The 9-23 date is only five short days away now, and while no one knows for sure what is actually going to happen, I think it safe to say SOMETHING will, and it may well change everything on Earth as we know it.

There is no question that Obama and the Pope and getting together to kick-start the NEW WORLD ORDER, AGENDA 21/30, and possibly much, much more. This leads us to another area altogether, for some of the movies depicting the 9-23 through 9-28 date speak of an ARRIVAL.

The Vatican is already deeply involved in the ARRIVAL concept and has laid the groundwork to make sure they emerge on top of all of this when the “aliens”, that is, “our gods” with a little “g” have returned to “help save us from ourselves”.

The arrival concept, when coupled with the concept of the rapture of the Church, and PROJECT BLUEBEAM and a FAKE ARRIVAL with a possible “fake rapture” of world leaders and religious folks would be the icing on the cake and the STRONG DELUSION goes into high gear.

The story goes that when this fake rapture occurs (if there is one), the leaders of all stripes, beliefs and “ISMS’ would then return with all sorts of “higher powers” and of course a whole new interpretation of the Bible for the world to embrace, complete with lying signs and wonders of such a magnitude as to deceive the very elect of God if it were possible.
This BLUEBEAM PROJECT is well into high gear now, complete with holographic images and sound effects projected high into the atmosphere, and can simulate just about anything one could ever dream about for its emotional impact and the “op ins” will be most of the MASSES OF THE WORLD. And, after all, that is what all of this is about, is it not? That is, get humanity to bow down to Satan/Lucifer/False Prophet type guys and give the finger to God and His Son.

So then, this is a real warning that between 9-21 and 9-28 you may see some serious stuff happening that is beyond true explanation. As I said in my last blog there is a ZERO POINT, and it is now almost upon us. This is not some joke, this is very real and the world is going to get caught by total surprise, just as Jesus said it would be. ZERO POINT means OUT OF TIME.

A SNARE is an interesting trap, really. It is laid down in such a way that the victim has no idea it is there, and so walks into it NOT KNOWING AT ALL that in an INSTANT OF TIME everything changes for the victim. In this case, there is a SNARE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, and the date of 9-23-2015 has all the earmarks of a SNARE, a TRAP. 9-11 was such a snare as well. It came OUT OF THE BLUE, totally unexpected, no one believed it even though they were watching it on TV. It was too much for anyone to grasp what was actually happening.

The 9-11 SNARE was of course pointing to an event 14 years later, on 9-23-2015, as the IX XI mystery has shown us. As to what exactly is to happen, no one knows except those who have engineered it. We have shown you how Tishrei 9 and 11 bracket Tishrei 10, YOM KIPPUR, the most sacred of all of the Lord’s appointed feasts, because it points to ATONEMENT.


It is a 99.5% certainty that we have entered Daniel’s LOST WEEK, or THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE. Also known as the TRIBULATION. It was interesting that the Feast of Trumpets was delayed for TWO DAYS, as though the Lord was pointing out that the 2 days of Hosea, the TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF THE CHURCH AGE was closing down, and the age of GRACE was almost over. These two days were also punctuated by severe weather in Israel and the 8.3 quake off Chile.


While all the signs converge around us, fewer and fewer people show any interest whatsoever in the REAL TRUTH, an actual fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The Christians are going into a DEEP SLEEP (even many of the so-called remnant), and appear to have no interest in anything except the things of this world. That is actually how the SNARE of the Lord operates, for only a very few are watching and those giving warnings are considered to be wacko nut jobs.

When the AGE OF GRACE comes to HALT, which is close at hand, then there is no more remedy for the Church age is over, and only a few have paid any attention to the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY of the Lord’s, the only way the Christian was given to ATONE. Israel must atone via the 70th week which is Jacob’s Trouble. The Christian was supposed to atone vis entering in at the strait gate. That is why Jesus said that if you “hear my words and do them NOT” that you were a foolish person, for you rejected the only way to true salvation.

After the “church age”, there is only beheading, and it appears that this DOES NOT include Christians of the Church Age, for they appear in Matthew Seven and are rejected because they did not do as the Lord commanded. I pray this is NOT the case, and that a “second chance: is given to them via the beheading done to all tribulation saints.

I have been preaching the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY FOR MANY, MANY YEARS, and have been totally mocked, sneered at and rejected just as Jesus said would happen. The MANY in Matthew 7 were rejected because they refused the strait gate and narrow way. That is why Jesus said to them that He did not “know” them. He did not because the narrow way leads right into the arms of Jesus.

I would pray actually that there is no “corporate” removal of the entire Church in a slightly into the 70th week of Daniel, for if there is, all of those Christians that did not obey the commands of Christ to enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way unto life And true regeneration, no matter how expert they were in prophecy, in doctrine, in miracles, mighty works, or in teaching are lost forever, and will not be given a second chance to atone by beheading. These will be they who stand before the Lord in Matthew Chapter Seven totally rejected. These are they in Revelation Chapter Three who “knowest not”.

It was my hope that in offering two of the most important issues we have ever done for the Prophetic Insider that there would be some interest, if not for themselves, for their loved ones who are going to be LEFT BEHIND but apparently not.


There are going to be MULTITUDES totally left behind, who have shown virtually no interest in the Bible or Jesus Christ but who are going to be STUNNED WIDE AWAKE if and when the removal of Church, and the age of Grace is OVER, that will have only those clues that family members left them. They will not understand the deceptions that were all there for everyone to see if they had eyes to see, or ears to hear. They will have to learn how the elite embed their messages in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and media. It is something one has to see and observe how it is done, but once you understand it, you can spot it anytime it shows up.

I am still offering both issues at discount and if one purchases the combination of the two issues, we have a special bonus included to further your education into Project Bluebeam, and why the investigator was murdered for leaking this program than is now moving into high gear. Project Bluebeam is REAL and is actually in operational tests right now.

If you want immediate proof of all of this, order our Prophetic Insider SPECIAL REPORT “End of Days” for both issues are jammed full of proof that the elite really mean business, we just are not sure exactly what kind other than total evil and it is also very possible that a real rapture event could occur if the Church Age is OVER, and the age of Grace is closed. In other words, as the Lord Himself says in Revelation:

Revelation 4King James Version (KJV)
4 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.
2 And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

Hereafter what? The CHURCH AGE IS CLOSED. No more Church, no more GRACE, no more salvation by grace, and grace brought us a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY. We do not deserve either one. ARE YOU READY?

One must ponder the multitudes that stand before Christ utterly rejected. It is a shock to them, they cannot believe it. They protest with their WORKS. Of course this is NOT SO for the tribulation saints, who know exactly what they are doing. This is why a “corporate” rapture of the entire “church”, both saved or not, and the dividing of the wheat and tares is very dangerous to lots of folks who mocked the strait gate and narrow way. It was not a wise thing to do.


BEWARE THE TIME PERIOD 9-21-2015 though 9-28-2015. REALLY BE AWARE.
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