Cindy is going through some major tests today, one of which could be very dangerous to her health, but the professionals feel it necessary to find out what is wrong – for her health is not improving, but worsening AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY. We have indications of spiritual attacks, really bad ones. Someone is attacking her.

I am asking for prayer sup[port especially between the hours of 11-1 PM TODAY 3/12/20, as that is when that dangerous test will be done.

Cindy has been a real trooper over these many years as many of you know. Please pray for her in her time of need.





  1. Oh Lord God of Israel have mercy on us! Grant this blessing we pray, guard and blesses our sister Cindy, grant us victory powerful father. We ask in the name of Jesus Christ and we thank you.


  2. I pray that Cindy did well, and is recovering. I did not open mail till late today, am sorry. My prayers go out to the both of you.


  3. Stewart, I’m sorry did not get the email in time for the time you requested prayer, but I will be praying for Cindy as well as her doctors. Jesus Christ is Faithful! I pray The Great Physician to touch Cindy and heal her, All Glory To The Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever! AMEN!


  4. Stew, Cindy & Patti my prayers are with you, but I have some news I’d like to share with you. I took a friend of mine to see a guy local to me, who was restored from a possible death bed, to health, in 1989, thru the revolutionary discoveries of Dr. David Horrobin, owner of 116 patents related to human health. The most important one, is the we’ve been fed a lot of lies by the medical establishment, due to their close links (joined at the hip) with the pharma giants, and by the lack of knowledge on the part of MDs about nutrition as it relates to our physiology and biochemistry. The result is we eat that which is at least not doing us much good, but a lot of the time is harming us.+ This guy that lives near me was consulted by two very prominent American professioals, Brian Peskin professor University of Houston and Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, the foremost clinical integrative physician in North America at least. They wrote a book called “PEO Solution” about preventing / restoring to health, ;people from/ with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer with Parent Essential Oils (EFAs parents not derivatives). This guy here, has helped over the last 25 yr hundreds of people from all over the world conquer cancer, cardio vascular disease, and diabetes to name some ailments. That’s why those 2 men consulted him in the writing of their book. If you want to open up your veins, arteries, capillaries ie your vascular system you need to supplement (due to diet deficiency) with omega 6 derived from evening primrose plant (oil) which contains Linoleic Acid and gama linolenic acid. The brand he recommends as closest to its natural state, is available at amazon but I’m sure it’s available from good health stores. Suggested dose is (normal) 1 three times a day, but my pal has a form of melanoma and it’s metastasized to liver. The consultant whose name is also Paul, told him not to worry, if he follows the steps Paul gave him, he will recover and return to health. Paul told him, to start with 3 a day, and work up to 9 day over the period of a week or 2. Cancer isn’t the only thing Paul has helped others with, he’s also helped them with CVD, diabetes, manic depression, schizophrenia, and other things. I suggest you email him, and he will likely give you the best advice for Cindy


  5. Stewart,
    In The Name of Our Lord; Our Master Jesus Christ, my prayers for Cindy, you, your Family, and the ministry have already been sent to Our Heavenly Father. May his will be on, through and be found in all of us, Amen!!
    Kenneth Lorenza Word


  6. I am praying for protection for Cindy today, and every day, and that God destroy any and all evil forces aligned against her and Stewart in the name of Jesus.


  7. In Jesus Holy Name I command ALL dark entities NOT of Yahweh to STAND DOWN NOW and leave this child of the Most High God alone. I cast you ALL to the feet of Jesus for Him to do as He wishes with you. You have NO business touching any child of Yahweh’s! Father I ask for You to release mighty warring angels to surround Cindy above, below and encompass her round about. Please guide the hands, hearts and minds of EVERY person who comes in contact with Cindy that the utmost and perfect will of Yahweh can and will be accomplished! I also ask for You to please release Your perfect healing power to flow through her head to toe and wash away ALL sickness, darkness, disease and filth of this world…cleanse her completely and restore her to the perfection in which she was created by You! In Jesus Name I ask all to stand with me in this prayer and most of all I ask Jesus to stand with Cindy as she undergoes these tests peacefully, comfortably and quickly…AMEN.

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    • I come into agreement with your prayers for Cindy, and we thank you Abba Father for your tender mercies unto the children of men. GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS.. AMEN


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