Crossing Over – Your Will, But You Will Not Like What You Find There



What I am about to share  most will not believe. Not only will they not believe it, they will roll their eyes and walk away, shaking their heads, saying “that poor fellow is crazy, he is 20 bubbles off center on a carpenter’s level,” or “Must have been on drugs or smoking pot.” Any EXCUSE YOUR MIND WILL MAKE UP SO YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.


Nevertheless, what I tell you is the truth, and it is a truth I do not like to share, but I must, because The Creator wants me to warn you because He loves you and takes no pleasure in your demise. Also, for selfish reasons, I do not want the Creator to charge me with having YOUR BLOOD on my hands. What I am going to share with you is very unpopular, because the REAL TRUTH is not only NOT popular, it is hated with a passion by the human race. They do not like to have the LIGHT OF TRUTH shine upon them in any way, shape or manner.


So I am alone, for all practical purposes. I walk the lonely road of the SPIRIT WIND. But even so, I must speak the truth, not my own truth, for I have no truth within me, but rather the Creator’s truth. It is a truth revealed from On High, a truth deeper and more profound and real than any truth anyone could ever know. It is shown to you in such a way that it is far beyond an epiphany, some idea, some concept, for it goes FAR deeper and far more vivid than life itself.


This revelation I speak of is beyond human comprehension if you have never walked the walk. It is beyond and above all things, and that is why Paul said he was waiting for the believers to ACKNOWLEDGE the MYSTERY OF CHRIST. It is a mystery. It is hidden from the human race, because of a very real fall from Grace.


If I go to a gathering of people, I usually sit alone, for I have nothing to say that means anything to most. It is not easy to be so isolated, but then there was this Carpenter a long time ago who walked the dusty roads of Judea, who had only a few friends, and they deserted him when the heat was on. Most so-called friends will desert you when the heat is on. They will distance themselves, find excuses, but the result is always the same – you end up alone in times of severe trial or trouble. They say if a person finds ONE TRUE FRIEND in their entire life, they have done well.


I am NOT a man of religion. Never was, never will be. I know now that all modern religions are a fake, a control mechanism for the elite, but have little, if anything to do with the real truth. That truth lies within you. It always has. It always will. It is up to you to unlock the door and open it to the greatest mystery the world has ever known or ever will know. You have a dimensional portal within you. Everyone does. It was put there for a very specific reason. But you have to open it, no one else can.


Jesus Christ gave you the key on how to unlock it. VERY FEW EVEN ATTEMPT TO DO IT, even though they search the world for answers. They are looking in the wrong place. It is not OUT THERE somewhere. It never was, it never will be. Telescopes will not find it. CERN will not discover it. Microscopes cannot unlock it. Yet, for all of that, it can be found. And once found, it is yours forever and ever.


I look out at the world, and all I see is chaos, broken lives, emptiness disguised as “busyness.” Many of you have buried loved ones. You go to the wakes, the funerals, the burial plots. You watch as loved ones are lowered into the ground. The preacher man says a few words to comfort you. You weep, you attempt to hide it, to dry the eyes. But inside there is always the question: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? WHY? AM I NEXT? Death is on the radar screen now. So we forget, we march on, yet, we need to know. WHAT IS BEYOND? WHERE DID THEY GO?


Especially if it is a parent. They are somehow a barrier to your own demise. As long as they live, well, your demise is “put off” somehow. The greatest mystery beside life is death. No one wants to face their own demise, so they keep busy. Heaven forbid we should be so morbid as to look death in the eye and not blink.


So then this carpenter guy, you know, long ago, He came here and said He held the keys to all life and all death. He said He came from a place we knew nothing about. He said we could unlock the greatest mysteries of all, just do as He said and you would know. He said the world was blind, totally blind, had no clue whatsoever and that included the so-called religious and mystery leaders of His time.


Those remarks were hated by the religious and mystery leaders of the world for He was calling them out, showing the world they were all fakes, strutting around in their finery telling everyone that knew the “mysteries of life” and had the “knowledge” no one else had. They had power and prestige and position in society because of their so-called “wisdom.” This lowly Carpenter exposed them for who they really were and still are, and He made a mockery of them so they killed Him.



It is no different today. We have preachers, teachers and evangelists strutting around with many thousand dollar suits, gold watches, expensive cars, homes, airports and private jets, getting rich while they lie to their foolish followers. They are all liars and fakes. They are deceived and deceiving others. They don’t have a clue either, the Bible says they don’t.


He said He came here to help everyone out, that He could and would PROVE TO ANYONE WHO WANTED TO SEARCH IT OUT, and never asked ANYONE to simply believe what He said. But only a few, it seems, want to be helped or took Him up on His challenge.


So here is something you really need to contemplate. You really do, even if you don’t think so. This same guy said He came to save the world, for He said it was already condemned and the people on this planet were the walking dead. ALREADY TOTALLY CONDEMNED. He said if you do nothing about it, you will go to a very bad place.  I have been shown only a small tiny bit of that place. You do not want to go there. No one does. But it, like the truth, is veiled; hidden away.


But you will go down there, no matter how good or decent you may think you are. You may think, as I did, that although I had done a few things in my life I am not proud of, I had not done ANYTHING that deserved eternal loss and to go to a bad place.


An Old Man once said “life is hard, then you die and go to a worse place.” He was right, that is exactly the truth of it, believe it not, and this is not Ripley’s.


We don’t want to believe that could be true, but I am here to tell you it is, and the faster you recognize it, and actually do something about it, rather than just nod your head and think “that’s interesting but I don’t buy it”,  and go on to other things, the better off you will be.


It has nothing to do with your deeds, really, good or bad. It has to do with YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. You are born into this world LOST. Even if you do not want to believe it, you are classified as FALLEN and an ENEMY OF THE CREATOR. That too is hidden from you. It has nothing to do with you in the sense of it being personal, it is just what it is!! It is simply the state you are in before your Creator. Believe it, for it is true, and I don’t want you to CROSS OVER and find it out the hard way. I want you to find it out NOW.


No one wants to believe that, something He also knew. The Good Book says He LOVED US and came on a rescue mission. Do you believe it? Most likely NO!! Not really, and that’s cool as well. No pressure here. Just asking, that’s all…


So now to my story. A true story. The important part for all of you to understand is that I am NOT RELIGIOUS, and have nothing to do with people who are. This Carpenter guy did not bring a new religion with Him, we made it into a huge religion all by ourselves. Forget religion. It leads to ruin.


If you want to find the real truth, you will embark on a far journey, a journey you would never believe unless you walked it. You will do it all alone, or at least you will think you will be alone, but you will not be. You will have right beside you an invisible, LOVING friend who will guide you all the way.



You will find out right away that you also have an enemy. A real and very real although invisible enemy that actually OWNS YOU. His greatest tool is to make everyone feel he does not exist. But he does. He will not let you go without a fight. The real truth is, he is already defeated. He just does not want you to realize that. His ammunition is all blanks. His darts are real but harmless if you understand what is going on.


So then, I did CROSS OVER. I died and I am trying to warn you all that the GOOD BOOK IS THE TRUTH. I was only looking for the truth behind life itself, something I always wondered about as a little kid. So I did not know what I would find, or what it was, I was only determined to find, it not matter if I died trying, no matter if everyone turned against me.


So I searched it out, determined. Nothing was going to deter my search for this elusive and what the world all claimed was an “unknowable truth.” I was sure that if you really went after it, it could be found. I was sure of it. Totally convinced. So I began to search it out, researching everything about the world religions, philosophies, and “isms” I could find. Nothing fit. Nothing explained it. It did not matter what I found, it simply did not answer the most profound question – what was this all about?


What I found was it all hinged upon “believe this” or “believe that.” Have faith in this, have faith in that. Try this philosophy, or that “ism”, put your faith in their “system”, and all would go well for you.  Nothing but male bovine droppings, I thought.


Anyone can believe anything that want, convince themselves it is true, and it becomes a “truth” for them. I did not want that, I wanted to KNOW, nothing about BELIEF, nothing with FAITH, but rather KNOW TOTALLY, KNOW ABSOLUTELY.


As I searched high and low, as I researched all the wisdom of THIS WORLD, a strange thing began to happen – I felt like I was dying a very slow death. This process of “death” was inside, not physical, not even of the mind, it was deeper, more profound, a KNOWING of some type. It began to get far worse as time went on, but I refused to give up the search.


At the end of it, I knew somehow that I was dead, totally dead, and also that I was going to go to a very bad place, something I could not understand, but it was being shown to me in such a way that there was no question whatever – I was dead, I was going to hell, and I KNEW IT. It was what it was.


I was in this state for well over a year, still searching, still wanting to know and understand what life was, what the Earth was here for, what the Universe was all about.


I did not realize it at the time, but what was being revealed to me was the actual state of the human race before their creator. They are dead before Him because they are FALLEN and that is their NATURAL STATE, THEIR BIRTHRIGHT. It is hidden from them by a veil. Because it is veiled, they have no clue as to their real state, and it is not revealed to them until their death and they cross over. Jesus made a remark about that when He told one of his followers whose father had died to let the dead “bury their own dead”.


The vast majority of people live and die and never seek to find the actual truth behind their existence, or why they are here, exactly what the GOOD BOOK says about them. They are born lost and fallen, and they die lost and fallen.  It is not that they can’t find out the truth, it is that they will not. The way was made clear by this carpenter guy. It was not that they could not, they would not, He said.


So there I was, in a state of death and knowing that not only was hell very real, I was going there and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. A very unpleasant place to be in, in case you are wondering.


That state of affairs lasted many months. One day I was sitting on my couch in a small trailer I was living in at the time. I was feeling very sorry for myself. Poor me, poor me. A Christian TV evangelist had sent a small booklet called “A Call To Love.”


I remember it very well. I opened it up and began to read it. As I was reading it, it suddenly dawned upon me that I did not really love anyone except myself, and I was a prisoner of my own soul. It was a most unpleasant revelation.


So then something very strange happened. It was like watching the curtains being moved apart in a movie house. I found myself looking into the very heart and soul of the CREATOR HIMSELF. The Good Book says that the Creator of everything there is, is a SPIRIT. It also says that the Creator is a SPIRIT OF DIVINE LOVE. It is telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


I was looking right into DIVINE LOVE. I was looking right into the heart, soul and spirit of Jesus Christ, the Creator of it all, just as He said. There are no words to describe the love that the Creator has for His Creation. His LOVE transcends EVERYTHING THERE IS, EVER WAS, OR EVER WILL BE. It demolishes ALL SIN, ALL OF EVERYTHING. Nothing can stand against this DIVINE LOVE FORCE. NOTHING. His love is so awesome it is simply beyond all words. His love for YOU is so vast, so great that He would have come here and died just for YOU. Do you get it? JUST FOR YOU.



Do you know what He wants for you? He wants to give you SALVATION FOR FREE. He wants to cover you with His robes. He wants to set you FREE from your prison house, and you are in a prison even if you don’t think so!


So as I am looking into this majestic and awesome LOVE, I heard a voice, very soft, very gentle but very clear and very distinct. It addressed me by name clear as a bell.  I cannot tell you if I heard it with my ears or only in my mind.


“Stewart, do you agree that love runs this Universe?”


That was what my entire life’s search was all about – to find the REAL TRUTH behind the Universe. After that display of looking right into it, I replied with a meek “Yes, Sir.”


“Stewart, do you agree that you have never loved?”


After looking at His love, the answer to that was obvious.


“No sir,” I replied.


“Stewart, will you?”


I struggled and finally said “Yes sir.”


In that instant of time, I felt a 180 degree turnaround inside of me. I do not know how to explain it to anyone. He came and we dined together, a Creator of FEW WORDS. VERY FEW WORDS, I might add. I passed from this awful feeling of DEATH AND HELL and it VANISHED, and A WHOLE NEW LIFE BEGAN. I was IN TRUTH born again or reborn.


I then knew the secret. It is the greatest most profound secret in the Universe. There is only ONE knowable and absolute truth. It is DIVINE AGAPE LOVE. He is alive and He is well. He is running and controlling the multiverse. He is the King of all Kings.  The Creator of all of it is JESUS CHRIST. He is exactly who He said He was. He designed your DNA. Every hair upon your head is numbered. It is not an accident. It is not a coincidence.  You better come to grips with it, for you have precious little time left to find Him.  ENTER IN NOW.


The transaction over, I began to cry. I went outside and then something even stranger happened. I felt a “coolness” come over me, from my head down to my feet. Unknown to me at the time, this was the REFRESHING spoken of in the Good Book. Then came JOY UNSPEAKABLE. There is NOTHING like it. Then came PERFECT PEACE. This was, I later found out, to be the EARNEST of the HOLY SPIRIT, a DOWN PAYMENT, as it were, a look-see into what was to come.


I THEN FELT SOMETHING FALL OFF MY BACK. It was like taking off a large knapsack filled with heavy things. I felt it drop away. “Come unto me, ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest….: Now I knew what that meant.  I WAS FREE, and when the SON OF MAN sets you free, you are FREE INDEED. You rise above all of the religions, philosophies and “isms” out there, and you KNOW that they are all hogwash.




Time to give yourself a huge hug. You are loved even you don’t think so. Yes, you are guilty. Yes, you are full of sins and little secrets you don’t want anyone to know about because, after all, they might reject you. But coming to the LIGHT is not some stern awful admonishment. It is so sweet, so gentle, so non-condemning, and so non-critical and totally accepting of you and all you are that it cannot be described. He LOVES YOU SINS AND ALL. It is what it is. 1+1 = 2. That’s it. He knows you are fallen, He loves you anyway.


I stood before the LIGHT. I was judged BY THE LIGHT. I was found guilty as charged, yet I was totally accepted. Yes, I was guilty, we all are. Do you see? It is what it is. No condemnation. The CONDEMNATION IS REMOVED FROM YOU. The Son of Man is Jesus Christ. He is EXACTLY who He said He was. He stepped forward and offered me LIFE, if I would accept it. It was totally up to me. No fear, no nothing. Yes or no. Simple and profound.


That was why He asked me the question “Will you?” meaning of course, would I accept HIS DIVINE AGAPE LOVE and give up my own selfish and manipulative love types, which are not really loves at all.  This is TRUE BIBLICAL REPENTANCE. It is a repentance never to be repented of. I had passed from DEATH UNTO LIFE.


So now I knew the REAL TRUTH. The religions on the world are bunk. They lead to ruin and despair. The elite use religions to control the masses and extort huge sums of money from them. It is all a huge sham operation. The leaders all walk around in their robes and riches. Not for much longer. They are in for the shock of their lives.


Now some folks say I am obsessed with all of this. Others just laugh it off. I am not obsessed with anything. It is what it is, and I know what I know. I crossed over, I have seen hell and tasted a little bit of heaven. It is all real and I know it is because I saw it. It is nothing I “believe.” It is nothing that I have “faith in.” It is exactly what it is, and the Good Book is the TRUTH BEHIND IT ALL, and anything else is a deception.


It does not matter if you like it or lump it. The truth will always stand and you will find it out when you CROSS OVER IN DEATH. May I suggest to you that you do what Jesus Christ commanded you to do now, and die while you are still alive. Sounds like an oxymoron but it isn’t.


The rich men of the Earth, with all of their minions, their military leaders, the political leaders, the police, AND THEIR LITTLE AGENDAS FOR WORLD CONTROL are LOST SOULS and they are doing exactly what was told to us 2500 years ago, and they are doing it exactly as written, and saying what was foretold they would say. They will not win the world. They will not only not win, they will lose everything they have, including their own souls. It is real, very real.


So I plead with all of you, from the top leaders of this world down to the masses of the world. THE BIBLE IS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. DO EXACTLY AS JESUS CHRIST COMMANDED OF YOU AND YOU WILL FIND LIFE. IF YOU REFUSE, YOU WILL FIND ETERNAL DEATH.


You will run into many roadblocks. You will run into many “access denied,” like Job in the movie “Lawnmower Man” as he was trying to escape. But suddenly you will find “access granted” and the most mysterious secret of all time will come forward. When it does, you will say, “This is so simple, why didn’t  I think of this before…”


Well, the answer is because it is hidden away, the greatest of all secrets, the greatest of all mysteries, beyond all human comprehension, beyond all mental thinking, beyond, far beyond your intellectual abilities.


After all, DIVINE LOVE REALLY IS SIMPLE. But it is also the most profound of all secrets. It is just hidden away from us. So, the long and short of all this is to use a term to clear out your computer of hidden things:




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