunamis and violent earth upheavals.


8-2-2014 9-44-54 PM

One must remember that the Lord uses NATURAL DISASTERS for the main part in His protesting the idiots running the world right now.


Evidently they think they can outsmart the Lord, but alas, that will never happen. Does the cup say to its creator, “what doeth thou?” The answer of the Lord  is, of course, “whatever I want to do”.


But perhaps we should really take another and deeper look at this BREAKUP for it is not far off, in fact, I believe it is much closer than people realize. On our last posts we have shown how March through August/September may well mark a “change” in things, perhaps an acceleration of events, and if not 2016 then 2017, per our research on the Omega Code documentary released awhile back. While there can be delay, sooner or later there is no delay, per prophecy itself.


The United States has been allowed a time of geological quiescence for it to prosper and become the Mighty Babylon that would defend and allow Israel to rise up for the final END GAME EVENTS. This is also true of climate and weather as well, as science now tells us that the “normal” climate for North America is not what it has been, but is much more wild, much more violent, and thus from an agricultural viewpoint, “not a good thing”, as Martha Stewart would say. In a word, FAMINE.


It is all part of the cosmic agenda of the Lord, a plan well thought out, by the way, as we are dealing with a mastermind the likes of which no one can even begin to imagine. Nothing in the cosmos happens without it being in this cosmic agenda. It may appear to be a cosmic pool hall game, but the Lord always controls the eight ball.


The actual geological faults that lay under America tell us a story we don’t want to hear or to contemplate. And the real truth is, we don’t know the half of what lays below. However, let it be said we will soon be finding out.




A note to the insurers and re-insurers of the world – you are all about to go broke, if not by economic collapse, by natural disasters that will bankrupt you. There is no escape from it, what is coming is global, but America appears to be targeted with EXTREME prejudice. We have crossed the line with evil. There is no turning back.


While there appear to be large areas of little or no earthquake activity, Native American prophecy claims that all of this will change, and change rapidly once it begins. Obviously tsunami activity can and will devastate many a coastal region. Scientists have repeatedly warned about all of that for a number of years now, yet our coastal populations continue to grow.


So what is being said here is that prophecies, both biblical and otherwise, tell us there are no real safe zones in the United States. When the Creator targets a nation for destruction, and America has been targeted, He uses these methods to “soften up” the targeted nation.


  1. Economics – the economy slowly begins to go “go south”, ENGINEERED BY THE “RICH MEN” (Deuteronomy 28 curse).

  2. Labor – jobs dry up, unemployment skyrockets. Another part of the curse.

  3. Agricultural – via climate change and weather, FAMINE (curse)

  4. Natural disasters – floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, sink holes, rifts, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc. (curse)

  5. Invasion by enemy forces, the population either terminated or taken as slaves.


If one wants to find the curses that we have now falling upon America, read Deuteronomy 28. From blessing to curses.  We have the curses now. But it is going to get far, far worse. Our government is now openly mocking Jesus Christ and the Bible itself, and is now committed to winning the Psalm Two war. Obviously they will not succeed.


What is interesting are all of the dreams and visions of people, both Christian and otherwise, of a horrific break-up of America, apparently in the middle of the nation, in an area few would suspect could cause so much damage and all but totally destroy the United States in one swoop.




There is a little known HUGE RIFT shown above known as the Mid-Continent RIFT area, a large fracture zone that extends from Lake Superior, part of the upper part of this rift, down through Minneapolis/ St. Paul and then much further south down to Kansas and close to Oklahoma. You may already know that Oklahoma is now the earthquake capitol of the world. While the excuse being used for this is “fracking” the real reason is a growing geological instability of the entire mid-continent region, and I believe the scientists already know that and are quietly preparing the population of the region.


Then if you will notice, the New Madrid fault extends in many directions and comes very close to the rift area, and might even be a part of it, as geologists are finding new faults all the time they never knew existed. All the dreams and visions that people have had for many years now center on the middle of the nation where these two geological fault zones are, the exceptions of course, pertaining to the West Coast region.



There are those who claim that the New Madrid fault zone is much more far reaching than anyone knows, with splinter faults and that a major fracture could go all the way down to the Gulf.


I believe that the Mid-Continent Rift has the same problem, and that when this activity begins to happen, the nation could easily be broken in two, like one who snaps a branch in two parts. I believe it was Larry Taylor who said he was told by the Lord that this breaking up will occur as a SNAP, a sudden, unstoppable event that is very rapid and then the nation is divided, just as Obama insisted that Israel and Jerusalem be divided.


Major earthquake drills run by FEMA and state governments have been run and many a special report has been issued warning of a possible catastrophic NEW MADRID earthquake that would all but devastate the United States. A recent TV program was aired that suggested the Mid-Continent Rift could reactivate itself, and ran a full hour or half hour documentary concerning it.  One might ask what the government knows that the people do not. Such a major breakup would all but bring the nation to its knees because of the oil, gas, transportation, electrical, and nuclear plants are close to where this rift is.








As one can easily see, an earthquake large enough to break the nation into two parts would cause horrific damage on both side of it, for such a quake would cause cities, roads and almost all infrastructure to collapse. The immediate death toll would run into the millions, with the aftermath running into many more millions. Trucking and food deliveries would cease to all affected areas. Airports would be devastated and thus reducing air support to helicopters.  Starvation would soon follow. Water supplies would be contaminated. Medical supplies would run out. Electricity would be non-existent, transportation would cease because of the massive breakup of all roads, no matter what size. Bridges of all types would collapse, and most buildings would be destroyed.


The result will be utter chaos via panic and the mayhem all of that will produce. Rapes, murders and total riots will be in all cities and the police or military will not be able to do anything about it.


The economy, of course, would be destroyed. All energy transmission would be halted. The nation could never recover from such an event. The worse part of all of this is that it could have all been prevented by the people who allowed our leaders to divide Israel and Jerusalem and refused to rise up and stop them.


But that is not all – for such a massive breakup would trigger ripple earthquakes all over the rest of the nation, setting off volcanoes, triggering new ones to form, destroy the Great Lakes and cause huge inland tsunamis that would later form into an inland sea, a huge sea some say will be 100 miles across.


The question is, are these visions people are having about this breakup and resulting inland sea accurate or just fanciful dreams? It is said that the U.S. Navy claims this is coming, have drawn up maps of what they think will happen, and are prepared as best as they can to get through it when it happens.


That means of course that the rest of our military also knows all about it, along with all other government agencies, and that may well answer the question as to why so much military gear is being “re-positioned” in key areas, and why it was said by insiders that Jade-Helm exercises were directly tied to the passing of the Destroyer and the resulting mega disasters  it will bring with it. It is all beginning to fall into place.


That may well answer the question of why the government is quietly moving away from all coastal regions, and re-positioning on HIGH GROUND, such as Denver. The same goes for nations all over the world. The elite know the Destroyer is coming and they are attempting to survive it by massive operations on an off planet.


A massive breakup of the United States would also trigger the shifting of all plates in and around the North American Plate. This would seem to indicate that massive ocean tsunami activity would not be far behind, washing away hundreds of cities in a moment of time.

If one views the different faults not only within America but also just slightly off shore, it is likely that they faults would also be triggered, resulting in tsunamis foreseen in dreams and visions.





This in turn triggers volcanic activity bringing to life long dormant volcanic activity and possibly triggering the Long Valley Caldera and Yellowstone.

Visions have seen the entire WEST COAST volcano chain going off, obviously triggered by some force, perhaps even a nuclear attack as foretold by Isaiah and Jeremiah against MIGHTY BABYLON. When we go down, we go down with a thud. You can count on it, we just don’t know exactly when.

There is an escape hatch, His name is Jesus Christ. He came here to rescue you. Most folks apparently do not like his requirements to be rescued.

So there you have it – BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO, but it depends upon who is doing the breaking. Perhaps the Lord has His own “That was easy” Button.






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