Ever notice how people are very hesitant to call things as they are, or we could say, call a spade a spade and let it go at that? Now in interpersonal relationships that may be a very good thing, that is, there would be a lot of dead husbands and wives laying about, children too perhaps, if we did not bite the tongue, and remain silent.

One also has to be careful about rolling the eyes in front of a spouse or close friend when one hears something that “tain’t¬†necessarily so” type of remark. Then again, if looks could kill, how many times have you died during your lifetime? Then there is the “grimace” of disapproval, or the “pout” look, or THE COLD, HARD STARE, and all the other forms of non-verbal communications between the male and female of the species as one asserts that this or that “position” is the real truth, and undoubtedly, your position on any given issue is either lacking in intelligent research, or you are just too stupid to understand. And so it goes…

It is a war, you know. A real, albeit, unspoken war to the death that was laid out well in Genesis, the war between the males and females of what we refer to as “humanity” or as the Bible implies, THE LIVING DEAD”, another thing no¬† one wants to say, but it is what it is, right? Well, perhaps, but maybe not..

Then there is another thing that no one wants to say “YOU ARE FALLEN”. Yikes, heaven forbid, the sky is falling, arrest this person, totally insane, “What do you mean, I am a FALLEN creature? Call the United Nations, I am offended so deeply even my denial tea no longer works well!! Maybe I should light up some Minnesota Green so I can handle it!! My word, my brain hurts, I have a severe headache, “not tonight dear, and if you keep it up, not ever…” and so it goes, but it is what it is right?

But does it have to be that way? And further, should this “concept” be brought over to political issues, to treason, to war or contemplated war, or to, oh, no, you can’t say it “The Holy Bible”. NO, NO!!!

In other words, just about everyone should have figured out that Obama is a communist, Marxist, Fabian socialist, favors Islam, is a Moslem, etc., but NO ONE dares to say so. Obama is willfully destroying our nation, but NO ONE dares to say so. Obama is turning our entire nation into a police state, but NO ONE dares to say so. There was a book written “None dare call it treason”, which sums this up rather well. So why is that? Why are people, who know better, unwilling or unable to TELL IT LIKE IT IS?

And because, they say, GOOD PEOPLE STAND BY AND SAY AND DO NOTHING – well, evil wins, hands down. They simply could not be bothered to call it like it was or well, one might think, to dumbed down to EVEN KNOW what to call it! Heaven forbid!! Call Obama what he really is? It’s your opinion, and in a police state, you have no right to your opinion, only the state does. You know, the Ministry of Truth. “The Truth is what WE say it is, and ONLY what WE say it is”, type of thing. “OK, if you say so it must be so.”

One more thing, here, don’t ever roll your eyes in front of an “Officer of the Law” type of dude or dudess. For sure, with absolute certainty, you will end up with three hots and a cot for a LONG, LONG, LONG TIME. Rolling of the eyes is forbidden, not allowed, no not now, nor ever. I have often wondered, though, when a person has eyes that are not easily controlled how does that work out?

So where am I going with all of this? I have no idea whatsoever. It was a blank piece of paper that I felt I had to fill. Well, the long and short of the thing is this: If you cannot call things for what they are, even in your mind, if you cannot get past all of your biases, filters, walls and mindsets, well, forget being saved – it won’t happen. No, as Jesus told us, “COME TO ME AS A LITTLE CHILD”, and if I recall somewhere, some how, there was a caveat to it – “IF YOU WILL NOT”, or something like that. Hmmm, roll the eyes now. Remember, in a police state, looks can kill, and often do…Bter to be 5 years old than 55 at least in your mind!!!

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