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February 2, 2016


There seems to be some confusion out there as to what numbers and email is to be used to reach me or if anyone has questions regarding the Internet side of my ministry and the IT part of it.

All questions regarding Ebooks, Downloads, PDF’s, 3D Flip, Membership sites, Log Ins, Websites etc. should email me at, which is STILL THE ONLY EMAIL ADDRESS I HAVE OR EVER HAVE HAD, and if anyone has questions or needs to be talked through some problem encountered with ANY internet problem needs to call 1-715-309-2549 and ask for my IT contract specialist, who can walk anyone through their problems step by step if need be. Just wanted to clarify that. Thanks for  all of you and your kind and generous support in these last of the last and final days to help g et the REAL TRUTH out there. – Stewart





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