IX XI Mystery and 5 days to ZERO POINT?

As you already know there is a lot of buzz out there regarding the dates between 9-21 and 9-28 with the focus on 9-22 and 9-23. But what you may not know is that this date is very special to the “mystery” of the Bible and has been embedded in Masonic and Mystery schools for hundreds of years.

I doubt any of us can fully comprehend what the term OMEGA POINT or ZERO POINT actually means. It is human nature to expect things to “continue” as they have been and we cannot fathom any sort of END POINT, ZERO POINT or it ALL OVER POINT.
In military parlance it would be “D” day or “Go day”. The point is, there comes a time when there is no more delay, no more “tomorrows” and we reach the “zero point”. When the Lord says that He comes as a thief in the night, or that the entire world is caught off guard in a “snare” He is saying that THERE IS A ZERO POINT, and everything on Earth changes as a result of that. We run out of time, there is no more delay and all that was is over.
It appears that what is going on is than mystery is using two calendars, our standard one and then the religious calendar of Israel. It is when you merge the two together that you realize what the IX XI is so important, and why 9-11 is actually pointing directly to 9-23-2015.
Here is how it works:


The 9-11 date is the religious calendar date, as can be seen on the illustration. But notice what it does – it bookends Yom Kippur! It places Yom Kippur right in the middle or “in the midst”. This is extremely important, because of the nature of Yom Kippur.

Now the next thing to see it OUR CALENDAR DATES. Notice that 9 Tishrei in September 22nd and 11 Tishrei is September 24th, with 9-23-2015 RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. This is why the movies, TV shows, Cartoons, ads, and shows are all pointing to 9-22 through 9-24 with most pointing at 9-23-2015 AS ZERO POINT OR END DAY.


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