A Trap Within A Trap

One dead, two wounded, and now the Fed’s are sealing off the area for their final assault. It is a trap within a trap and both sides are going to lose and lose big time.


Has it begun, or did it begin a long time ago back in 1933 or even before that? The Oregon stand-off was engineered by the BLM Fed’s by simply pushing people off their privately owned land in an outlandish criminal fashion. It was done in order to get them to resist in a manner that would allow all major media to paint good and honest folks as criminals, while the real criminals are portrayed as the “good guys” just doing their job enforcing the law.

But what is really going on is a lot different than what is being seen on the surface. This is really another example of the PSALM TWO war, a war between the super-rich, called in the Bible the “rich men”, and the middle and poor class are slated for destruction in a massive genocidal final “slaughter of the just”.

Behind the scenes are the New World Order boys and girls, hell bent to bring in their Utopian DREAM of a new Genesis, a New World, a re-wilded world with a global population of 500 million tops.  The United Nations, a communist, Marxist and Fabien socialist organization and its Agenda 21/30/50 is the driving force behind the government agencies like the BLM and National Park Service, the various DNR’s at the state level that have to do with what is really illegal government occupation of the lands across America.

The Feds have, in essence set a trap for the American people and are now attempting to start a grass roots revolution that they intend to squash with a violence not seen before on American soil. Make no mistake, this is a TRAP, A SNARE that the renegade US Government hopes the American people will walk into unawares. Exactly

While the vast majority of people are far more interested in the Super Bowl than their neighbors getting shot and killed, this will come home to roost on every doorstop in the United States. Soon, and very soon, there will be knocks on the door at 3:00 AM as the NWO storm troopers of every ilk join in on this final assault.

Unknown of course to the Feds, is that this is also their final demise. 2500 years ago it was written down and handed to us, and Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation told us all about what happened at 9-11, the Oklahoma Federal building, Randy Weaver, Waco, Sandy Hook, the open borders and many other things – one by one, situation by situation, push, push, usurp, usurp. Steal the rights away, crush the Bill of Rights, destroy the good and bring in the evil.

So the foolish and unwise government sets a trap for the American people, thinking that NO ONE SEES THEM. God sees them. And He has set a trap for the United States government, its military, its police forces, the United Nations and the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. This trap will also be sprung upon an unsuspecting group of leaders and rulers. They will not only die in this trap, they will spend an eternity in a horrific place that they never could have dreamed was set up just for them. They have but one escape, and it is unlikely they will take it.

The United States Government has become a Judas, a betrayer of their own people, and for their 30 pieces of silver will, as he did, go to a “special place” for their high treason. It is a TRAP within a TRAP, and any government personnel who have any brains left will VACATE their positions, their uniforms before it is too late.

The dye has been cast. The lines have been drawn. America is going down. Everyone reading this is caught in this TRAP WITHIN A TRAP even if they don’t believe, but they soon will.



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