As the world plunges into the New World Order, the Christians appear more and more comatose and in deep denial. What happened on 9-23-2015 was of SUCH MAJOR IMPORTANCE that the Lord Himself took note of it in many different ways. The IX XI Code is now in full swing, and what is to come upon the Christians is too horrific to contemplate. Yet the Christian slumber on.

The gainsayers are out in force, but it makes me wonder what sort of heart they have when they are disappointed that some asteroid did not hit the oceans and wipe out millions of people, or that Manhattan did not get blown to pieces with millions dead and dying. There really is something very wrong and very sick with today’s so-called Christians. There is more love in a BAR than in any Church these days.

The time has come for me, anyway, to pull the plug on the freeloaders and those that simply want everything handed to them on a silver platter, the entitled ones! I am all done with them. Evidently my material is worthless to them, so why should I bother wasting my time on it? Would you? The great spiritual night is now here, the truth is totally unwanted, and the lies abound and the Lord’s people not only love to have it so, they support it to the tune of millions of dollars.

So I am not going to be wasting any more time with freebie material because I have to earn a living like everyone else, and the free distribution has put me into such major debt that I cannot justify it anymore. I can count on ONE HAND those who support us, and they will CONTINUE to receive my material as always, but the rest of you, NO WAY. I hear all kinds of excuses, but it really is a matter of priorities, not lack of funds.

People cannot seem to even give $1.00 then they do not deserve any further consideration nor will they get any from this time forward. I wrote a blog concerning this some time ago and lots of people commented on how the Lord’s servant was indeed worthy of his hire, but not one dollar ever came in!!!

The same will soon be true of NIGHT SHADOWS, it will not be available except by subscription except for a few special shows. Instead, those that do support us will have access to all Prophetic Insiders, FutureScapes, Earth Whispers, Special Reports, Special Audio Updates, Video Reports and steep discounts for all books and documentaries. If not enough  people join up, I will close down the ministry except for Best Global Report and Borderlands. It is what it is. I will post a log in for those interested.

The Lord commands that the true servant of the Lord is worthy of his hire, but that means nothing to today’s Christians, who claim to be Christians, who claim they stand upon every word of the Bible, yet totally disobey the Lord in so many areas it leaves one speechless.

They have money for TV, potato chips, popcorn, movies, high-speed internet, and trivia, and  would not ever think of going to their boss and saying they would work for nothing for 3 months, but they demand the same from ministries such as mine, and such hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed but I will not and cannot deal with people like that anymore. Time to fish or cut bait. Time to realize the awful truth or die and go into ruin. No more sitting on the fence. One way or the other. Simple, like everything else. THE NIGHT IS NOW HERE, but most do not even know it.

So it is what it is, IT IS OBVIOUS PEOPLE DO NOT WANT, NOR CAN THEY HANDLE THE real truth, nor want to, in any way, to support those trying to help them understand what is happening right in front of them. So bye-bye for now I have some tent making I have to do.

I you think this is harsh, just wait for the judgment of the Lord. Been there, done that, and HARSH is not the word. Gentle, but oh so terribly harsh and direct. No wiggle room there, and no wiggle room here either. Gotta feed the family some way, some how.

I wish to take this time to thank every single one of you that has donated to help. Even those who gave who should not have, no matter how small, out of the goodness of their heart. We are going through the list and all of you will CONTINUE to get my materials. Thanks to you we have been able to continue, but times have changed and the so-called Christians surely have changed.

Signing off –