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Night Shadows – The UFO Enigma – Part One

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We would like to announce that Night Shadows has another show that airs tonight at 7:30 PM CDT and we hope you can tune in to hear it as it is a very important show laying the groundwork for a series on the UFO/Alien question. Are they real or Memorex? Are they OURS or THEIRS? Sightings and encounters are rapidly increasing the world over. What does it mean? You can always come to the Night Shadows membership site and listen any time for free.
Part one of an entire series answering one of the biggest mysteries and enigma’s the world is facing. Does it tie directly to Planet-X? Could this be a massive deception? Is it possible the human race is being set up?
To really learn all about the enigmas, mysteries, high strangeness, above top secret and all about the paranormal just  opt in and join the Night Shadows membership club. IT’S FREE. You can not only listen at ANY TIME to the archived shows, you will find some interesting articles, pictures and videos and our popular Best’s Intelligence Digest.
If you join the EXCLUSIVE INNER CIRCLE, which will soon be up and running, you won’t believe all of the articles, videos, audios, documentaries, magazines, and classes that will be made available to you!!!
Soon I will be posting “TWILIGHT” the Night Shadows magazine of the latest developments in the world.
Don’t miss tonight’s show!!

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Important news posted that there is a massive cover-up concerning meteor impact events in IRAN and sightings as we slowly enter into a space debris field that is most likely part of the Destroyer’s mini-solar system of planets, moons, comets, asteroids and space debris.
In our next Night Shadows, we will cover some of this important news. STAY TUNED.

5 thoughts on “Watch The Skies, They Really Are Coming Back – Night Shadows New Show TONIGHT

  1. Hi Stewart, I’m really excited you put a show on Blogtalk and hoping there will be more to come! So important for these days. I’m not sure how it works being a host on blogtalk but hoping maybe sometime we can use that chatroom feature when the shows come on as there are so many of us who are looking for church not within a building, and for some shows I listen to on there,that has really been a blessing (having the chat rooms) May God bless and keep you and the family always. Thanks for all your hard work and time-Erin 🙂


  2. Stewart, I have tried valiantly, to listen to your program. I have opted in and all and still can’t seem to link up. I’ve done searches on the Blog Talk site and you don’t come up at all. Can you email some directions?



    • Hello! Here is the link to the Membership site:

      LINK for Membership site

      After you log in with your created user name and password, click on the “Content” tab, then “Start the Course” under Night Shadows Radio. Put the cursor over the program you want to watch, click “View Lesson.” Put the cursor over the audio line and click the arrow to play.

      Thank you so much for your interest and please let me know if you continue to have problems.


  3. For the blog talk show I’ve searched blog talk for “night shadows”, “stewart best”, and “lightgate” and nothing useful is returned. I finally found a link in a recent post by Larry Taylor. I’m not sure whether other people had as much difficulty as I did, but it would probably help most people if you included show links in your posts.

    Does the Night Shadows membership site exist at this time? I signed up and yet I still can’t find anything other than your wordpress site and the site. On the blog talk page I found a link to a .club page, but the site says no web page has been uploaded for it yet.


  4. Stewart – you would like, and profit from Bill Schnoebelen’s insight into this area. He’s the dude who Jesus rescued after he’d progressed thru UFO stuff, Catholic theologian, Catholic priest, Satanic priest, 3rd level witch, 34 th degree York Rite Mason, 90th degree Mason Rite of Mitzrayim Memphis (Egyptian), Mormonism, and even an encounter where he was transported to a moon of Saturn and in a face to face encounter with Lucifer, the devil “sealed” him as one of his own for all eternity, by “burning” his finger-claw into Bill’s third eye and then hurtling him back to earth. Jesus freed him from all of that and delivered him from all occult / satanic / spiritual bondage, He has numerous teaching on YouTube like “exposing the illuminati from within”, “Lucifer dethroned” ,”Ancient of Days – UFOs, Masonry, & Satanism in the Occult Order”, “Enochian Chronicles” and much more


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