23 Top Reasons Why America Will Fall Starting 9-23-2015

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2015-08-20_16-23-27 Jesus Christ was born on September 23, 3 BC most likely, the fall equinox. That means Mary was impregnated on December 24/25 4 BC. That means the water broke on September 22, 3 BC. 266 is a strange number 2+6+6 = 14 and 14 is the number of deliverance and salvation. The occult, in the movies, keeps saying we are running out of time, or there is not much time left. In BACK TO THE FUTURE, the license plate reads OUTATIME. The movie also has 9-11 and 9-22 clearly displayed in it.

In BACK TO THE FUTURE, Doc mentions going back to the birth of Christ, and dials in 12-25-0000. The religious calender of the Lord our 12th month is actually the Lord’s 9th month.  Doc really programmed in 9-25, and the year 2015 shows up as well. In one scene the Doc’s time machine crashes into the ASSEMBLY OF CHRIST CHURCH. Clearly we are all being told something in all of these movies.

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America was born with the seeds of destruction planted  within her. She is about t fall. Mock it you want, the odds are 99.5% we WILL enter Daniel’s 70th week this month. Just sayin…

1. Because the so-called “Christians” and their “leaders” do not even know who America is, who Antichrist is even when he has been openly revealed to all who are watching, and what time it is on the prophetic clock we call “Israel.”

2. Because the vast majority of Christians are not saved according to the Bible, but only think they are, and are in rank deception, apostasy and disobedience but don’t even know it. It is the STRONG DELUSION for non-overcoming Christians. (Revelation).

3. Because Christian prophecy leaders are almost totally deceived and are deceiving their flocks, even betraying them into the hands of Satan and his minions. They have not only refused to warn the flock of the coming devastation, they have lead them directly into the hands of the enemy.

4. Because many Christian preachers, teachers and evangelists have signed a pact with Satan aka “Homeland Security” assist in the identification of dissidents, and further to “comfort” family members taken to FEMA torture and death camps who are separated from each other for eternity, rather than stand against such horrific and evil plans.

5. Because many large congregational leaders are going on public TV and radio telling their flocks to OBEY ANY ORDERS FROM ANY GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY NO MATTER HOW EVIL IT IS in direct contradiction to Scripture. They are all traitors, committing treason against their own people, their own families, and Jesus Christ. Hellfire awaits all of them lest they repent a Biblical repentance.

6. Because the so-called “Christians” have turned their ears away from the truth and have embraced deceptions and lies and love to have it so and will not even begin to entertain the REAL TRUTH, and thus millions go into eternal ruin.

7. Because the Christian Church is all of this world and is only LUKEWARM towards the Lord, with only a FEW exceptions. They will be spewed out of the mouth of Christ per Matthew Chapter Seven but are positive they are saved. Jesus warned that we should not pass over judgment and love. People need to really ponder that remark.

8. Because Judgment starts at the house of the Lord, and the modern Christian salvation gospel OMITS both JUDGMENT and LOVE, because it refuses the strait gate and narrow way, the Church will undergo judgment at the hands of Obama, Homeland Security and FEMA, who are all instruments of God’s judgment.

9. Because we accepted the blessings of the Lord found in Deuteronomy 28 when this nation was founded, but have turned away from Him in almost all areas of life and now have all the curses, but the people of America-Babylon are oblivious to what is happening all around them.

10. Because the Supreme Court ruled Jesus Christ out the classrooms of our nation’s schools but allowed in all forms of false and New Age concepts to be freely exercised.

11. Because our government sanctions the murder of our innocent unborn, shedding the blood of millions on the altar of Baal. Their blood cries for justice, and justice in the form of the curses is now upon us.

12. Because the Supreme Court mocks God at almost every chance it gets, and just recently ruled that the definition of marriage was extended to include that which God calls an “abomination” of “reprobate minds.”

13. Because our schools have been infiltrated by “change agents” bent upon destruction of all godly instructions and molding the children into God haters but government lovers. Our teachers will soon wish they had never been born as they destroy millions of souls daily in the name of education.”

14. Because our Universities are filled with Christ hating professors with few exceptions who will not tolerate the name of Jesus Christ being spoken and mock and ridicule any student who professes a belief in the Bible and God.

15. Because law enforcement has become militarized and no longer is there to protect and serve, but rather to oppress and subjugate the people with rare exceptions at every level.

16. Because our court system is now so corrupt justice is rarely served, and open persecution of God’s people is not only allowed, but sanctioned. Any name spoken, any religion believed in, EXCEPT JESUS CHRIST, is allowed and never prosecuted.

17. Because our government is attempting to divide the nation of Israel into two parts, and wants to divide Jerusalem as well, in spite of all the prophetic warnings of Scripture not to meddle with the Apple of God’s Eye.

18. Because America meddles in the affairs of sovereign nations around the world and is guilty of murder and mass murder all around the globe in the name of “national security.” The nations that we have subverted or destroyed for “regime change” will bring a Payback, and soon.

19. Because our leaders in Congress have become cowards and traitors to the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold, but secretly work day and night to subvert it. They are traitors but no one stands up to say it or do anything about it.

20. Because our government has become the enemy of the people it swore to protect, and has designed plans for mass genocide of innocent people and has a blueprint for depopulation unheard of since the beginning of this world. They have established prison/concentration camps all over America, along with “collection centers” such as schools, stadiums, Wal-Marts, and shopping malls with guard towers being set up and fences being built. It is being done right in front of the American people who say nothing about it as their deaths draw nigh.

21. Because our government agencies have been subverted by powerful lobby groups and no longer represent the American people and those same corporations have turned the American people into zombies via advertising and mind control operations.

22. Because the American people are mad upon their idols and have no time for God or His Son, except to pay lip service.

23. Because the American people did not rise up to stop all of this when they had every legal right to do so, therefore they are as guilty as their leaders.

And now because of all of the foregoing, the TIME-LINE of the Lord’s mercy and compassion and forgiveness under the age of Grace is closing rapidly upon an unsuspecting people. Our leaders have planned a trap for innocent men, women and children and they themselves will fall into their own trap.

It should be noted that the apostate Christians of today have no clue concerning day counts, prophecy, star signs or even earthly signs, but that is not true of the occult.

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