So What’s The Point Of All Of This?


Have you ever had days where you wonder, what’s the point of all of this? That it hits home once in a while that not only cannot you please anyone at all, but that they are all after a big piece of your flesh because you displeased them? Even when it is totally out of your control? When you are in reality the victim, but you are made out to be the perpetrator? That you become the object of derision, and scorn; lies and innuendoes?

I remember a song by Ricky Nelson called a “Garden Party” in which he said something very wise in the end of it – you cannot please anyone in the end, so you might as well please yourself. So that is really where it is at. But then if you just please yourself, and do what you think is the right thing to do within your own heart, knowing your own personal circumstances, then you are WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG AGAIN, at least to those who do not like your decisions or choices. So what’s the point?

Do you suppose that Jesus had some thoughts like that? It seemed whatever He chose to do, there were plenty who did not like it, and made that abundantly clear to the point of murder. But in that case, not ours, there was a mission, an agenda, a rescue that He had in mind, but I guess no one wanted to be rescued, or very few, anyway  – but when His followers attempt to warn their fellow travelers, well, it almost comes to murder. Satan wins, only because we let him win. Satan causes strife, division and emotional upset. He feeds on it, loves it. Turmoil and chaos is the game. We let him do it – we distance ourselves, we make sure others are, well, in the way, so to speak.

So if someone said to you, “If I had known where you were going with this, I would have never gone along…” How would you interpret that comment? Think on it. Sort of like the Apostles must have thought, like Peter who said he was going fishing and left it all behind, or at least that is what he thought.

So what is the point of all of this? It has no point, for all is vanity, and vanity means NO POINT. But the Lord did leave us an escape to this NO POINT and VANITY, but few take it.

And once done, once you make the escape, you turn and look at a dying world, with dying people and you ask “What’s the point?” To them, THERE IS NO POINT, FOR ALL IS VANITY, but they don’t know that yet…

So then the Good Book says that certain folks did not think their souls worthy of salvation, and rejected all of it. As for me, I’m about done, I guess, because if you can’t please anyone at all, the Lord willing, I am going to please myself…

How say you?