The End Game – It All Depends Upon Who Knows You

For the last 25 years or more I have warned the Church that the salvation gospel of modern Christianity is totally false, something that the Bible warned about over and over again, but it falls upon mostly deaf ears – having ears to hear, they cannot hear, and having eyes to see but cannot see.
On my last blog I brought forward a number of “announcements” of the Rich Men and what they intend to do that it staggers the mind so very few “get it” and the rest slumber on. Now while we cannot know exactly when Jade Helm will kick in and go live, we certainly know from Scripture that it will sooner or later. Jade Helm is in prophecy, such as Daniel, Jeremiah, Matthew, Revelation and so on – for this is the apex of the Psalm Two war, the end game as some call it. The signs are all here, we simply must wait and watch as this unfolds.
Eyes to see that cannot see, and ears to hear but cannot hear, a mouth to speak but does not protest even the demise of their own children. What is wrong with this picture? The Lord has said that He would pick people’s delusions, a horrible and horrific statement when one understands what they actually means. And that has to be what is going on in America – that is that the rank disobedience to the commands of the Lord has led Him to pick their delusions. So what are they?
1. I am totally saved and KNOW IT when I am not.
2. America IS NOT in Bible prophecy, nor is it even mentioned.
3. America is a Christian and Godly nation and therefore cannot see evil.
4. America could NEVER FALL because she is protected by the Lord. She is invincible and unbreakable.
5. The leaders and rulers of America are good and decent people who would never turn against their own citizens or harm them KNOWINGLY.
6. The leaders of our military forces would NEVER turn upon the people, round them up and either incarcerate or terminate them with extreme prejudice.
7. There are no such things as FEMA camps, they do not exist.
8. Homeland Security IS NOT anything like the German SS and has no evil intent within it.
9. The former Soviet Union is no longer a threat and America has no real enemies.

10. The economy in America is booming and sound and will be forever.
11. “There Is NO God” for the unbelieving masses.

So because people are under these delusions, and expect things to continue as they always have, then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION takes on a whole new meaning, does it not? “As a snare shall it come upon the whole Earth”.

So just curious, are you under any of the above delusions?

There is one delusion you do not want to be under, and that is that you know Jesus when you do not. The question is this: DOES JESUS KNOW YOU? Why do I ask that one? Because in Matthew Seven Jesus terminates the vast majority of His followers, (called the many), with a very terse “I NEVER knew you”.

Now they all thought they KNEW HIM, and in fact were doing all sorts of activities such as teaching about Him, casting our devils in His name, performing many wonderful works. etc. It was all for naught, it was all vanity.

So then it is not important as to whether or not You THINK you know Jesus, but rather IF HE KNOWS YOU. So then, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF HE KNOWS YOU? According to Scripture, only one in thousand of His people can give the correct answer!!