You Gave Us The Power To Kill You, So What’s Your Problem?

A number of Bible codes are pointing to both the rapture of the Bride of Christ and an impact event in September of 2015, on or about the beginning of the coming Jubilee 7 year period. If they are right, this will be the final 7 years of mankind’s probation upon Earth. They also are consistently pointing out that Obama is the man of sin and evil. I am not saying they are right. Bible Codes used to “predict” the future are often wrong.

The rich men have risen up, just as prophecy said they would to accomplish their massive population reduction as found in Deuteronomy 28, Daniel, Revelation and James. They are the curse, they are the killers of the just because the American people refused the Bible admonitions. The American people gave the rich men the power to do that, so what is their problem now that it is going into action? Do not the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, those of the Psalm Two wars have a right to ask that?

After Roe vs. Wade, only a few whimpering protests were actually made. So it is OK to kill babies all the way up to and beyond birth and allow Planned Parenthood to sell baby organs to the highest bidder. Then along comes some “thinker” who says that parents should have the right to terminate their children all the way up to five years of age or so. Nothing wrong here either. Never anything really wrong. So now the Chinese government gets caught taking adults and butchering them alive to get the freshest ever body parts to sell on the market. No sedatives either, for it harms the organs needed, but hold the poor guy or woman down and cut them open and take what is needed while still alive. Nothing wrong here either. Never anything really wrong. WHY IS THAT?

ANIMALS. The human race is a fallen race and is worse than any animal to ever crawl upon the face of this planet. FAR WORSE. The heart of man is wicked beyond all imagination. The rulers take great delight in the pain and suffering of others as long as it is not them personally, for it a tribute to Satan and their other fake gods. It makes one wonder by Jesus Christ ever bothered to come here to rescue those He could. DIVINE LOVE WE ARE TOLD. The greatest force in the Universe is DIVINE LOVE.

Yet for all of this evil, the people of the world sit back and allow a handful of totally insane bankers do anything they want to them. How easy it would be to LEGALLY rise up, TRY THEM, imprison them, take all of their wealth, declare a jubilee and start over. Take the leaders of government who committed this massive treason required to instill the NEW WORLD ORDER, and try them for treason, hand them over to a North Korean gulag and work them until they are all dead. Simple solution, but something prevents it. WHAT IS IT?

How is it that about 300 people can lord it over 7 billion and kill, maim, torture and destroy them in any way the banking elite can dream up and only a few say anything at all? WHY IS THAT? According to Lindsey Williams the elite have decided that no matter what they do to the American people, they will not resist. WHY IS THAT?

Then we have the traitorous “clergy response teams” that Homeland Security has enrolled to not only tell the people to obey every command of the government and police forces, that is, bow down and kiss the boots of illegal government thugs but also to “calm down” the people in the FEMA camps because their children, wives and husbands have all been separated for torture and killing. Few in the churches seem to be saying anything about that. WHY IS THAT?

So if killing like this is OK, and the Supreme Court of Satan says it’s also OK to do lots of other things and people do nothing  so what’s the problem with the rich men setting up a massive Georgia Guide Stone KILL OFF? They have every right to know the answer, don’t they?

What’s your problem with that? In point of fact, the American people have no right to claim there is a problem because once you allow the roller coaster to start down the slope, and you do nothing to stop it, well, then we all own it, even the most horrific of events to come. Evil is a force multiplier. Once it gets beyond certain boundaries, history tells us it cannot be stopped, it must finally implode upon itself. However the blood and cries of millions can still be heard in the caverns of time if one listens. It could have been stopped, but it wasnt. The people could have risen up and said NO, but they didn’t. WHY IS THAT?

You have to wonder, when you study the Scriptures concerning the last days of Babylon the Great why the people said nothing. The government not only turned against their own people and totally trampled her heritage, but they also they indulged in such a massive killing operation that the entire world was stunned. It seems that no one really said anything. WHY IS THAT? Maybe there is some strange force involved here. Some type of unseen invisible hand guiding this entire operation to an unknown conclusion.

Then you have obvious treason from our Congress, the alphabet agencies, and the military. Why do I call it treason? Because you cannot bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER without treason. It is not possible otherwise. To topple the constitution that you swore and oath to uphold is TREASON. It does not matter how you do it, it only matters that the founding documents were shredded.

We need to start calling what this really is. It should be called incremental or slow treason. A little here, a little there, so it all sounds reasonable at the time. A law here, a law there. You shred the constitution slowly, but willfully. You cannot tell me that our leaders in Washington do not know what they are doing. If they don’t they are blind, deaf and stupid. They also are under a great and strong delusion.

The perpetrators of all of this actually believe they can pull off the greatest coup in the history of the world. It will seem that way to them as they dance with glee over the blood and guts of the Christians, the constitutionists and conservative right and all who would not go along with the NEW WORLD ORDER. The rich men are under a rank delusion. They have no idea of the horrific fate that awaits them.

I would not know myself, accept I have died and gone to the other side and it is all real. Jesus Christ is real. Hell is real. Heaven is real. Redemption is real. The Strait Gate is real. They are more real than life itself. Do as Christ commanded and He will show you. Then you will know and you will not have to believe it, you will KNOW IT. He will come to you. He will tell you what the problem with humanity really is. What your problem really is. You will then totally understand what is happening and why.

The GREAT CULLING, THE GREAT “CLEANSING” of America is coming very soon. The next phase of the United Nations Agenda 21, the blueprint for tyranny, is now appearing in the mists of the future. The cries of those murdered will soon be heard in the heavens. It will not fall upon deaf ears. There is an agenda of the United Nations, but there is also an AGENDA OF THE LORD. The rich men and those who did their bidding will wish they had never been born at all. The mask of deception and their delusion will suddenly be ripped away and they will see the reality of what they did.

It is all VERY obvious as to what is going on all around the people and only a few are saying anything. And even those people are considered wacko right ring idiots, insane with their “conspiracy theories” BY THOSE THEY ARE WARNING. And so it goes. WHY IS THAT?

So what our great and illustrious rulers are up to now is far, far worse than Germany and Hitler. Child’s play, a kindergarten exercise. Then of course the Soviets with Stalin and Mao and the “Cultural Revolution” killing machines are all still child’s play for what these totally corrupt and insane leaders actually have planned. Worse than Pol Pot. Worse than anything ever seen on Earth.

There is a payback however, there is always a payback. Jesus said that we should pray always that we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE the PAYBACK. That is the only way out, there is no other.

And so while the RICH MEN AD KINGS AND RULERS set up the most massive killing apparatus right under the noses of the comatose American and the world, they laugh and mock us all. Only a few realize what is in the wind. WHY IS THAT?

The great culling of America is now set up. The beta tests have been run. Silent Weapons is almost complete. Only the forced marking and killing remain. So WHY IS THAT?

The answer is found in the Bible, just as all answers are found in the GOOD BOOK. The rich men of the Earth are declared by the Creator of all of this to be TOTALLY INSANE, CONSUMED BY LUST AND GREED AND THE POWER OF MAMMON. It is their delusion.

They have cast their lots, and as in the movie “Road To Perdition” where one says to another “You know we are going to hell, don’t you?” or words to that effect? The answer is, no they do not know that, and NO, they cannot conceive of such a place. If they actually KNEW where they were going all of this nonsense would stop in an instant of time. THEY KNOW NOT. WHY IS THAT?

Because the Creator of all of this, that is, time, energy, space, spirit and all life said something that people gloss over and do not understand whatsoever its horrific meaning: “I will PICK THEIR DELUSIONS”. There you have it in a NUTSHELL.

The rich men of the Earth, as Larry Taylor often says, are the most deceived of all, are the most deluded of all, and must and will end up in the fires of eternal hell and damnation. They have no choice because the Lord of Hosts FORE KNEW their choices, hides their fate from them and these poor folks actually believe they will not only install their NEW WORLD ORDER, but that they and their offspring will reign and rule over a new heaven and a new Earth of their own making with only a few slaves for their pleasure.

They really believe it. They actually mean to do it. They are committed to their cause, far more than the average Christian is committed to the cause of Jesus Christ.

So bit by bit, a little here and a little there, the American people gave the RICH MEN their full approval of all that is about to come down upon their heads. Jade Helm has many different layers to it, but in the end, it is only there because the American people did nothing to stop it.

You see, they had no problem when Social Security Cards were issued with “not to be used for identification” but now is used for almost everything. They had no problem when the government began to tax the people for “income” that is not income at all but a fair trade. So then they had no problem when their wages were withheld from their paychecks by total fraud.

They had no problem when the banks began to make war against cash and cash withdrawals. They had no problems when the Congress passed laws allowing the banks to confiscate their deposits if they got into financial trouble. In other words, they have had no problems at all when their money is not their money any more at all, but belongs to the rich men. Same with food and transportation. NO PROBLEM with all of these rules, regulations and fines for disobedience, even prison for minor offenses. NO PROBLEM. And so it goes…WHY IS THAT?

They had no problem with the Patriot Act. No problem with NDAA, fusion centers, the massive CIA/NSA surveillance state. No problems with local police being given all sorts of military gear. No problem when the FBI said patriots and Christians might be enemies of the state. NO PROBLEMS HERE. WHY IS THAT?

As the Great Dame of the left, MADAME HILLARY has told us, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.” No one said anything. And also from her lips came CAMP JOY and RED AND BLUE LIST PEOPLE. Everyone must attend a FEMA re-education joy camp. So what’s the problem here? Has anyone said NO to her? Not that I am aware of.

And so WHY IS ALL OF THIS SO? Because the Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ is His name, has PICKED ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE DELUSIONS. There is no other answer. Apostasy is merely the TOTAL DENIAL OF THE COLD HARD BRUTAL TRUTH. It is what it is, get used to it.

The Good Book is the only book in the world that does not ask you to JUST BELIEVE WHAT IT SAYS. It also commands you SEARCH IT OUT to FIND THE REAL TRUTH, have the scales cast from your eyeballs and your mind opened just a sliver of a crack to let the LIGHT OF TRUTH invade it. Refuse it and oh, well!! Thing might not go too well for you if you catch the drift here…

But the American people by and large refused. So God picked their delusions. There are many delusions He has picked for them we covered in a blog not long ago. Reread it. But like all roads, they say, lead to ROME, and then again, all roads of delusions usually lead to eternal ruin, right? I think I read that somewhere…

The odds are then that the American people ARE UNDER A RANK and DEADLY DELUSION as to what is actually going on, the land that they live in, their salvation and SO WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM? And that answers WHY IS THAT, don’t you think?

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19 thoughts on “You Gave Us The Power To Kill You, So What’s Your Problem?

  1. 1 John 2:15, “Love not the world (kosmos), neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

    In the above passage there are two loves (agape); one being the love of the world, and the other being the love of Father. One cannot love both. I think you’ve been right all along, Stewart and things are now rapidly accelerating that makes all of this more apparent to me.


  2. Stew – when you were talking about the Chinese and their getting the freshest organs ever, I couldn’t help but remember Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” where a guy answers the door to ambulance / medical personnel, and they tell him as he’s signed an organ donor card, they’re here to get his organs which are needed. He alarmedly exclaims “BUT I’m not DEAD YET”
    They tell him it’s irrelevant as they grab him and force him into the ambulance to take him to surgery for organ removal.
    30 odd years later, we’ve arrived at that juncture it seems


  3. It is my belief that the events of Daniel 12 are beginning….and will continue and escalate until Michael stands up, and then judgment and justice will rain down on those who have fully surrendered to evil. Greece is the first to fall, then France, Holland, all of Europe is going down. The Euro will become worthless, and they will throw money out of the windows, and out into the streets, and perhaps a breeze will even cause the bank bills to fall under the cars and tires…………..what is coming will be painful and shocking………


  4. I hate the implication that we are not resisting as we should be. What is an “awake” christian supposed to be doing?? It seems to me all the usual directives, to care for our families, love those around us, care for the needy when their needs are presented to us, speak truth, live at peace with all men when possible, love God above all else. My husband hates it when I talk about the bad things going on in America. Should I speak out even if it destroys my marriage? I think many find themselves in a similar position.The salt lost it’s savor, now rot has set in. My parent’s generation thought they could love God and the pleasant things of this world. We are reaping what we have sown.


    • You just said you love your husband more than Jesus Christ.

      We all have to put our loved ones in their place, or forfeit true Family in Heaven.


  5. Also, remember when religion (Pharisees) and government (Pilate) came together…Christ was killed…so it goes, “nothing new under the sun”


  6. In a month’s time my mother went from living with her mother in the house she grew up in to being condemned to live in a “home” with people who have impaired memories, because no one in the family will take her in, and she will not move away to live with her son.

    This is how it will be in America. People are holding out their hands in charity, but those seeking help instead move into a prison… because the prison has an industrially printed placard on top, and the people offering charity look like old-fashioned farmers… There’s no physical escape without the spiritual first. People will choose to walk into FEMA camps instead of seeking shelter in the countryside ‘wilderness’. Isn’t this the same story over and over and over again in the Bible?

    I pray for the lost who have yet to be Found, and get a lump in my throat thinking about those who don’t want to be Found.


  7. Fantastic blog. Everything is sooo close that I cannot even look at things the same anymore. It is all so obvious that it boggles the mind. Actually, I can hardly fathom everything I hear each day. Its like, somehow you deal with the thought that death could be at your door step…it seems all to real…I don’t like it, but I am learning to deal with it.


  8. I truly like how you get to the point and know a lot about what is going on. The July 4th message summarized everything.

    I’d like your take on this information. I just ran across this and it took a couple of days to go through the entire site. There is so much info out there now that makes it difficult to know what is real and what is not real – if that even exists. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks so much,


  9. R.C. Christian. Author of Georgia GuideStones. = Roman Catholic Church/Vatican/Jesuits/Pope.

    R.C. Christian. Author of Constitution = Roman Catholic Church/Vatican/Jesuits/Pope.

    It is spiritual treason against Jesus Christ to quote the Constitution.


  10. Oh how wish people would wake up, especially our churches. Thanks for saying it like it is, Stewart. Keep writing, God is speaking through you. Praise God the blinders have come off my eyes.


  11. As George Orwell said, “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” Love the way you write . . . even such a dire warning.


  12. Your correct…much points to September. September 23, (the day Obama and the Pope meet at the White House) is the culmination of a perfect 7 x 7 year cycle (It’s also the Day of Atonement and the Day of Jubilee), which began the day Israel recaptured Jerusalem (June 7, 1967)…That period is 2520 Weeks long. The Tribulation will be 2520 Days long. (360 days x 7 – 2520)
    2520 is the meaning of MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN (the handwriting on the wall in Daniel 5)
    Both 1948 and 1967 are the fulfillment of two different 2520 year judgments.
    Learn how this number is found both throughout Scripture and God’s Creation. or



    • I see beginning of tribulation 9/30/2015 on Stellarium… aligning with the 7 years preparation of Joseph with 7 years of famine. Revelation 12 stating start of tribulation shows Joseph dream allegory. 9/23/2015 to 9/30/2015 – 7 days. So, tons of reasons why. Not “100% sure” 9/30/2015 starts 7 year trib… but appears so due to 2520 start date of Obama election 7 years preparation… and stellarium 9/30. (Dates can be off one day… I see 2520 day cycle ending 9/29… so tribulation begins 9/30). I’ve written (and spoken on YT) extensively on this… thanks for more info on 2520 day patterns.

      Man child will birth 9/23/2015 if this is all correct… ZION RISING.

      Meaning.. wholesale revolution on American soil occurs… but it is spiritual… not religious.

      God is coming…a nd the saints will rise… then 9/30/2015.. you will see full separation from the beast system on 9/30/2015 (if these dates are correct).

      So, Christians will NOT be accepting any of this!!! No, God will show up like with Moses… and you are about to see the TRUE CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP ON AMERICAN SOIL RISE UP INTO VIEW!! AND LEAD!!

      Revelation 12:6…exodus.

      Split on American soil… Christians under God… like under God under Moses… as leadership emerges… and THE POWER OF GOD COMES DOWN ON AMERICAN SOIL LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN!!

      I speak of this much.

      Laura Lee
      Apostle – Church of Philadelphia/Revelation 3/12


    • Wow Daryl!, that was amazing, too! Thanks for the extra info. Reeeaally appreciated it.


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