New show Friday Night 3/11/2016 with Larry Taylor & Augusto Perez 7 PM CT.


Ever watch emails just vanish before your eyes? If you emailed us between about 8PM last night to 8 this AM, well, we have no emails to view. So please re-mail me at Computer hacking seems to be the greatest thing to do these days.


Just a heads up, they can get into your computer, do anything they want with it, add files that are not yours, and “set you up” in any way they want. They can turn on your computer, and pull the plug on it. They can vanish files and you will never see them again. Had a completed PROPHETIC INSIDER vanish, even the backups of the backups – that is anything on the main computer was taken. This requires more than “expert” knowledge.

Anyone have any suggestions other than to pull the plug on the router itself? Did anyone else experience anything like this last night or is this more isolated to targeted parties?

Please comment if you would, this is getting worse by the day/week/month.