We just finished another Best’s Intelligence Digest and if anyone thinks that Earth changes are not in an entirely new phase, they better think again. The escalation of earthquakes and volcanic activity recently shows a massive uptick that may well signal that the Destroyer’s effects are now being felt world-wide like never before.

Go to and click on the link and look at what is really going on there.

There are a lot of folks out there who are wide awake and waking up others as to the coming TRIBULATION period and hopefully that trend will continue, as none of us really know YET the actual timeline of the Lord, who is always in total control and has the final say on things of this nature, however the SIGNS are converging upon an unsuspecting world.

Because everyone seems to be focusing on September of this year, and everyone is looking at the Tetrads and tying them to the removal of the Bride, it makes one wonder why the Lord said He would come at a time HIS OWN PEOPLE THINK NOT, that another “set-up” for major disappointment could be in the works. The parables about the Lord delays His coming ring in my ears, as it was like when 88 Reasons why Christ would return in 1988 came and went and nothing happened.

Yes, the signs are there in the Heavens – but many of them point to 2017, not 2015. One sticks in my mind is the CONSTANT SIGN  posted in the heavens by the Lord who runs such things, is the APRIL 11th date – set by two comets who formed a cross in the heavens and went right over the head of Satan, both crossing exactly ONE YEAR APART on an April 11th. It is as though Satan’s dominion here will be eclipsed and the restitution of all things will begin and the work of Christ on the cross will now pay the dividends to Him.

I have written a lot about that, wondering exactly why April 11th is such a key date that the Lord wanted us to take note of it. Well, it just so happens that APRIL 11th, 2017 is PASSOVER. September 22/23, 2017 is FEAST OF TRUMPETS the exact day the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12 takes place.  There are 163 days between those two dates, and 165 dates if you INCLUDE those dates. Both of them add up to 10 or 12 just adding the numbers – interesting numbers to say the least! Anyhow, no one knows for sure, so we wait!!

2017 also ends the 120 years of latter day Israel, as the first Jewish Congress met to lay the foundation for Israel was in 1897.

2017 appears to be a KEY PIVOT YEAR for Israel and the world, as I pointed out in the OMEGA CODE. There is no question that SOMETHING is going to happen in 2017 that may change everything on planet Earth, or at least it seems that way. The only question we have is when Obama and his minions plan to take America down and institute their depopulation agenda. That can happen anytime actually, because that must happen before America is destroyed in a surprise nuclear attack, as outlined in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation.

I remember Cliff High’s “bots” forecast what is now happening in Texas and Oklahoma with massive “Atmospheric Rivers” dumping tons of water upon a given area where another area not far away would be under a drought condition.  These sorts of erratic weather conditions will continue unabated as the Earth undergoes the final phase before the “flip” (crustal pole shift), as Red Elk calls it.

Meanwhile, the economic situation appears to be worsening, although the forces behind it remain basically invisible to the general public, but they are gaining strength and momentum as the final agenda of the rich men comes into view. The escalation of high technology to enable the world-wide MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM to be implemented is fast approaching.

The web has now over 3 billion users, a huge market for folks who understand the power of the web as people are flocking to it to purchase their products. We just released a sample MONEY MUSHROOMS newsletter for those interested. All you have to do to get your free copy is go to and opt in. There is a huge market out there for a ton of different informational EBooks, and what is really strange is one does not have to even write one, but can go out on the web and find as many as they want, get rights to market it, and sell it as their own!!!

Our newsletter will be gathering together all the information we can find to give people new ideas and concepts, along with a multitude of step by step “HOW DO I” or “HOW TO” information so that even the most rank “newbie” can start increasing their income streams. As I have said before, there has never been such a golden opportunity for a home business done at your dining room table, desk or when nice outside, your deck! The technology out there really does allow you to earn thousands of dollars of extra income 24/7/365 as all of this on what is called “autopilot”. There is set-up time, research time, and work to it, but once accomplished, it is truly amazing how all of this works.

The Lord told us to occupy, and told us to do everything we could to protect our families. Inasmuch as we know economic instability is here and growing, does it not seem prudent to check these types of concepts out? We have a free book and a free simple of our newsletter that you can take a look at for FREE to see if this is of interest to you.

Meanwhile, the signals of WARS, RUMORS OF WAR, EARTH CHANGES, ECONOMIC INSTABILITY and the politics for the arrival are growing, and the distant thunder can be heard as the skies darken on the horizon. However, we are not to fear as the rest of the world will in the near future. We are to continue, occupy and thank the Lord for each day we get and plan as though nothing bad is coming at all, otherwise we will be frozen in our tracks and do nothing when now, more than ever, while we are still able, is the time to act and prepare.



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