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I Will Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do That! – (Meatloaf)
It is so interesting to me that the human race says they will do ANYTHING for LOVE, or TO BE LOVED, but they won’t do that – that of course, being PICK UP THY CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. And so it is that TRUE love FOREVER eludes them.
Would you go up to a cold wood stove and demand that it give you heat? You would, of course, build a FIRE WITHIN IT before it will give you heat. Love is like that. Really like that, because you cannot demand TRUE LOVE from a fallen race because they don’t have any. IT IS NOT THERE. It is not PART OF THEIR NATURE.
The only one who has the WOOD TO IGNITE TRUE LOVE is Jesus Christ, and one must go to Him via the strait gate and narrow way to obtain their supply of ignited wood. Otherwise NO TRUE LOVE can exist in that person, only the fallen love types of humanity, which, by the way, can and often do mimic True Divine Love.
In our just released ANGEL FALL, you will hear one demonic entity tell how it faked a “conversion” in a girl when she went forward in a church to receive Christ. The demon calls her stupid and hates her with a venomous hatred.
The fall of humanity was real, and it took away this ONE THING that everyone wants and looks for but can never find – PURE TRUE LOVE. It is known by everyone alive, even if not on a conscious level – it is still known. SOMETHING IS WRONG.
There is something missing within. Something is wrong, something is not quite right, but I cannot put my finger on it. Ah, yes, TRUE LOVE. So what is it? Pilate asked that question to Jesus who stood before him. What ARE YOU?

Do you see? PURE TRUE LOVE STOOD BEFORE PILATE but he could not recognize it. It was such a foreign thing, such as UNKNOWN thing that Pilate was dumbfounded. “WHAT ARE YOU?”. Consider it, for it is a most STRANGE question to ask of this lone figure. But there is an answer to it.

The FALL OF MAN severed any and all recognition of what TRUE LOVE REALLY IS. We lost it at the fall. It does not reside within. The LOVE TYPES OF MAN now are badly damaged, almost unrecognizable when compared to TRUE DIVINE LOVE. In point of fact mankind HATES DIVINE LOVE, and refuses to acknowledge it is LOVE, but rather now blatantly calls it bigoted, intolerant, hateful and evil, when in REALITY, the LOVE TYPES OF MAN are the ones that are intolerant, bigoted and hateful, so hateful and used to manipulate others, and so EVIL that Jesus Christ compared our love for our children as EVIL.
These are they that REFUSE TO COME TO THE LIGHT, but rather love darkness and do not want to be judged by the light of Divine Agape. They want love, they desperately want LOVE but REFUSE TO COME TO THE LIGHT, the only way the Good Book says we can FIND IT. They will not COME TO CHRIST. The POOR LOST CHRISTIAN believes in Christ, has faith in Christ, but refuses to COME TO CHRIST to have their deeds reproved.

The Lord made an interesting comment when He said that His People should not have overlooked Judgment and love – these are those of the faith only crowd.
“I will do anything for love, but I WILL NOT DO THAT…

I WILL NOT pick up my cross and die the death.
I WILL NOT enter into any STRAIT GATE or NARROW WAY, for it is not necessary, all I need to do is have faith and believe.
I WILL NOT ask, seek knock, strive or search for GOD’S KINGDOM.

And so the hidden secret of the Lord eludes them forever…and forever…



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  1. I will do it. I am doing it. It’s been a long, hard road, but no matter. I’m with Simon Peter:

    “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”

    There is nowhere else for me.


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