As the world plunges into the New World Order, the Christians appear more and more comatose and in deep denial. What happened on 9-23-2015 was of SUCH MAJOR IMPORTANCE that the Lord Himself took note of it in many different ways. The IX XI Code is now in full swing, and what is to come upon the Christians is too horrific to contemplate. Yet the Christian slumber on.

The gainsayers are out in force, but it makes me wonder what sort of heart they have when they are disappointed that some asteroid did not hit the oceans and wipe out millions of people, or that Manhattan did not get blown to pieces with millions dead and dying. There really is something very wrong and very sick with today’s so-called Christians. There is more love in a BAR than in any Church these days.

The time has come for me, anyway, to pull the plug on the freeloaders and those that simply want everything handed to them on a silver platter, the entitled ones! I am all done with them. Evidently my material is worthless to them, so why should I bother wasting my time on it? Would you? The great spiritual night is now here, the truth is totally unwanted, and the lies abound and the Lord’s people not only love to have it so, they support it to the tune of millions of dollars.

So I am not going to be wasting any more time with freebie material because I have to earn a living like everyone else, and the free distribution has put me into such major debt that I cannot justify it anymore. I can count on ONE HAND those who support us, and they will CONTINUE to receive my material as always, but the rest of you, NO WAY. I hear all kinds of excuses, but it really is a matter of priorities, not lack of funds.

People cannot seem to even give $1.00 then they do not deserve any further consideration nor will they get any from this time forward. I wrote a blog concerning this some time ago and lots of people commented on how the Lord’s servant was indeed worthy of his hire, but not one dollar ever came in!!!

The same will soon be true of NIGHT SHADOWS, it will not be available except by subscription except for a few special shows. Instead, those that do support us will have access to all Prophetic Insiders, FutureScapes, Earth Whispers, Special Reports, Special Audio Updates, Video Reports and steep discounts for all books and documentaries. If not enough  people join up, I will close down the ministry except for Best Global Report and Borderlands. It is what it is. I will post a log in for those interested.

The Lord commands that the true servant of the Lord is worthy of his hire, but that means nothing to today’s Christians, who claim to be Christians, who claim they stand upon every word of the Bible, yet totally disobey the Lord in so many areas it leaves one speechless.

They have money for TV, potato chips, popcorn, movies, high-speed internet, and trivia, and  would not ever think of going to their boss and saying they would work for nothing for 3 months, but they demand the same from ministries such as mine, and such hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed but I will not and cannot deal with people like that anymore. Time to fish or cut bait. Time to realize the awful truth or die and go into ruin. No more sitting on the fence. One way or the other. Simple, like everything else. THE NIGHT IS NOW HERE, but most do not even know it.

So it is what it is, IT IS OBVIOUS PEOPLE DO NOT WANT, NOR CAN THEY HANDLE THE real truth, nor want to, in any way, to support those trying to help them understand what is happening right in front of them. So bye-bye for now I have some tent making I have to do.

I you think this is harsh, just wait for the judgment of the Lord. Been there, done that, and HARSH is not the word. Gentle, but oh so terribly harsh and direct. No wiggle room there, and no wiggle room here either. Gotta feed the family some way, some how.

I wish to take this time to thank every single one of you that has donated to help. Even those who gave who should not have, no matter how small, out of the goodness of their heart. We are going through the list and all of you will CONTINUE to get my materials. Thanks to you we have been able to continue, but times have changed and the so-called Christians surely have changed.

Signing off –



  1. Stewart,
    When I wrote, “Can you quit being quite so fond of yourself?”, I wasn’t speaking of you, but of me and those that are still lost. That comment hit me hard the 1st time I heard it several years ago. My friend and I who heard it on a tape together laughed so hard because it was so true and, it applied to both of us! So far, I’ve gotten 2 thumbs up, and 3 thumbs down – so I guess my “spiritual 2×4 must be working.” LOL

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  2. I think there is a line to be considered here by the Christians, one Commandment of Jesus:

    Mt 5:42
    Give to him que asketh thee, and from him would borrow of thee que turn not thou away.


    • Então, João, você trabalhar de graça, ou você esperar para ser pago para o seu trabalho? Agora, João, aqui estão algumas escrituras para você ler: 2 Tessalonicenses 3: 7-10, 1 Coríntios 9: 9-14, Lucas 10: 7, Filipenses 4: 16-19 e Atos 6: 2.A pastor deveria ser pago pela igreja com um salário justo. Se você não pagar seus pastores, as chances são de que eles se desviar com outros trabalhos, a fim de pagar as contas. Lembre-se, um trabalhador é digno do seu salário!




    Is this the proper email to reply to your ministry?

    I have purchased some things from you in the past, not sure which name, I think Keenan….

    I would be interested in the continued receipt your material.

    What does that entail, the price and the names of the posts?

    I heard you in the discussion with Steve Taylor on Stan Deo and enjoyed the show.

    Please respond regarding remaining a recipient.

    So sorry the Christian community is dumming down so low at this critical time….

    TKS and PTL,


    Sent: Friday, September 25, 2015 at 1:17 PM

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  4. Sorry to read your post, but I understand why you wrote it.
    Please know that, while I am relatively new to your writings, I am grateful and learned from them. I do agree that we have entered into some dark times and that 9-23 was a turning point, even if unseen, unknown by most for what it was.
    While few have chosen, or been able to support your site; know that it has been appreciated. Reasons for not supporting it certainly vary, but for some who live outside of the USSA, it is not easy, or possible.
    Gracias, vaya con Dios y viva Christo Rey


  5. Stewart, I love your work. I just finished reading America-Babylon. Excellent. It’s distressing how much of the entire world is distracted and has no interest in Gd, indeed believes G-d is a myth. I cannot say “thank you” too much for your efforts. StepheN

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  6. We’re not talking about rocket science here folks.

    Yes, one has to strive in order to enter the Strait Gate, but the rest is about admission, like buying a ticket to the movies that admits you into the theater, and you have to learn how to surrender too. There was a drowning man once who wouldn’t let go of this 100 lb. rock he was holding.. But he wouldn’t let go of that rock because it was “his” rock!.. Just surrender. whatever it is you’re still holding onto and just let go of it and surrender it so that it can no longer be an obstacle to you on your way to the New Life,… and just keep going…keep going just for the h**l of it, and just see what happens!

    Recall that old hymn, “I Surrender All”? What does that mean to you? Just simply do it..

    Surrender in order to win! Yes, I know that make no sense to most of you. But just do it for the sake of doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT for a change..! You can always go back to doing it the way you always have. Right?

    There was also another man who was hanging off the edge of a 200 ft. cliff, just barely hanging on by the roots of an old tree. He was saying the old “jail house” prayer: “Lord I’ll do anything you ask of me if you’ll just save me from this!” A voice came down from Heaven and said “Just let go and I WILL save you!” The man then said, ” Is there anyone else up there?”

    Can you quit being quite so fond of yourself?

    Yes it is hard and difficult, and there were many obstacles along the way. So much revelation, pain and suffering, I couldn’t do it alone, but it was worth the price of the ticket, and worth the trip. So? So – what? But this supernatural death was painless for me. I remember seeing my dead body on that cross I had carried and feeling NOTHING; I was dead!!. But if a guy like me, and I’m a sinner, can do this, then anyone can do it!

    Just “Let go and let God.” Simple but not easy. Do it if you count your soul worth saving. But if you don’t…well then consider AND suffer the consequences

    It works! -It really works!! Boy does it work!!! You’ll become A Son of God, or A Daughter of God. He Loves you. Yes, He means YOU, & you’ll never be so happy in your whole life!!!!!!!
    Over and out-

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  7. Stewart, Thank you for all the time and work you’ve put in. I too am a blogger and book writer. I’ve cobbled together many pieces and with little money to promote them I have little response. The world doesn’t hate us. They’re just too busy watching television and all the distractions. Getting people’s minds out of distractions is difficult. It seems only their sincere prayers and the world of the Holy Spirit can move them out of a constant desire to rub bodies or monetary notes together and think about something else.

    I’ve been to and checked for your new domain not much doing there yet…..

    I’m going to keep on looking. Just remember the ancient prophets didn’t have much fun either, but they did their work anyway. Sometimes we do it for God, for others or for ourown spiritual development.

    I’ll continue looking for you.



  8. Stewart, I was just catching up on some of the replies from folks here and I must say…they are very wonderful. (Almost all).
    These are just a “few” of the folks that are searching for Christ’s revelation. The ones who’s eyes are open and with your help from God, we understand so much more. As we have gotten into The Lord’s word as He said “continue” and the confirmation of your words in his Holy Word and your encouragement, we are leaps and bounds farther than we may realize. “We” are not the supporters YOU ARE!!! If I could just give you financially what you give me spiritually (support), your home and property could not contain it!!!
    We are all here to raise your name up to The Lord. And there is NO ONE that can stop that!!!

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  9. Things DID happen on 9/23… MAJOR and significant things. Those who were watching for “meteors” to know if 9/23 was significant are ridiculous. That is for the GREAT TRIB period beginning. The period of time to watch is not JUST 9/23… but 9/23-9/30. 9/23 begins the week. And HUGELY significant things occurred to start the week! Obama – that devil – and the pope antichrist false prophet shook hands at 9:23 ET on 9/23. If anyone cannot see the meaning of that handshake… well, they wanted an EARTHQUAKE in the natural rather than to see the REALITY of what happens in the spirit realm and the political/religious/economic realm of earth related. THAT WAS IT! That was a “sealing of the deal” when those 2 shook hands in that manner on 9/23 at 9:23.

    If people think that is not significant… and they thought there would be meteors on 9/23… what were they thinking??

    They want to see things in the NATURAL because they cannot perceive what happened right before their eyes?? Ridiculous. Sad. Sadly ridiculous.

    I sent you money for when there were health issues with your wife. I cancelled a subscription to another ministry. I have real cautions about things you say about atonement… but perhaps you are one of those Christians who think it rests on our flesh and we have to “Keep repenting!” or we are not saved… and you say it in your own way. It really causes me concern… but I will give you the benefit of the doubt regarding your stand. (I have to pray about such things.)

    I will send you the $15/month subscription I was giving to another ministry that I had to separate from because they attacked me… though they really are a wonderful ministry… they just don’t think God has the power God has. 🙂

    Well, I just cancelled that subscription and will subscribe to you for the $15/month. It is not as if I have deep pockets. I do not. I am a ministry and I give away all my works for free as well… and I live on donations then.

    I will do this “just because”… though I am concerned about some things you say about salvation resting on man rather than Jesus and His blood… you are wrong. But many Christians are wrong on such points… and I cannot say as of yet you are not a Christian… but it really does concern me when you say such things.

    Your information is very good. I don’t read it all the time… but will support your production of the info.

    Love in Jesus,

    Laura Lee


    • I have only preached all of what He said, all I have done is to repeat verbatim exactly what He said concerning salvation. It has nothing to do with the flesh, as He Himself said, “These things I say unto you are Spirit, the flesh profits nothing.” The strait gate and narrow way are things HE COMMANDS of us, that is our part, to TRUELY ENTER IN.

      You must FIRST believe that God is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him out. Hebrews. Jesus said the same thing – SEEK, ASK, STRIVE, LABOR for the meat that endures to ETERNAL LIFE. All His words, none of mine.

      I walked the narrow way unto death, into the PIT OF DEATH. I sat in the lowest room, and waited until He came to me and said “Friend, come up higher”. I met Jesus face to face, and He showed me the ONE AND THE ONLY reason why everyone born is under condemnation and goes into ruin if they do not do as He commanded. HIS WORDS, not mine.

      There is but ONE condemnation. There is but ONE way out. His words. not mine.

      He said that anyone hearing His words and did not do them was foolish and in the day of judgment their house would be destroyed. Anyone who heard His words and DID THEM was wise and would withstand the judgment of God. HIS WORDS, not mine.

      I have never asked anyone EVER to believe me, but rather, go to God as a little child, read what He said and DO IT. That’s all I have ever preached for the last 30 years. I do not know why that concerns you because the Lord is the one who said all of these things, all I do is point it out. It is what it is, and it says what it says.

      Just wanted to be clear on that, because a lot of folks think I teach something not Scriptural when it is – all the way. If there was no STRAIT GATE or NARROW WAY, it would not be the Words of Our Lord. But it is there, over and over, and said in many different ways to people cannot miss it, unless they have a religious spirit and are blinded to the simple truth.

      PICK UP THY CROSS, FOLLOW ME. Jesus went to Calvary, and we have to follow Him there. I did, it was painful, horrific, but the light on the other side is glorious beyond all comprehension or words. Thanks for writing, and thanks for your support.

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    • If you were referring to me, yes I am aware of those things you mentioned. I was just talking about a nuke or major meteor strike or the blowing of the Hoover dam. It doesn’t mean they weren’t going to happen. The Lord for some reason said not yet. But those things you did mention yes they happened and that is bad enough. I am glad millions did not perish. I also dread to think of what Russia, Iran, China, and possibly North Korea is going to do to us soon. I know Russia nukes us and maybe China and the rest will join them as an invading force. If you weren’t talking to me I apologize, I know that there was a person being rude. Just take this as a friendly chat. You probably already know about what I mentioned anyway. I am glad people on this site are awake or waking up. We can only talk of these things between ourselves because the world is asleep. I am glad to have people like Stewart and Larry Taylor, Augusto Perez, Stan Deyo and Steve Quayle that post real news. Not trying to knock Steve Quayle he brings a lot to the table. I wish he would understand regular people or people on a limited income cannot afford to buy gold and silver as a lot of his articles focus on. When things get bad and people hunker down who is going to think about trading anyway. When the mark comes around gold and silver will be useless unless you have the mark. Just my opinion, I am not asking anyone to believe me on the gold and silver subject.


      • Just a comment. I thought Laura might have been talking to me, but she may have been replying to the person giving Stewart a hard time. On my computer it looks like I was talking to Stewart but the top part was for Laura and the gold and silver stuff was for whoever wanted to read it. Just another quick thought. If the stock market goes to zero like some have said that would make gold and silver worthless along with all stocks. If I had the money and could choose buying gold and silver or more food and water, I would pick food and water every time. Again just my opinion. I am not an economic expert.


  10. Hi Stewart. Just here to address the naysayers. Stewart said to be watchful of certain dates that the occult might be about to do something. He went on to say nothing might happen. Just because certain things didn’t happen does not mean they were not planned, God might have delayed them at the last minute. If you listened to what the Pope said and what Ban Ki Moon announced, it was a new world order. I myself am concerned with the October time frame. I know certain things are going to happen and with my carnal mind I think the sooner it starts the sooner we can get it over with. If we are here for the whole thing and are protected or He removes us not to long into the tribulation I cant be sure. But I am sure there is no pre trib rapture. Probably going to be a fake rapture soon to fool the masses. Also on Stewart asking for donations…what church has anyone gone to that has not passed the donation plate out? Do they not rely on donations? Just my two cents.Stewart I will be sending you a donation soon.


  11. Last and final blood moon on Tabernacles. FEAST OF REJOCING! during a tetrad, the “event” concerning Israel always happened before the last blood moon.


  12. Stewart, you were the first person and now one of the only who told me I could read my Bible myself and the Holy Spirit would teach me, not a man. You never ask anyone to believe you, but to go find it themselves, if they feel drawn to look. I thank God for your time and help these years and sending us a brother who can help put all these things together for us. Thank you Cindy and Patti. My mom and I keep you all in prayer, God bless you in Jesus name. with love from Erin

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    • Erin, if that was your testimony I heard on Borderlands, then I want to say THANK YOU so much for sharing it. It gave me such hope, and helps me as I continue on the narrow way to find life in Jesus. Again, thank you. God bless you in Jesus’ name. :o)


  13. Thank you Stewart and the gang for all you do and have done thus far. My husband and I know that without your ministry we would be like most blind and comatose unaware of what lies ahead or is lurking in the dark. We are grateful and do not take for granted what you all do and will continue to be supportive.God bless you all.

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  14. Hello Stewart, This is Michiel from Georgia. I have just about all of your material more than once. I have always given prayer and petition for the well being and protection of the rare ministry as yours. I have been an avid Supporter since 1996. I have grown by leaps and bounds, and have shared your God given ministry with so many even one time when my life was threatened at one Congregation. The Lord actually warned me via a dream vision through the Lady that he was calling out of the Broad Way Congregation. That was to me quite adventerous. The Lord is a reader of the motives of the heart so it doesn’t matter what we say with our lips. He knows… The things that you have been given from above in your work stands unique to me. As for as the Strait Gate and the Narrow Way, as it was given to you by the Spirit of Christ and how we are all most miserable and the real cost to find Life Eternal. I have yet to find being taught in any Congregation in these 20 years. I have seen disgust, name calling, unbelief and all of the above except for the really lost Sheep that He has called out.

    I just wanted to say. I am so thankful and greatful for your truthful ministry. As far as the timing of the Lord’s arrival. He commanded all of us to watch and pray The deceptions and snares of my own black heart has been quite an eye opener. The most sobering lesson about the Way is that when it comes to salvation, unless one really come as a child and convert with a clear self examination and the obedience of searching. We have no power of in the process of getting salvation of ourselves. We come ot realize just how Sovereign the Lord God really is in this granting process… I really don’t know him and that is frightening to me and I have no clue where I am on this journey. I just hope to be counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man to escape the weeping and knashing of teeth that awaits the disobedient…

    Mat 24:42
    Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

    Mat 24:43
    But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

    Mat 24:44
    Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

    Mat 24:45 ¶
    Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?

    Mat 24:46
    Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

    Mat 24:47
    Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.

    Mat 24:48
    But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming;

    Mat 24:49
    And shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;

    Mat 24:50
    The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,

    Mat 24:51
    And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Luk 21:35

    For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    Luk 21:36

    Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

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  15. Hello Stewart, Shirley here. Doesn’t matter that you are taking things off your work list or charging. We will continue.
    As for the complainer…well lets just say, better you than me. The love and “spirit” the Lord has put into you as He said He does has certainly allowed you to answer him nicely, as for me, I’m not where you are just yet, so I am thinking The Lord would of had to cause me to lose my computer or phone to cause me NOT to reply to such selfish greedy and the me, me, me attitude. (Obviously, The Lord is still working on me). Each week I look forward to the tapes, prophetic insiders when they come and other very supportive info to US.
    We’ll always be there if you need us.

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  16. Dear Stew,
    I’ve bet the farm all on this ministry, you, Cindy, Patti. No one and no one else. I must admit though that you may not always be the first, but that you will always be the last when all else has failed, if you catch my drift.
    I heard a story told one time about a man who asked a friend,”Should I give to the Lord a gross amount or a net amount of my income?”, and the friend replied,”That all depends; do you want a gross blessing or a net blessing from the Lord?”
    You are the most important and influential man in the world to me! It took me over 19 years to find you and you are not getting away from me that easily! I often wonder what it would be like to move north to Menomonie, Boyceville or wherever, just to be a helping hand for the ministry. The more I think about it, the more I want to; and so I wait on the Lord for that “bright green light” to come to me, and “That Light” is already becoming brighter and greener. I don’t know what I could possibly do for you, but don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep one day and say, “I’m here to stay, as long as you need me.”
    Hardly a day goes by it seems now where I don’t have an opportunity, albeit somewhat sneaky at times, to mention your name, and suggest to someone that they ought to “check you out.” I always try to leave it in the form of an unanswered question, so that it creates that unique state of “curiosity or imminence” in their minds. When I tell them my testimony most think I’m either bragging, lying, want some sort of preferential treatment, blow me off, ridicule me, think I’m a simpleton, and go on in their slumber.
    I don’t guess this kind of “sharing” works; maybe I should try instead of hitting someone over the head with that “spiritual 2″x 4″ ?” That always works for me whenever the Lord thinks I need one! There are always things that I can do without. The Lord has exceedingly blessed me. Why?? So that I could be a good steward of His money; even though that has not always been the case. I still fall prey and into temptation to that sin of greed, selfishness , or deserving of some kind of “preferential treatment”; but it never seems to occur to me with enough force until after the fact. Bummer!!!
    You are well aware by now that I could go on & on, and-I usually do. But you my dear friend and I will be on the same flight. The only difference being that your seat is in first class and mine will be in economy!
    With all of His unmerited Love and appreciation.

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  17. i too stewart am sorry that when i could i did not send anything. and of the past i could not. but i am sending something and put it in the mail one hour ago. sorry it wont be much. but a dollar is better than nothing. four years ago someone introduced me to your sight. you have shown me so much and i have grown through you and cindy and patti. each day the hightlight of my time is getting on here to see if you posted anything, i look forward to night shadows.. hope i can send more later. it isnt much, hope you keep sending me anything you can, even night shadows if nothing esle. may the lord bless you my dear friend. and i hope we see each other on the other side. sending all of my love and letting you know even though what i have gotten has been free, it has been a life send, and very appreciated

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  18. a ”good man is worthy of his hire” versus ”freely ye have received so freely give” =
    i guess if your receives wages you become a HIRELING…. yet….. The Lord will always PROVIDE for those who are His.
    The christian system has been in vogue for 2000yrs, wih bible study, prophecies, vast creeds and numerous ministries, with sining hymns sunday schools, and overseas missions to the heathen lost and during this whole 2000 yrs of ”christian fruits” NOT ONE MINISTRY HAS EVER REPRODUCEDA IN WORD NOR DEED THE DIVINE MINISTRYA OF THE SAVIOUR.
    yes, here are millions of christians but where are the CHRISTS,?

    Please…dont play on us….. THE BLAME GAME card…..
    its the fruit of a carnal minded powerless christian…because the original Adam pulled out the same tricky card BLAMING God and eve for his flawed thinking.
    UNLESS one has the true ministry of CHRIST with all its divine fruits…what is the point of this whole useless exercise?
    yes you can go sulk in a corner and suck your fingers and say ”woe is me”’ = please do it because that is expected and exsctly what a christless man does. or… you can stand up and actually BE part of the FEW who find eternal life..


    • Quick to judge, no play here, either support or go away. Simple – go away please, and lay the blame somewhere else. You folks are freeloaders, pure and simple, and you don’t like to be called oput on it. As to knowing the Lord, I entered the strait gate, walked the narrow way, met Jesus Christ face to face and have no fear of Him not supporting me – but I am all done with people like you who freeload. It is what itr is, and your opinion means NOTHING to me, and you can call me carnal, call me Donald, call me anything you want – have you gone to your boss and told him you would work for a full year FREE? iF NOT, LEAVE ME ALONE PLASE, AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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      • exact the response of a carnal minded man…..
        thank you for proving my point.
        IF you had met Jesus you would not be as you are today I.E.sour and bitter and a blamer rather silly and stuborn and without agape alove. [agape love has NO conditions to it]
        Actually a man without any of his ”prophecies” ever coming to pass….you made a living on ”hey this might happen” and when it never did YOU TURN VERY BITTER and blame others.
        hello CARNALITY….
        Oh FORGET this saviour you meet, it was obviously a countefeit,,,

        BYE LOSER.
        you helped no one but let them down when the going go tuff….

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      • I am so happy you are so happy and Christ Like spiritual and all of that sort of thing. But you have no idea of my work all of thrse years, of all what has been given away and given out and still is. You kust don;t like bein called out and it is obvious. So your “spirituality is a fraud, and if I were you I would really examine yourself, and pull the log out of your own eye before you judge others. It seems you have a religious spirit. Anyhow, so long, and if anyone is bitter, it is not me. It is what it is, and I have to feed the family, regardless of your viewpoints. – Loser

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    • Claire, This sad, misguided and ignorant talk. Stewart is simply stating a truth and you call it a blame game. Consider yourself warned and examine yourself as others are before throwing stones. There are some of us who have been and still are being tremendously blessed by this ministry and pray for Stewart to be able to keep us informed so we can still share with our families or the few who will listen. So, do yourself a favor and go away and take your fraudulent information with you. It is not welcomed or needed. We are in a pivotal time and you are trying to be a distraction, but know a day will come when you will beg or wish for the information God gives through this ministry.

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  19. The night cometh when no man can work. John 9:4 I guess were there. I wish I could work. I’ve been so sick this past year that I can’t even think about looking for work (not that there’s any out there). Just about gone thru all of our savings. It’s all slipping away. Don’t have the energy to even walk the dogs most days. And if I do it takes everything out of me.
    It’s like a slow death, horrible. Even so, Come Lord Jesus, Come. Literally I mean. I’ve been seeking for so long and yet still in the low room… Times running out. Thanks Stewart for helping us all along The Way. I’ve read Dark Light. See the truth of it. But can’t seem to get there from here. Not gonna give up though. What choice do I have? As Peter said, “Where would we go Lord? You have the keys of life.” I’ll close with my most fervent prayer, “Lord have mercy”.

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    • I’ve been on the Way for over 20 years, Billy; I’m still in the pit as well. Please keep pushing on, watching, waiting, praying. I will, too. My husband and I are in serious debt also with no savings, both of us in need of surgery and me in need of major dental work and treatment for severe anemia, but in the end none of that will matter. We both know what does. Praying for you and your family, including your dogs. :o) JESUS LOVES YOU! He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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  20. I have personally learned, and gained so much from your information over the years. I am truly thankful for setting my feet on the path to understanding, and washing away the false ways I had grown up to believe.
    Thank you, and Cindy for all the hard work you both do. I know that you had hip surgery in the past year, and Cindy has had surgery, and still is not in the best of health. I pray for the both of you. And, I for one fully understand your frustration, and do not hold you at fault for wanting to be paid for your countless hours of research, and labor. Thank you, and bless you both.

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  21. Hi Stewart and Cindy,

    I am trying to send you an email-hope this one gets through to you.

    This afternoon I am sending a check in the mail with a note..

    So sorry I have been tardy in sending this to you.

    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry on the internet both in print and with Larry and Augusto.

    In His care, Connie Accardo in Alabama

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  22. Stewart, it breaks ny heart to know you are suffering in any way. I am so sorry for the troubles you have been going through. I only have imperfect love, but I love you, Cindy, and Patti with every bit of it. I apologize for failing to love you in truth. I pray that one day very soon I will be able to.
    I will continue to do all I can to support you financially and with fervent prayer. Thank you so much for your love of the truth, your sincere desire to help others find Jesus, and for all your hard work. My husband and I both appreciate you, Cindy, and Patti for everything you do. I wish I could lift every burden from you.

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  23. I appreciate all you and your ministry gives to us. I feel awful that I’m one of those who haven’t contributed. That’s going to change as soon as I find the link. Thank you Stewart, if it weren’t for you, I would still be walking around blind.

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    • hawkeyesco77, when I donate, I use – you don’t even have to have an account with them. All you do is click the “send money to family or friends” link (I think that’s what it’s called) , enter your information and donation amount, send it to and the money is transferred immediately. So easy, I recommend it. God bless you. :o)

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  24. Stewart,
    I’ve gained a lot of help with my studies from your materials in the past and continue to do so to this day. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

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