We are really excited about releasing Danny Doogle and The Lords of Mars first serial and you can find it at Just click on the link and it will take you direct to the 3D book.

We hope people will come and visit and we really want your comments and suggestions concerning this series as it was written to counter the occult forces out there attempting to win over the hearts and minds of the young through the old – and they are winning this war because there is little “fiction” out there to counter their occult magic fiction.

Danny and his pals, on the other hand, don’t need magic; they use modern technology that they discover on their journey and turn it to their advantage as they unlock the many secrets of the co-called “black” projects of the elite and their hidden weapons. From cloaking to antigravity these kids have adventures that are reality based but just as exciting as any of Harry Potters escapades, or Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Wizard of Oz and such like.

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We need your input and opinions on this – this is a real war for the minds and hearts of the latter-day generations – and we want you to join in and become involved to make Danny Doogle a best seller – and hope you will download and pass on Danny’s first serial release!!!

We are all involved in this war even if we don’t want to be – the Lord is increasing the pressure on everyone to “decide” and not just sit on the fence – jump in, the “waters fine”!!!

Here is a short snippet from the prologue that sets the entire stage for Danny and his friends get involved with:



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Dr.Gavin!! Dr. Gavin!!” The shout echoed off the hills and rebounded back down the valley.

Dr. Gavin was at the top of what he was certain was an ancient Incan pyramid that lay buried under the jungle and the dirt that had accumulated over a thousand years or more. Already the surface rocks that had been uncovered indicated a massive structure was just underneath.

He had his crew cut a pathway through the thick green jungle underbrush to the top, and he was now looking down into the valley towards the dig area – and the bright lights surrounding it were peaking through the trees. A little fog was developing as the cool of night began to descend into the valley from the surrounding hills. It gave the dig area a surrealistic aura.

He shifted his gaze to the heavens above – the darkening sky of night was falling and the stars were beginning to show themselves, blinking on one at a time against a blue-black velvet sky. They were so bright that they looked like hundreds of sparkling diamonds.

“Here!!” Gavin shouted – “I’m up here!! What do you have?!!”

“6.7 feet – chin bone to top of skull – 6.7 feet!!!” came the loud reply, “come quickly!”

“I’ll be right down!” Gavin shouted back. “I’ll be right there.”

Gavin turned to his assistant, Mark Hansford, assistant director of archeology at Rockford University.   “My God, Man!! 6.7 feet – do you know what that means?”

Mark nodded, and wiped the sweat off his brow. “That means this guy has to be about 38-45 feet tall – the largest giant ever unearthed!”

Gavin nodded, knowing that the largest found was 36 feet, and the government came and took it away and confiscated all pictures, video, film and warned the excavating crew to remain totally silent, and that the dig never happened. They were not there and never were.

Gavin and Mark descended down the trail as fast as they could go, flashlights bouncing off the shrubs and thick Jungle growth. Ahead they could see the bright lights of the dig area coming into view once again as they rounded the last corner of the trail. Ahead was a scene right out of a science fiction novel – only it wasn’t science fiction – it was real.

Many of the ancient traditions of the elders were that literal giants had built many of the ancient structures all across Mexico and South America. Huge stones, many weighing hundreds of tons, dressed and put together with accuracy that was not even available today were employed to build these megalithic pyramids. Gavin suspected these ancient traditions were true, and if so, there should be burial sites for these giants – and they had found one.

As Gavin arrived at the edge of the excavation, he stopped cold in his tracks. He looked down at what was now the face of a gigantic skull – laying in repose, half buried, and silently staring up at the stars that were now dotting the night sky. Somehow Gavin knew that this being had come from those stars a long time ago, in the mists of the ancient past.

The crew had dug down just halfway – but the face part of the skull appeared to be well persevered and totally intact. Some of the crew was carefully brushing away the last vestiges of dirt from around the eyes, nose and mouth area.

As Gavin gazed down at it, he wondered what this gigantic being’s life would have been like, thousands of years ago, many thousands now. Did these creatures actually train and ride dinosaurs as some ancient stone carvings he had seen claimed they did? The artifacts he was shown were stunning in their implications. The skulls eerie silence spoke volumes as it stared into the night sky.

This find now proved it was true, the ancient writings were correct, there were gigantic creatures that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago, and that meant that the Genesis story in the Bible was actually true, and that the Book of Enoch was also correct. It was not that he doubted them, but now it could be confirmed. The ancient texts had been vindicated. Gavin smiled to himself. “This will cause a stir in academia, if we can actually get it out of here”, he thought to himself…


Comments are not only welcomed, but solicited – this is far too important not to pursue, folks, we need your help and opinions – go to – and while there, take a look at all of the news that is available there – there is no other website quite like it!!!





  1. The greatest outpouring Revelation of God is His “Full Counsil” view over creation wrought “IN” Christ since before the foundations of the earth.

    To anyone who has come into contact with a supernatural entity known
    as the Holy Spirit which *reveals directly to the authentic bible believer who Jesus Christ “is”,
    I am declaring the biggest revelation outpouring of the Church Age. An irrefutable bible case study for those with ears that hear.

    What you are about to explore is subject matter along the lines of:

    1.(Paul) A.P.O.S.T.L.E. = Exceeding Great Revelation
    2. Time vs Eternity
    3. day, night,
    4. night and day for ever and ever,
    5. evermore,
    6. The scroll rolling up after Christ’s new millennial Isreal and all the stars sing together where it is ONLY DAY.
    7. Marks of an Apostle ( issuing death / Anathema Marenatha over a wolf)
    8. The great wonder revealed: The woman of Revelation 12 With the 12 Apostles (Cough; excuse me ) crowns on her head and it’s meaning(s) and who she is today
    9. Manifold Wisdom of the household of faith (Adam / Eve, Abraham, David, Mary, etc…)
    10 John the Baptist as Elijah ( Bible Characters of the past walking the earth today in 2015 ( 2 witnesses etc…)

    11 Transfiguration (not “rapture’) (Stephen face shine/Moses face shine/ , Elijah on mount of transfiguration) of church of Philedelphia
    protected from the beast power ( Rev 12: woman given eagles wings to safe area)

    12 King David Over Millennial Isreal on earth under Christ Seated in Eternal Zion
    13 And to the angel of the Church of Philledelphia who holds the Key of David/City of David (people after God’s own heart)/mirror city of Eternal Zion in 1000 reign
    14 Predestination
    15 Forknowledge vs Forsight
    16 Coming to get that which was lost
    17 the Elect
    18 the Reprobate
    19 pre genesis creation state of affairs of the angelic as revealed in scripture
    20 Destroying the Spirit of Satan out of existence in time legally creating ALL things new (New Heaven and Earth) on the Eternal plain.
    21 Manifold Wisdom of God
    22 Weights of Glory
    23 The memory of Zion

    All things listed above are totally biblical and irrefutable when viewed line upon line precept upon precept.
    We are not talking about taking 2 or 3 verses on a subject and building a doctrine and thinking you’ve “got it”,
    but rather viewing “ALL” Scriptures available pertaining to 1 given subject.
    Study to show yourselves approved. Anyone who is mature understands the bible is written
    in a manifold multifarious way to be revealed by the Spirit and not understood by the carnal mind.

    Your reading/hearing from a direct contactee and representative of the Apostle of the Supernatural Church of Philedelphia written in the book of Revelation sent by God in office to
    birth the end time move and revelation outpouring of the Spirit among the Global body of Christ as tribulation nears and is even at the door. Anyone listening???


  2. Stewart, On the right track. I think all ages will and should read it. It’s a great base to start with and I can envision the possibilities of were it can go. Great way to present the truth.

    God Bless and press on. Jeff

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  3. Hi Stewart, I read this and also asked my daughter (12 years old) to read and give an honest opinion. I just started teaching her this type of thing so I would really like to see a book geared towards kids to help teach about these things. She said that she would read this book now knowing what it is about, but the cover would not draw her personally because she does not like Harry potter and books of that type. However, she says that if kids were to see this on a shelf at the school library, they would definitley choose it even just based on cover and title because that kind of book is what all the kids like to read. As for the content and being a slow to learn adult, I really like books that teach facts in a story form. I think this could really get the wheels turning for some. Thanks for all your hard work. We keep you in our prayers, God bless you. from Erin

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  4. I entered a comment and then lost it, so forgive me if this is a repeat. Could you use some
    other expression for amazement rather than taking the Lord’s name in vain? How about “Holy Cow!” , or “I can’t believe this!”, or “Good grief!”, or something better that you can come up with?

    Other than that, I am excited to read your story! Thumbs up!!!!!


  5. Stewart, I think “Danny Doogle and the Lords of Mars” will be a fascinating series, but how do you plan to market it? How will you get it into to the hands of the young people who will read it? You have to come up with some other way than through your present flock of supporters. Maybe now is the time you can atempt to enter back into the mainstream Christian churches and /or bookstores which so soundly have silenced your voice in the past with this new publication.

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