You Won’t Believe It – The Babble Of Babel

As the Earth moves ever closer to nuclear war and total chaos all by design of “Mystery”, it does have a clear cut end result – OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER. And out of ORDER comes UNITY, and out of UNITY comes the New World, the Golden Age, the utopia of mankind.


The move towards the  UNITY of Man goes back to the Tower of Babel and ONE LANGUAGE. “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be…” Hence the move of the United Nations to unite the human race into one overall cohesive unit – but the Bible says it will not work, and totally falls apart.


2016 IS GOING TO BE A YEAR OF HUGE CHANGE FOR THE WORLD BUT ESPECIALLY HERE IN AMERICA. Our new Ebook “THE BABBLE OF BABEL” will hep you understand why and how  this “Change” movement is in the middle of it all.


THE BABBLE OF BABEL really is about mankind’s religious attempts to explain God and make Him understandable and why they are a total failure, because how do you explain the explainable?


If one reads Scripture, it is God’s attempt to reveal Himself to mankind via Jesus Christ, and the Bible is a book about a VERY SPECIFIC TYPE OF LOVE, far beyond what humanity considers to be love.

The religions of the world are all going to be united in this last great attempt at rebellion against God, but it will appear to be the “way, truth and the light”. It is a gateway to hell.

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“THE BABBLE OF BABEL” explains the vast difference between religion and the real truth Christ brought with Him. It explains WHY mankind refuses the CROSS and opt for “religion” rather than a NEW HEART in DIVINE LOVE.



Here is a link for your free copy of our new Ebook release of “BABBLE OF BABEL”, to help everyone understand the call of unity out of the chaos of war, ruin and death, and why it is a DECEPTION.








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5 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe It – The Babble Of Babel

  1. Thank you for allowing us all to have the gift of a free copy of your new e-book release of “Babble of Babel”. It is very well-researched and put together, filled with information everyone would benefit from learning.

    I recommend that anyone who is interested in what’s going down in our country and in the world today would do well to invest in a Night Shadows Twilight Membership. The quality and quantity of information available there is excellent, and even though I have been on the Way for over 20 years, there is always something new for me to learn there, which leads me into studying the Bible even more.

    The Lord laid it all out there, in His word, thousands of years ago, if people would take the time to search it out. You do a great job of presenting the fatcs about what is happening in our world today, and showing where proof can be found in the Bible.


  2. Enjoyed “The Babble of Babel.” Thank you.

    It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. (Prov 25:2)

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