The Good Book makes a preposterous claim that mankind is a fallen creature, that who could believe it, anyhow? “Not me”, says the world, ” I don’t care”. Well, maybe they should, but then…
It’s one of things you know? Old wives tales and mythology of the worst sort, so why should I bother myself with reading such trivia? After all, if it was true, the human race would have blown itself away eons ago, and we are still here. Besides, all of this is just doomsday stuff, and we have been hearing about that FOREVER and EVER, and see, nothing ever happens. “I don’t care”. Maybe they should, but then again…
“Besides, where is the promise of His coming?” the world says, “Things continue on as they have since the days of Old, and nothing is going to change.”But then again, it is possible that things COULD CHANGE in a big, big hurry, but “I don;t care!”
“But what if?” You might respond to the skeptic. “I don’t care, EVEN IF…”
And so it goes, they roll their eyes and then go back to whatever they were doing and ask you to leave them alone.
Now it does not matter what facts you might show them, what news you bring, they all say, “I don’t care”. This “I don’t care” syndrome is a fallen human type of thing, that cares only when all of this touches them in a personal way, usually in the pocketbook, or job promotion or loss, bad health, etc. Then suddenly they care a whole bunch. “Should of, could of, would of…”
So then you talk about salvation and they all say, “WHAT? Are you some form of idiot? That sort of talk will land you in a FEMA Camp, you know, one of Hilliary’s Joy Camps, where you will be re-educated in the REAL TRUTH, and not this far-fetched concept of a fall, redemption and salvation from the fires to come…”
“I love lies, they make me feel good, and besides THAT, I don’t care!! If I don’t care, why do you? Are you sick or something? Are you running a fever or are you just having a hot flash? LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU ARE OFFENDING ME…”
Down through the years of all of this, “I don’t care”, it seems they actually do care, sort of, because if they did not, then why do people take such offense to the name Jesus Christ? Or the Cross? If people really don’t seem to care much about anything , suddenly do care they are being offended, what’s with that? Just wondering…
Maybe this, “I don’t care” attitude is just a defense because deep within they know something is wrong, but cannot put their finger on it, but don’t want to ever admit it. They are like the hidden drinker, who stashes their booze away so no one finds it, but drink when alone, so no one sees them. But they know, they must know, that SOMEONE SEES THEM. Well, does it matter in the long run? I mean Planet Earth will someday be an ice ball planet, and will any of this make a difference then? Just curious about that, that’s all. Just wondering, sort of…
Well, with all of that in mind, with Jade Helm, clogs in their logo, oh, I forgot, prisoners under Hitler’s death camps wore wooden or leather clogs, maybe that’s why there is a hidden clog in their logo, you know, sort of a CLUE or something, but who cares, anyhow? Anyone?

For those who are really serious and DO CARE, here’s the latest link to the “Best’s Intelligence Digest” – sort of scary news concerning Jade Helm

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With all of this, “I don’t care” going around like a virus of some sort, I thought maybe we needed to launch a sort of satire “I Don’t Care” news service. So here is my first BAD MAGAZINE’s “I DON’T CARE” FOR ALL OF YOU FOLKS OUT THERE THAT DON’T CARE, well maybe do, come to think of it…


“But you should!!”, you protest, “like here is the latest Best’s Intelligence Digest – full of things you need to know!!” The link is right here:


IN FACT YOU REALLY OUGHT TO GO OVER TO http://www.thelightgate.us and take a look – more information you really need to know!! Visit the all new video news portal – some interesting stuff there, and for the ladies, we have a new woman’s corner portal. Just scroll down till  you find the portal table!!

Well, you can try, but the world does not seem to care very much. Go figure!!!!
Comments always welcome.

P.S. All Best Global Report and Borderlands AUDIO REPORTS are now on http://www.thelightgate.us – you must call Cindy for the new temporary link until we get everything up and running. http://www.thelightgate.com is static, we are totally unable to update due to a ransom malware attack that destroyed a lot of files and destroyed our web software for that site.


  1. So true Stewart. I often wondered how someone could be offended, when they say they care less what others are doing. Yet they are the ones who scream the loudest. It is like a person with a guilty conscience. Thanks for the laugh, and the article.

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  2. Once again, you are spot on. I have some acquaintances who self-identify as atheists, yet they are the ones who continually talk about Jesus, the cross, and the Bible. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

    I live within eyesight of Mather AFB. There has been a huge uptick in activity lately, with jets doing touchdown drills. I asked my husband about it, and he said that they are drills to simulate what a jet should do should they come in for landing and find the runway closed for whatever reason. Also, I have seen that there are lots of inward-facing barbed wire “penned” areas on base, some with lights facing in.

    Things that make you go hmmm.

    PS – as a one-time reader of MAD, I love the “Bad Magazine” concept. Thanks so much for all you do.


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