When Pontius Pilate confronted Jesus Christ, Pilate asked two very critical questions, and these two questions are the same ones that modern Christians should be asking today!


The modern Christians would of course say THEY KNOW WHO JESUS CHRIST IS. They would say He was their Messiah, and might add He was their redeemer as well. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

But notice KNOWING WHO Jesus is, is not the same at all of knowing WHAT JESUS IS. Pilate knew that standing before him was an enigmatic figure, something he had never encountered in all of his days – and that is why he asked Jesus WHAT ARE YOU? Pilate was not even sure WHO Jesus really was, let alone WHAT He was, and it bewildered him, so he washed his hands of it, turned Him back to His accusers.


The modern Christians have no real clue as to WHAT Jesus Christ is, and that because they refuse to IN TRUTH, TO GO TO HIM, that is, COME TO THE LIGHT, THE REAL LIGHT to find out WHAT JESUS IS, that is, WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF CHRIST, the INNER CHRIST, the SPIRITUAL CHRIST. Only then can they understand WHAT HE IS.


You may remember in the Good Book that Jesus said essentially the same thing to His followers, that they knew Him, but then turned right around and said they DID NOT know Him. Why is that?


They knew that He was the son of Joseph and Mary. They knew who He was because most likely that watched Him grow up. This is the FLESH JESUS, the WORLD JESUS. So when He turns around and says they DID NOT KNOW HIM, he is speaking of the INVISIBLE JESUS, the SOUL JESUS, the SPIRIT JESUS. That is, WHAT HE REALLY WAS, HIS INNER ESSENCE.


We have a simple equation here:



The modern Christian, laboring under the false doctrines of today, knows WHO he is, but cannot fathom or understand WHAT HE IS, because they never sought Him out to find out.  They had faith, they had belief, but they ignored His command to SEARCH HIM OUT, TO FIND HIM, TOO KNOW WHAT HE WAS. They have totally ignored what Jesus commanded that they do, and that was to see, ask, knock, labor and strive to UNLOCK THE GREATEST MYSTERY THE WORLD HAS EVEN KNOWN – THE MYSTERY OF DIVINE LOVE, THE MYSTERY OF WHAT JESUS IS!!


The Good Book says to the modern Christian that they have OVERLOOKED JUDGMENT AND LOVE. There is a reason for that comment. In order to understand WHAT Jesus Christ is, one must undergo the chastisement judgment of the Lord, for NO ONE CAN COME TO THE LORD without the whip of chastisement, otherwise the Bible clearly says they are (if without chastisement), bastard sons and daughter, illegitimate, not authentic sons and daughters.


They are the children who refused the strait gate and narrow way, which is the chastisement road of every true authentic Son of God. No one is exempt. Theology does not exempt you. Rationales do not exempt you. Going to church does not exempt you. Being a mother Teresa does not exempt you. NOTHING you are, nothing you do, nothing you believe exempts you. You either DO IT, or you are OUT and OUT FOR ETERNITY. Not my words, HIS.


Jesus sends these bastard sons and daughters away in Matthew Seven with a stern GET AWAY FROM ME, for He says HE DID NOT EXPERIENTIALLY KNOW THEM, and that is because they NEVER CAME TO HIM IN TRUTH, they never sought Him out, they refused to ask, seek, and knock.


Modern Christianity salvation doctrine is a bald faced lie, omitting the key essential element that Christ gave to us so we could KNOW WHAT HE IS as well as knowing WHO HE IS.


There is only one way to know WHAT Jesus Christ is, and that is to ENTER IN at the Strait Gate and walk the narrow way, for He says that LIFE is at the END OF THE NARROW WAY, and He is LIFE.


So then, how many people out there can truthfully answer they know WHAT HE IS? You cannot know what He is until and unless He reveals Himself to you. So the question of Pilate should also be the question of all of us: DO WE KNOW WHAT HE IS, or only WHO HE IS?


The difference is huge, the difference determines your eternal destiny.

“WHAT ARE YOU?” That question remains for us all when pondering the profound questions of life.