Technical Difficulties Of The Paranormal Kind



Night Shadows radio show appears to have been hacked most likely because of the posted discussion points Larry Taylor and I were going to talk about.

Many of the subjects are forbidden knowledge according to the elite powers that be, because they feel all of you all are simply too stupid to understand anything other than TV news and you do not need to know anything truthful for it might cause you to rise up against them.

We have rescheduled the show for tonight (1/30/2016), at 7PM for a two hour slot and hope this one will work for all who want to listen live. It will be posted in archives and on the NIGHT SHADOWS TWILIGHT membership area.

I am sorry that those who tuned in could not listen and blog talk radio cut us off  – Blog Talk Radio has some problems I understand and was told the weather there was stormy as well. Wonder why?  Sorry for the problems – will try again tonight PM at 7 central. We hope there are no ghosts in the machine.




3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties Of The Paranormal Kind

  1. PS – Regarding comments (or a scarcity thereof)…it might seem as if you are “preaching to the choir” much of the time, aside from a few here and there who may be new to, or, unfamiliar with, the way.

    It may feel as though there aren’t that many folks listening, or maybe some folks might like to comment, but aren’t sure what to say.

    To anyone reading this, I say, jump on in! It would be great to know what others think about the topics presented here, on the radio shows, etc.

    Thanks again for all you do.


  2. Great show, guys! I learned a lot of things I didn’t know prior to your discussion.

    My sincere thanks to Larry for his astute commentary, and to Stewart also – brilliant as always.

    You both, along with Cindy and Patti, have my most sincere gratitude for all you do in an effort to wake people up.

    God bless each and every one of you for bringing insight and sanity to this ball of confusion we call “Earth”.


  3. Thank you Stewart. It is really good to hear you and Larry on blog talk.
    Yes you two are right everyone is broke, overwhelmed and time is moving faster.
    Speaking about Art Bell he has a internet radio show Midnight in the desert was looking him up before your show.


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