You may remember the movie SHORT CIRCUIT, where a robot gets hit by lighting and becomes totally self aware and consumes all the data he can get a hold of. He befriends a young lady called Stephaney and it is really a good comedy. The only way you learn anything is via INPUT. IF ONE DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF ABSORBING (INPUTTING) THE DATA, they then remain virtually ignorant of the real truth out there.

Hence it is that the Bible tells you to STUDY to show yourself APPROVED. The word approved is interesting for it means ACCEPTABLE to the Lord. We know that no one is acceptable unless and until they are REBORN FROM ABOVE. We also know that Jesus told us to knock, seek, labor etc., for THE DOCTRINE that BRINGS ONE TO A TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT CONSTITUTES TRUE SALVATION and what does not. That is called “INPUT”. The comment of the Lord that they have ears to hear but cannot hear, and eyes to see but are blind is referring to a total lack of INPUT. The data bounces off their brains and never finds an entrance.

The multitudes of Christians are SENT AWAY with a TERSE and COLD “GET AWAY FROM ME” only for one reason – they did not INPUT the CORRECT DATA. Instead, it appears that they selected only that DATA they wanted to hear, and totally rejected all of the rest. “Having itching ears” they could not, and would not ACCEPT THE REAL TRUTH, and are thus are lost souls for eternity.

Why is it that people embrace certain concepts and not others? Why is it that TRUTH can be RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and they simply REFUSE IT? One would think that one’s salvation would be of the uppermost importance to a person, but the proof tells us otherwise.

This INPUT is very important to understand. A TV program claims that science has discovered there are 7 pillars in our brain. These seven pillars interact in such a way that there are billions, if not quadrillions of ways that forge that persons personality, and thus each person is wholly different than anyone else, something of course proved by DNA.  That means each person is not only UNIQUE, but also that each person will see the world slightly differently than ANYONE ELSE.

This bring us to an interesting question of pre-destination. Are some souls predestined to go to ruin, while others are not? Often you will hear the verse that says, “whom I foreknew, I predestinated…”. Lots of folks climb on that one to claim nothing is up to us, it is all up to the Lord. NOT SO. They forget FREE WILL and what total FOREKNOWLEDGE actually means.

Because God sits outside of time and space, He sees  both Alpha and Omega. He sees it all, still does, because the past, the present and the future ALL EXIST AT THE SAME TIME, and we are just traveling through time. Time is a PRISON. Eternity is not endless time, it is the total absence of time, a concept our minds cannot grasp because they are built to live in the time-space continuum. We do not live in a UNIVERSE, we live in a MULTIVERSE. Part of that MULTIVERSE is another dimension that has no time, no days, weeks, months or years, a place on non-counting. It is called the Kingdom Of God.

So what about pre-destination? Because God KNOWS what each person born is going to do, and what they are going to decide, and how they are going to respond or not respond to the Gospel, He also knows which ones will come in, but He is not the one who decides that, THEY DO, He knows who they are, and thus He predestinates them, does that make sense?  If the Lord says He does not want any to perish, but that ALL come to repentance, then who else is there who decides that issue? The individual!!

The Return of the Lord is well known in ETERNITY, but not here. We have all seen the signs come and everyone got excited that the Lord would return in THIS YEAR, or the NEXT, or whenever, only to find that there was DELAY. Jesus spoke of DELAYS in both comment and parables. The Old Testament also speaks of lengthy DELAYS before the END COMES.

However, it must be said that the delays must come to an end and the END REALLY DOES FALL AROUND OUR EARS. We just don’t know exactly when, which is exactly why Jesus told us to WATCH THE SIGNS, for they were a SIGNPOST that the end was drawing near. When we see all of the signs CONVERGING, THEN WE ALSO KNOW THE END IS DRAWING CLOSE AT HAND. It appears we are watching a CONVERGENCE right now, but not all things have converged yet. So we wait.

I want to bring in a comment made on my post yesterday that I believe says it all with an attitude that most Christian people have now developed.

“I heard from a reliable source today that the Internet as we know it will shut off in September. What remains will be propaganda.”

“I think Patrick Wood knows what he’s talking about. I trust him more than someone who is pushing a get rich quick internet plan.”


Now this was in response to my posting information concerning building alternative income streams via Internet Marketing which ANYONE can now do. The concept appears to be an anathema to many Christians as either to “worldly” or “unbiblical” for some reason unknown.

So it is a very entrenched concept in Christendom that “work” means working for other people in some form of career, or labor intensive, and even while the economy implodes all around them, they cannot, for whatever reason, FATHOM that WORK can be in ANY FIELD ONE WANTS. It does not have to be for others. It does not have to be HARD. It can be from HOME. I want anyone out there to show me what is wrong with either self-employment and working from your own home selling something on a computer. Show me where the Lord says I can’t do that, or that it is WORLDLY or ANTICHRIST.  You cannot, because it is not in there, in fact the reverse is actually the truth of it.

I digress…

Back to the comments: THE END IS HERE, SO WHY BOTHER, is basically the attitude. “There is no time”, “It’s only a few months away”, “There is nothing anyone can do”, “woe is me” and on and on and on and on. The NEGATIVITY to anything NEW is totally amazing to me. The Lord said for us to OCCUPY. That means we continue as though NOTHING is going to happen even though we know something is, but we are not to be fearful or negative, but positive and work our work right up to the day of the departure.

Then again, I think a lot of the people who read my material simply DO NOT BELIEVE that the economy is actually in a state of slow implosion. Well, it is, and it is accelerating. DENIAL BRINGS MUCH GRIEF IN THE END. WAKE UP!!  We just don’t really know when things will go really bad yet, and thus, we continue to look at alternative income streams simply to help us along.

There was an article that appeared recently that said that the vast majority of people were really fearful of the economy and were afraid of their future. Then Fox News ran a statement that people over the age of 65 said they would not be able to retire, they would have to work.  Yet, while totally fearful of what the future holds for them in their financial affairs, THEY REFUSE TO LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE to diversify and increase their income streams. Remember the ancient warnings about putting all your eggs in one basket?

So somehow they  think that because a  “paycheck” appears in their in-box every other week,  they don’t have to worry about it. It is a form of false security, because they can also find a pink slip in their box, as millions already have.   WHY NOT MITIGATE THE SHOCK by finding other alternative money streams NOW, while their paycheck is STILL COMING IN? Is there anything wrong with strategic planning? Of mitigating a possible calamity?

So why are people so fearful of something NEW that might make their way through turbulent times a little easier? Do they really think this is some sort of “get rich scheme” as the commenter claims? Well, it isn’t, even though many people have become very wealthy in a short time.

Well, maybe they have a 401K or IRA’s and feel they are secure. The government is getting ready to seize retirement accounts, let alone that most of them are heavily invested in the stock market which is ready for a major adjustment. Many articles have appeared concerning it and even Congress just passed a law that will enable Uncle Sam to grab retirement accounts through “regulations”.

So why do people NOT WANT TO LOOK AT ANY ALTERNATIVES?  Why are they frozen in place? Why do people think that Internet Marketing is some sort of nefarious “get rich quick” scheme? In the first place it is not a “scheme”.  It is no different than any other form of “employment” in that respect, and further, it is a very intelligent way to be “employed”.  In the second place, it takes time to understand how to do it, and how those who are successful DID IT. When you get a new job, you go through some form of “orientation”, and that can take a day, a week, a month or more. You MUST LEARN HOW TO DO THE NEW JOB. You must LEARN how to exploit the Internet. There is no difference.

Why do people think this is some form of unethical or unrighteous or ungodly form of employment? Why is this such an anathema unless people have been so successfully programmed by our society they simply cannot break free to even CONSIDER such a method? I mean people can come up with all sorts of “rationales’ as to why they CAN’T DO SOMETHING.

Let me very clear, this is NOT a get rich scheme. Many people have become very wealthy in a short period of time because they made a product that people wanted, and they marketed it to thousands of potential buyers. For example, let’s say Aunt Betty wrote a short EBook titled “How To Have The Most Beautiful Roses EVER”. She places this EBook on line and has learned how to launch her project. Her niche is ROSES. Over one million people are interested in roses and they see her book because she posted  a short video on YouTube explaining her love and passion for roses. It goes viral. Of those million people 10,000 of them decided to buy her book at $6.95 each. She just made $69,500 dollars in profit because she made the EBOOK ONCE, and sold it on AUTOPILOT on the Internet 10,000 times AND IT WILL CONTINUE TO SELL EVERY DAY. IN THE END SHE NETS A COOL $695,000 for one EBOOK. Is she a thief? A robber? All she would have to sell is a 100,000 copies of her book. Did you know that Napoleon Hill’s “THINK AND GROW RICH” book has sold over 70 million copies?

When I use the term autopilot, I am speaking of Marketing technology that once set up, operates totally on its own 24/7/365 totally unattended. Anyone that buys the product is sent a link automatically to either view or download the EBook. Betty does nothing once it is setup. She is free to develop another EBook and put that on-line alerting all of her customers of the new product and she sells another 100,000 EBooks to her eager buyers. Do you begin to understand what is going on here?

The Internet now has over 3 BILLION people going on line to check for news, information or to buy a product. What is wrong with selling to those folks? What is wrong with selling them something that will help them in their lives? Make the product ONCE, sell it over and over.

I suppose to some people think that because Mr. Hill sold over 70 million of his book make him some sort of evil greedy rich guy! He was not even an expert in the field, he went out and INTERVIEWED others who were RICH and then wrote a book about what he had learned from them.  He was a reporter, actually. So it is not money that is evil, it is the LOVE OF MONEY that is evil.

Why do you work? FOR MONEY. If you did not get paid you would go elsewhere. So if we all work for money, what is the difference between Hill’s book, or Betty’s EBook and Alice’s Flower Shop? There is none. They are all ethical efforts to make a living. Nothing more, nothing less. What is wrong with getting more money? Do you ever want a raise? Would you like a raise? Why? Because you need more money, or you think you deserve it for your efforts at work. What is the difference between someone who wants a raise and someone who wants to earn more money on the Internet and giving themselves a raise because their employer refused to?

So why then, is it wrong for people to use technology to make a lot of money by using leverage to their advantage? For example, Alice, who owns her flower shop, advertises in the local county papers and radio station to reach her potential buyers. Let us say she reaches 6000 people. That is all of her potential buyers. Betty, on the other hand can reach many more thousands of people on the Internet, and thus has a huge advantage in NUMBERS REACHED and therefore can sell many more copies of her book.

What is unethical or wrong about that? Do people NOT UNDERSTAND the concept of leverage? Of NUMBERS? Please tell me what is UNGODLY about that? What difference is that from  Alice who owns a flower shop and sells 1000 roses on Mother’s Day for $22.00 each?  There is NO DIFFERENCE. It is all in the NUMBERS because both are self-employed.

Alice had to work very hard AT LABOR to sell her 1000 roses. She had to purchase them, and get them ready for sale, each and every one. She was on her feet all day, working very hard. On the other hand Betty wrote her book ONCE, and sold thousands of them all on autopilot AND DID NO HARD LABOR. The only difference is that BETTY WORKED SMARTER THAN ALICE. Betty took advantage of the INTERNET and the TECHNOLOGY available to make her money totally unattended went on vacation around the world, each day selling her ROSE BOOK on autopilot,  while Alice had to show up every day and work hard all day in her flower shop.

Please tell me why you feel Betty is wrong, and Alice is right, that Betty is somehow unethical and ungodly and worldly, because I fail to see any difference at all, other than THE MINDSET OF MOST PEOPLE TODAY.  And that mindset has brought the American people into total economic slavery and unless they ACT NOW, they are trapped into the REAL ANTICHRIST SYSTEM all the while pointing their fingers at some Internet “get rich quick scheme”!  Go figure.






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FEAR NOT, WORK HARD AND WORK SMART. The ultimate concept of self-employment!!