Oblivious To Being Oblivious



Why the Oregon standoff may well be some sort of implanted false flag, it is clear it is all designed, as was Oklahoma City, to paint the “patriots” as idiots to the unthinking masses while the real truths behind it lay buried in the dust.

The BLM is totally corrupt and a criminal operation, so what else is new in regards to government agencies totally out of control? Is the BLM willfully attempting to start an armed revolution? Most likely, as they are burning up fences, buildings, cattle and doing untold damage to ranches to drive them off their lands. All filmed, all proven to be true but who cares? Evil cometh because good people allow it.
The BLM, like other such agencies, is actually engaged in the treason of implementing the United Nations Agenda 21/30 lawlessly. It is that simple. That is the foundation upon all of this rests. All of this is instigated by the communist/Marxist/socialist United Nations, the modern tower of Babel, where its leaders worship a stone in the meditation room.

The America people lost their constitution a long time ago actually, and what is happening in Oregon is a set-up, using nice people, using people who really do love their country and who want nothing but to be left alone and justice to prevail. Media flips it via its propaganda machine so that no matter what these folks do, it is all against them, and the beginning to label good honest folks as domestic terrorists. This has been coming for a long time when the FBI released their Southern Poverty Center guided Project Megiddo report.
The Bible speaks about the people of CNN/FOX/NBC etc. as “those who love to make lies”, and their fate is not at all pleasant.
How is justice going to prevail when you have a totally corrupt judiciary? Sheriff Departments sold out to the Feds and UN? Media that only knows how to spin lies, and cover over the real facts? America must die, folks, and there is no way around it, as all of this is part and parcel to the Judgment of the Lord against a godless nation just as Deuteronomy said thousands of years ago! How does a nation expect to survive when it has collectively turned its back upon its creator that blessed them?
Fallen humanity is still fallen humanity, and there is only one way to escape that as well, but no one wants to hear about it anymore, so why bother? The salvation gospel of today is such a horrific joke it is amazing that modern Christians are unable to see it for what it is! Nothing could be more obvious, nothing could be more in YOUR FACE OBVIOUS, yet they are OBLIViOUS.
What the government and masses of people do not understand is all of this was foretold thousands of years ago in the Good Book under the heading of prophecy against the United States, AKA Babylon The Great. People ought to read it sometime so they know why they are prisoners of Agenda 21/30/ Homeland Security, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm ad nauseam. Seems like they will have plenty of time in their local FEMA jails to catch up on this sort of thing.
It is what it is, and it must go down as the Good Book said it must. The governments, now totally out of control say “who sees us?” Thinking that all of their evil plans, done in secret are not known, but in reality have been known for thousands of years. There is one that sees it all, warned it was coming, and it is now here falling upon the apostates of America/Babylon.
I was amazed at so few people commented on my last post Oblivious, for very few people ever speak of infringement or even seem to know that the definition of it actually is. It is not just the 2nd Amendment, it is the entire Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution itself!! The American people are soon going to come face to face with a tyranny unlike anything ever seen before, far worse than Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others of their ilk. Having their rights all gone, faced with torture and death camps for all that protest, it is the horrific end of a once noble concept, destroyed by the people themselves, including of course, its leaders.
The end of America-Babylon is now close at hand. Protests and cries to the contrary will not alter it in any was shape or manner. Her fate is written in the stars and will not change. When America goes because of high treason within, nuclear attacks from without, and she falls, the other nations of the world fall as well, and then the end comes.
“Alas, Alas, we would have healed Babylon, but she would not be healed.”


Cry for Babylon, weep and wail for her, for her sins have reached into the heavens…the stench of her vileness has ignited a wrath against her, and down she comes, with a mighty thud. Alas for Babylon, such a great nation, the hammer of the whole Earth has come to naught… How could it be? Alas, thou art caught, Oh Mighty Babylon, thou are caught when thou was not aware…
Our leaders, our rulers and authorities will wish they had never been born. Unaware of the snare laid down against them, they are walking into it OBLIVIOUS and they will be caught. Perhaps at that time, Obama and all his minions will become aware of what the word infringement actually does mean…


“Here lies the body of the US of A
Who died defending its right OF way…
It was right, dead right, as it sped along,
But it’s just as dead, as if it were wrong…”

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