An Evening With Stewart Best, Larry Taylor and Augusto Perez


Tonight 3/11/2016 at 7:00 PM Central



Tonight’s show will be a full two hour discussion on the latest news and headlines, wars and rumors of war, Russian troop movements, Syria, Iran, Turkey and the flash points for World War Three, race for the White House and will there be an election at all – who is Donald Trump, Earth changes, the approach of the Destroyer and the arrival, the increase in UFO activity around the world, and strange sightings and reports of aliens landings and contacts, any dreams and visions for the last days. Events in the United States such as the political race for the white house, Donald Trump’s chance of survival, Obama and the United Nations and gun control – and a whole lot more.

The Day I Met Jesus Christ is the story of my personal search for the ultimate truth behind everything there is, and I searched with all my heart, strength and mind. It took a long time, but I did find it. I did meet the Creator of all that there is, and HE IS HIDDEN, but can and must be found. Love is Jesus Christ, and He is  SPIRIT, and HIS LOVE runs and upholds everything you  see. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS EBOOK, I WILL REFUND EVERY DIME TO YOU.