Thank you all for your comments – it was great to hear from you and give encouragement that folks are getting something out of all of this – was wondering if there would be any interest in a series of webinars, sort of like seminars on the web, full interaction – where we could all get together and we could run a series of topics and then open it up for discussion – need to charge a slight amount as webinars are hosted by third-party types and have to cover expenses – say around $10.00 fee for a one to two-hour seminar/webinar – for those who could not meet the scheduled event, a DVD is made of each one and could then be sent to those who wanted one –

The way it works is that the webinar is scheduled, you opt in by getting your “ticket” for the event, and then you get on your computer and attend to the meeting at the time specified – those that cannot make it can order the DVD of the event – if they already had a ticket but could not attend, we would send them the DVD of the one/s they missed. Patti is still working out the details about how all of this works, as she is our IT guide and mentor. We will let you know as soon as we have more information and some sort of schedule on subject matter. What is great here is the interaction, which means you can both ask questions and make comments live on the program. Patti will be acting as our moderator/engineer insofar as I know now, which is great because of her intense interest in prophecy, theology, love for the Lord, and all things paranormal that the Lord wants us to know about!!!

We would like to hear from you once again if you are interested in such a thing or not, and what subjects you would like me to cover – thanking you all in advance!!

By now you know about the ever-widening breach between Obama and Bibi of Israel, and the last word we had been his releasing secret information concerning Israel’s nuclear program, something NEVER done before, and a major breach of trust – Obama is truly Israel’s worst nightmare as he will throw Israel under the bus and that is going to bring the Lord into it, and America will be punished severely for that!!

Also be advised that Hillary Clinton has released a TRIAL balloon on forced incarceration at a FEMA CAMP near you, KNOWN AS CAMPJOY – the information is in our latest Intelligence Digest, here is the link – copy and paste:


No joke folks, we included the video in the 3D issue, she is serious right down to the color codes RED, BLUE, etc.


Patti, Cindy and I really want to hear from you about the webinar concept – it appears to me to be the best way we could all get together and have “church” as most of us are isolated because of the GREAT APOSTASY. What say you all?

Thanks again for all of your comments, we really needed that support!!!