You Won’t Believe This, But It Really Is True – Part Two

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From a few comments I would like to dig deeper into the manifestation of Christ to the believer as per this verse:

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”  KJV John 14:21

The word Manifest is most interesting.  Here is a translation from the AMPC Bible:


The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]


So many folks out there need to know what constitutes what  I call the SALVATION REVELATION or MANIFESTATION, per Scripture and Scripture alone.


There are MANY REVELATIONS to a person seeking after the Lord with all of their heart, mind and strength. These can come as “I understand this, now” when you did not understand some verse,  or a dream or a vision. These types of revelations occur along the walk of the Narrow Way.


The Early Christians were known as “The People of the Way”, and knew all about the strait gate and narrow way of the Lord. It is interesting that this concept is also found in Native American language, as the Inuit call it walking along a “knife edge” which of course means “very narrow”.


But what is the SALVATION MANIFESTATION? Is there any salvation without it? Is it a literal “seeing” in the flesh and blood type like meeting someone when you open your door after you hear a knocking? No. Clearly NO!!


I go into this at some length in my Ebook, and it is a SPIRITUAL REVELATION BUT FULLY KNOWN AND COMPREHENDED BY THE CONSCIOUS MIND. In other words, when Jesus comes to SAVE A SOUL, it transcends all elements – spirit and soul, mind and body. It is fully experiential, albeit SPIRITUAL & SOULISH, it is also REAL IN EVERY ASPECT and fully experiential. After the “meeting or revealing with the judgment seat of Christ” comes the “earnest” also called the “refreshing” and if anyone thinks that is also not fully experiential, and known by every facet of your spirit, soul and body, they don’t know what they are talking about. I am convinced that YOUR DNA IS ALSO CHANGED when one accepts the offer of salvation. YOU ARE HENCEFORTH MARKED in some mysterious way.


This is hard to define, for there really are no words in the human experience to describe it correctly. Let me put it this way – most people have had very vivid dreams, both good and bad, but in a dream, it is all too real and you can feel, touch, smell, hear and see sometime even better than you do when awake. So what is a dream, and how does it manifest itself in your sleep?


You can have full conversations with people you do not know, never did know. You can go to places in a dream you have never been before. All of it, while dreaming is VERY REAL TO YOU. Usually, if you have vivid dreams, more real than life itself. If you remember your dream, you wonder how something could be so REAL and EXPERIENTIAL, and yet it was all “ethereal” and not physical. Or was it?? And what is physical? We are nothing but “frequency”, nothing but atoms. We are in an electrical universe, upheld by the Spirit of Divine Love. That is the God Particle, it is SPIRIT and who is the Designer of “frequency” that sets our Universe apart from others in this MULTIVERSE we live in.


Perhaps your DREAM really is MORE REAL that life here. Ever think of that? The SALVATION MANIFESTATION is similar but yet even more real to your senses, and is sort of like LOOKING INTO SOMETHING, A “SEEING”, AN “UNDERSTANDING” OR KNOWING, THAT ONE NEVER HAD BEFORE, BECAUSE IT WAS HIDDEN AWAY, A SECRET THING. The Bible says our minds are veiled, which is why Jesus said that all of this was hidden, a secret and had to be revealed from On High.

Salvation ONLY OCCURS, according to the Bible, when the REAL ISSUE, and there is only ONE ISSUE, between man and God is dealt with, and that is THE LOVE TYPE ISSUE.


  1. In spite of a lot of denials, it is simple, and easy to prove: Mankind LOST WHAT IS CALLED DIVINE “AGAPE LOVE” at the fall of Adam and Eve.

  2. Mankind is DEVOID, and KNOWS NOTHING about this LOVE TYPE. He does not possess it, it is NOT a part of his nature. He knows NOTHING ABOUT IT, cannot even discern in the mind what it is or what it is about because his mind is veiled, so he cut off from understanding it.



These three items constitute the ONLY PROBLEM between mankind and God. There IS NO OTHER ISSUE. The Bible is very clear that there is only ONE ISSUE between man and God and it is a LOVE TYPE ISSUE. Thus salvation doctrine hinges totally around this issue.



  1. The Holy Spirit was sent to guide us to THE TRUTH, who is Jesus Christ, our redeemer under Kinsman-Redeemer Law.



Jesus referred to usually one of the deepest human loves (parent-child) and called it “evil”. Why? Because all the loves of mankind listed, about 34, I think, are FALLEN LOVE TYPES.


People can laugh at the story of the fall all they want, it is REAL, IT HAPPENED, AND IT IS DEADLY, AND IF THIS LOVE TYPE ISSUE IS NOT SETTLED BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, NO SALVATION TAKES PLACE. The fruit of the tree of good and evil (whatever form it was), contained a DNA CHANGE. That change caused mankind to be REBORN into another world.


John 3:19-20

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.


LIGHT IS A CODE WORD FOR DIVINE AGAPE, THE LOVE OF GOD. So here we learn that there is ONLY ONE CONDEMNATION. Not five, ten or twenty, only ONE. Only ONE ISSUE. There are NO OTHER ISSUE BETWEEN GOD AND MAN. This is the GREAT CONTROVERSY God has with mankind. It is here, and only here that is the total essence of the FALL OF MAN in Genesis. It is here, and ONLY HERE that is the salvation issue, not dreams, not visions, not ANYTHING ELSE is brought forward in full manifestation.

  1. You stand before your Creator a fallen creature.

  2. He shows you what Divine Love is and what it is about.

  3. You now have a comparison of your love compared to His Love.

  4. You are guilty, you lose.

  5. Jesus steps forward and offers to cover you with His Love.

  6. You decide if you will accept or reject the offer.

  7. If you accept, you are His forever, and ever, a repentance not to be repented of. This is true Biblical repentance, you reject your love and accept His. Reconciliation is now complete both ways.


The Bible tells us clearly that unless TWO BE AGREED, THEY CANNOT WALK TOGETHER. We could say there is a BREACH, A PARTING OF THE WAYS. Here is where something so simple is made so complex – it is called reconciliation. I have covered this before, but it is so important to understand. The Fall LEFT MANKIND TOTALLY ADRIFT IN A SEA OF NOTHINGNESS, ADRIFT, ALONE; SEVERED FROM THE LORD. Mankind, at the fall, was REBORN into another world, a world dominated by evil, manipulation, betrayals, violence and all that you see all over the world today.


The story if Christmas (as told today), is the story of CHRIST COMING INTO THE WORLD. It is really a story of God reconciling Himself through Christ to the world.


It is the story of a “man” going to his brother’s house to attempt to reconcile himself to his brother. He knocks on the door to attempt to “build a bridge” to reconcile and to hug and love his estranged brother. He want to say “I love you, my brother, I love you.”


The Judd’s have a country western song called TO BUILD A BRIDGE. It goes something like this: “Love can build a bridge, don’t you think it’s time?” It is a very beautiful song. It is a song of reconciliation, of coming back together after estrangement due to some wrong. But notice there is a BRIDGE. Jesus brought with Him a BRIDGE. It is called THE STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY.


But what if the brother in our story will not open his door. He will not come to the door. I ask you, has reconciliation taken place? NO!! If mankind refuses the offer of Christ to enter in at the strait gate and narrow way, he is lost for ever. He is considered an enemy and in total rebellion.


Now I hope you are beginning to see the awful and horrific lie of modern Christianity, for there is no reconciliation BACK TO GOD. It is a “faith only, belief only” system, which is why Christ says to the multitudes “I never experientially came to KNOW YOU”, IN MATTHEW SEVEN. These poor folks did not realize they had to reconciles themselves BACK to God, and there is only ONE WAY TO DO IT – the strait gate and narrow way is the only method Christ gave to us.


What Christ brought with Him was a METHOD, a WAY in which mankind could OPEN HIS OWN DOOR TO GOD AND MEET GOD AND SETTLE THIS ISSUE OF LOVE TYPES. Peter went through it when he argued with Jesus. Peter’s arguments were totally demolished by one simple question. The Lord usually would answer a question with another question: “Do you phileo love me Peter?” because Peter was attempting to tell the Lord HIS LOVE TYPES were the same as the Lords. They are not, all the religious experts out there notwithstanding.


This method of reconciliation, this protocol, if you will, is a set of commands given by Christ to allow mankind to RECONCILE HIMSELF back to God. It is called THE STRAIT GATE and the NARROW WAY, also referred to as PICK UP YOUR CROSS, etc. etc. This is the ONLY WAY Christ gave to us to accomplish this reconciliation. THERE IS NO OTHER.


There are warnings all over concerning the FAKE PREACHERS, TEACHERS AND EVANGELISTS OUT THERE WHO HAVE DEVISED ANOTHER WAY. And it is a deception and does NOT RECONCILE THE PERSON BACK TO GOD. If it did, they would have MET CHRIST and HE WOULD “KNOW” THEM.


I will repost, if I can find it, a story concerning this – for it is so simple, yet so profound most people do not see it or understand it, because we make everything so complicated.


This is why Christ says that mankind HATED THE LIGHT, AND WOULD NOT COME TO THE LIGHT, TO HAVE THEIR DEEDS REPROVED. The REAL reconciliation takes place at this JUDGMENT SEAT OF THE LIGHT, which is why Christ says COME TO THE LIGHT. Does He say “believe in the light? Does He say HAVE FAITH in the LIGHT? NO, He says clearly COME TO THE LIGHT – THAT IS PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE LIVING GOD AND HAVE YOUR LOVE TYPES JUDGED.


Remember how Adam and Eve HID THEMSELVES from God in the Garden right after the fall? You and I are no different. We HIDE OURSELVES FROM THE LIGHT, AND WE WILL NOT COME TO THE LIGHT. WE ARE FEARFUL OF IT, WE ARE AFRAID TO BE JUDGED.


However, I say unto all of you, there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER to be afraid of here. The judgment seat of THE LIGHT is so beautiful, so gentle, so compassionate TOWARDS YOU as He embraces you and tells you HE LOVES YOU. In other words, there is NOTHING TO FEAR. He is so gentle, so loving, so all accepting, NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE OR NOT DONE. It is so uncritical you won’t believe it until you go through it. You see, your works, good or bad, all those things you have done in your life ARE NOT THE ISSUE. The ONLY ISSUE is the LOVE TYPE ISSUE.


You are fallen, you are hopeless in your fallen state, and you SIN BECAUSE OF IT. You are helpless and cannot stop it – so then, HE KNOWS THAT. That is really NOT THE ISSUE, IT IS A LOVE TYPE ISSUE.


Your love will be compared to HIS LOVE. You lose, and you lose BIG TIME. The Love of God is unfathomable. It transcends EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO THINK ABOUT. It is incomprehensible to the human mind, and I HAVE SEEN IT, BEEN THROUGH THE JUDGMENT, and I still KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT.


The manifestation, the revealing, the showing clearly is LOOKING INTO THE VERY ESSENCE OF CHRIST, of WHAT HE IS, the question Pilate asked of Christ. “WHAT ARE YOU?” This is the secret, this is the mystery that I have, for all these years, attempted to show you and warn you about.


It is all about WHAT TRUE DIVINE LOVE IS, HOW IT WORKS, WHAT IT CONSISTS OF that you are shown so you can agree or not agree and to repent of your love and accept His. You look deeply into it, like some form of veil is removed, and you are looking into something no human words can describe. THIS IS SALVATION MANIFESTATION. This is the judgment, there is no other. This is where true reconciliation takes place, and this is where SALVATION TAKES PLACE. There is no other place, it is right here. It is so gentle, He is so non-judgmental it is astounding.


Do you see? If you travel this WAY, you will be brought down. Actually, the narrow way is a REVELATION WAY OF YOUR STANDING BEFORE GOD. That is to say DEAD. It is ugly, and it takes time. God Himself says it is ONLY OF GREAT EFFORT ON HIS PART that this can be accomplished. Look it up for yourself. This is why Jesus said that “NO MAN CAN COME UNTO ME UNLESS THE FATHER DRAW HIM”. It essentially means TO DRAG ONE TO THE LORD, because we are in such deep and horrific REBELLION, and we HATE GOD WITH A PASSION. All the religions of the world have but one purpose:




The Day I Met Christ will show you want is going on here. It is not at all what you think. There is still time, but precious little.


As I said, I am not a religious person. I never was, and now for sure, never will be. What Jesus brought with Him was not another religion, but the apex of what went before. A HEART CHANGE. What Jesus really brought with Him was A WAY OF RECONCILIATION BACK TO THE FATHER. The Holy Spirit was given to CONVICT MANKIND OF SIN, REIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUDGMENT. That is the reconciliation back to God via the narrow way. Why is it so difficult? Because our rebellion is so deep seated, so bent on self-destruction. The Bible says our hearts are wicked and evil beyond all comprehension. We don’t like that. We refuse to believe it.


Christ is knocking on your door. He is a gentlemen’s gentlemen. He loves you. He wants to put His arms around you and comfort you and give you a peace beyond your comprehension.


Yes, you must believe. Yes, you must have FAITH. These two are the dynamic FORCES that propels one to ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, and LABOR FOR THE MEAT (DOCTRINE) THAT ENDURES UNTO TRUE SALVATION. Remember Jesus said IF you continue in my doctrine, you shall KNOW the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you FREE, and if the Son of Man sets you free, you are FREE INDEED. Jesus Christ is THAT TRUTH. He is LIFE.

It take time, it takes great patience. He will try you in all ways. You will be tried by FIRE. If you endure to the end of this trial by fire, you will stand before the SON OF MAN and escape all these things that are coming upon this Earth. Be patient, be still, and KNOW that the Lord is God.


So I hope that answers a few questions.


So another question was asked concerning why so few who have traveled this way and met Christ and KNOW WHAT HE IS, and have undergone their judgment, why don’t they say so? I cannot say, but I think part of it is because other people will think they are “nut cases”. Remember the human race is cut off from all of this, and like anyone who sees a UFO or has an alien contact is mocked and ridiculed, because deep within, those mocking are FEARFUL OF THE REAL TRUTH.

I told a lady neighbor about what happened to me and she said “don;t be telling that to anyone.” Why? Because they would think you are a fruitcake, off the wall idiot. Others may simply not be called to tell anyone if they are not asked.





 Please get my Ebook for it is story of my salvation and is filled with Bible verses to prove each and every part of my search, my walk, my death and my resurrection to NEW LIFE. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY, AND SUPPORTS THIS HATED AND REVILED RESEARCH MINISTRY.





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  2. Hi Stewart, Firstly Sir, you are not a nut, idiot or fruit cake if you spread the hidden gospel any more than the ancient prophets were nutty. Most people were certain they were crazy. If you saw a guy on the street unwashed, long hair, long beard, naked, with an ox yoke across his shoulders would you think he was quite normal? But today we have books and ebooks and Kindle books, and lectures on YouTube so spread the word that way and Secondly, you know very well you don’t need the approval of Neurotic humans. You have nothing to prove to them! Ignore them and just continue to promote your book. Thirdly, I don’t see a link to BUY the book. the picture doesn’t link. I’ll be looking around now to find a link so I can have what you offer. And Fourthly, you haven’t given me a price or a page particularly to read about it with a PayPal button at the bottom, so you’re making it difficult to buy. If potential customers aren’t buying, maybe it’s because you are making it too difficult for them to find a payment gateway! Chat you later. StepheN


  3. Indeed, the scriptures are filled with confirmation of what you write—like the following (came across it yesterday):

    They go from strength to strength, [every one of them] in Zion appeareth before God.
    (Ps 84:7)

    Thank you again, and God bless.


  4. Great Show!

    Any way to get “CLICK HERE for UFO Briefing by Stewart Best” in a pdf?

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