They Never Showed

I HAD A DATE FOR New Years Eve
She said she would love to be with me
But something happened. She never showed…
I was left alone

My Father set a date for my wedding
And many people RSVP’d and said
We would love to be with you at the wedding
But something happened, they never showed…
I was left alone

My Word said COME UNTO ME,
And I offered to take their burden away
They said they would come
But something happened, they never showed
I was left alone

So then I warned them that at their death
I would be there if they did as I said
And they said they would,
But something happened, and so they died




5 thoughts on “They Never Showed

  1. As always Stewart a simple yet POWERFUL message. I am trying to make myself ready to be at the wedding. To be counted worthy to escape what is coming. While I hear fireworks and celebrating of a False reality, a grand delusion being executed, an unseen illusion hidden behind a deadly lie, I shake my head and pray. Because there are many who are attendees to various invitation type events tonight, that are CLUELESS of the GREATEST INVITATION EVER, THE WEDDING OF A LIFETIME that YOU’RE WARNING, REMINDING AND ALERTING THE FEW OF US who are awake and listening and RSVPING about. Thank you Stewart for your diligence.

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  2. People only see whats in front of them. they only think the material world is all there is. you just cant tell them. Even when they attend church. They just don’t get it. It’s so frustrating, and frightening sadness.

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