What Is Truth – Finding Baseline Zero – Part Three

While humanity claims that life here on Earth is “normal” and just is what it is, the wise men of the world have always pondered the question as to WHY IT IS WHAT IT IS. They looked around at the world and saw all of the sorrow, doubts, fears, violence, wars, murders, rapes, torture etc., etc., and said to themselves “is this the way it has to be?” “What can we do to make things better?” “Can we fix mankind, can we, through governments or “isms”, religions or philosophies find a human utopia?” Can we somehow regulate or fix the human being and make him into something he is not? Could we, if we study the brain, the final frontier, could we modify the “quirks” or the tendency to do evil? Could we insert a computer chip into the brain and control each person? Can we regulate human behavior in such a way, by total control over every move, every thought, every feeling that we can then have our ‘New World’.

“If we could do that, and if we could control the number of people on the planet, and cull the herd by various methods so we don’t get caught, then with both behavior control and population control we can have an absolute utopia.”

The answer to all of the above of course, is NO, not really. Every attempt to “regulate” and “control” people via various governmental types has utterly failed. Socialism of various types murder millions in the name of peace and remove all dissent and thereby cull the herd. The worldly answer of the New World Order is to gain total and complete control via a computerized world, a technology that Hitler and Stalin would have rejoiced over. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars envisioned a world of total control via chipping every member of the human race, which then allows for total surveillance and control. It is a form of trans-humanism. The Good Book says that this is the final apex of human society – a totally controlled human race, enslaved and monitored from birth to death, culling out anyone who “might” cause a problem to the peace and security of the elite.

Thus the “fix” for the human race is total surveillance and total control of a “modified” humanity”. In other words, this is a total admission that something really is wrong with humanity or you would not have to resort to such tactics in the first place. The concept that somehow man is “good” and “loving” is proven to be a falsehood, embraced only by people who are in total denial of what is really going on. Denial is nothing but a refusal to face obvious facts. No one can say that murder, rape, torture, theft, corruption and all the rest as “good” and “loving deeds” so why does humanity indulge themselves in those things? Humanity is plagued with evils, and in fact this world, viewed without rose-colored glasses is ONE EVIL PLACE. WHY? IS THIS NORMAL OR AN ABERRATION?

So I asked the question, IS IT POSSIBLE that what we have here, what we observe from birth to death, is NOT NORMAL at all, but is some form of horrible anomaly, an aberration caused by something long ago? I brought forward the concept that if the Universe that we live in, the nature of things here on Earth in the soul and spirit realm appears to be running contrary to how our universe actually runs, as though some sort of “curse” has been applied, that the forces of good and the forces of evil appear to be in a constant war, the ying-yang concept that appears to be a “constant”. What is up without a down? What is “normal” without an “abnormal”? What is good without an evil?

In other words, it is almost impossible for us to imagine a world where those questions are pointless, have no meaning whatsoever. But what if such a place exists, and further it is THE NORMAL? In other words, what if the FOUNDATIONS of our existence, that is, the POWERS THAT UPHOLD OUR UNIVERSE and control it in the unseen invisible background, are run by LOVE AND HARMONY that we have been CUT OFF from? What then? You better ponder that one as well.

What if there really is A SPIRIT of tremendous POWER that upholds the physical or material world we live in and it is a SPIRIT OF LOVE? Of harmony, love unknown, of good and peace? The Good Book tells us there is a such a place, and it is called THE KINGDOM OF GOD, the actual creator of TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, MATTER, LIFE AND SPIRIT. What if the Good Book is actually the truth behind everything there is?

Well, if it is true, then what happened? Certainly we have glimpses of love, peace and harmony, but only rare ones; fleeting ones at that. So what happened? What if there was some form of FALL FROM GRACE that CUT US OFF from the CREATOR and HIS KINGDOM? What if THIS WORLD is not the REAL WORLD, but rather a total aberration and an anomaly, a world of confusion, spiritual and mental chaos and violence to the point of self-destruction?

This question as to our existence here as NORMAL or ABNORMAL is the key to understanding the concept of a BASELINE ZERO. When we view LIFE, we also view DEATH. Everything living DIES. WHY? Does it not appear to you to be total vanity? Here today, gone tomorrow. A wisp of smoke, a vapor in the wind. Actually then, if we embrace the concept that everything here is “normal” and “what it should be”, then we must also embrace total vanity, for of what meaning is life at all? As Stephen Hawking attempts to explain, we do not need a “creator”, this entire universe just popped up totally by chance. Thus there is no ultimate meaning whatsoever. There cannot be any REAL meaning in such a concept, because all is vanity. CHANCE = VANITY. Thus VANITY = NO MEANING. It simply is what it is, get over it.


It appears that within the human soul (and all animal, sea and plant life as well), a powerful desire to LIVE and not DIE. WHY? What difference would it make if all of this is by chance? Why would there be any type of “fight for life” within? Further, as science unlocks the keys of DNA and GENETICS, it is obvious there is a terribly important “design” to it all. One can look at a Swiss watch and marvel at the engineering of it all. One can view a computer and marvel at how ones and zeros can bring such marvelous things to the modern world. We know these items are built by “intelligent design” because we know humanity built them, and we consider ourselves intelligent beings. We know signs of intelligence – so if a Swiss watch or a computer is such a marvel, why do we argue about a human being that is quadrillion times MORE complex and say it all happened “by chance”. The only answer is rank DENIAL…

At the same time, one will observe a leaf from a Maple or Oak tree and not even see the intricate design, far more complex than anything humanity has ever built. The same is true when you observe any animal, any insect, any fish, any living thing, and for some reason, even with the most complex and intricate designs of them all, we dismiss totally that these could have “designed” by a greater intelligence. Even when we have scientific laws such as the law of homogensis staring us in the face.

Science cannot present even ONE variance from that law, that LIKE BEGETS LIKE unless there is “outside” interference. A carrot plant producers other carrots. A tomato a tomato. On and on. No exceptions to the rule unless an outside intelligence interferes with the DNA and genetic codes built within. The so-called junk DNA is not junk after all, and evolution as taught is not evolution at all, but wide ranging adaptation within family lines.

Now science says that all DNA has the same number of “switches”. Turn off some, turn on others. We get different things with each combination. WHY? Exactly how did this total DNA piano with all of the keys come into being in the first place? How did it suddenly appear out of the primordial soup presto bingo and WHO is turning on and off the switches to produce a “Betty” or a “Danny” or a dog or a cat or whatever? In point of fact the evolutionist has no answer. His or her answer is often, “OVER TIME, GIVEN ENOUGH TIME”. That is a totally absurd answer and a total cop-out and a denial to face the real evidence. It defies the scientific law of homogenesis which stands as mute testimony FOR a CREATOR or “intelligent design”.

And then we have on top of that the “The Second Law of Thermodynamics” in which everything basically disintegrates over time. Your new car over the years becomes a rust heap. You are born, reach your peak potential and then slowly fade away. There are no exceptions. The law of thermodynamics totally confirms the Good Book as both a CURSE and why ALL IS VANITY AND YOU LOSE. So then we have to ask the question, WHO stands BEHIND THESE LAWS? WHO enforces them? You cannot have a law that is of any consequence unless the LAW GIVER will also ENFORCE THAT LAW.

Science really simply studies all of this, discovers “this law” and “that law”. Such as “gravity”. Have you ever wondered why a chair, for example, remains a chair? Why does it not turn into a tree or a table or some other product? Obviously if we have laws that sustain and uphold all of this, SOMEONE or SOMETHING MUST BE, HAS TO BE STANDING BEHIND IT TO ENFORCE IT ALL. All one has to do is look behind the curtain of existence to find the Wizard of Oz. In other words, you must DRILL DOWN through the things of this world to explore the NEXT. And what if the NEXT REAL WORLD is not a physical, material place as we know it, but one of SPIRIT?

What we are dealing with here is TOTAL DENIAL. A refusal to seek answers that are totally outside the box. A refusal to deal with the obvious. Because we do not like the answers we refuse to look further. We deny rather than really investigate with an open mind and open heart. We, for some reason, do not want to know the ultimate answer. And that is another clue that THE GOOD BOOK could be right! Could it be that we don’t want to know because humanity really is fallen and in total rebellion (however unconscious), against the real Creator? Perhaps this is the reason that when people curse, they us the name of God or Jesus. Have you ever heard anyone say “Satan damn it’? or EVER use the term Satan or Lucifer as a swear word? Are we being told something here of some invisible, and perhaps UNKNOWN DIMENSION in which a real and violent war is on for ownership of humanity? If not, why only the name of God the Father or His Son? You might want to ponder that one awhile.

All of this points only in one direction. An intelligence of vast proportions designed and built the universe we live in. The Law of Homogenesis demands it. He who gave us a brain must have one. He who gave us eyes, must be able to see. He who gave us ears must be able to hear and on and on it goes. There is no escape from any of this, but there is massive DENIAL and refusal to face the obvious.                WHY?

The Good Book tells us that the entire creation is under several curses and those have subjected the entire creation to VANITY. The laws spoken of before ARE those CURSES. The Bible tells us that those curses WILL BE LIFTED at the “manifestation of the Sons of God”. In other words, what appears to be “normal” to us, who must live under these curses, IS a total aberration, an anomaly never meant to be. Now we come to another problem – temporal (because of the aforementioned curses), or ETERNAL with NO CURSES.

In other words, the world was NEVER to be what it is. Humanity was NEVER MEANT to be subjected to total vanity. Humanity was SEVERED from his Creator at the fall. The fall was real, VERY REAL. It is not mythology, it not an old wives tale. While we may not understand the totality of what it meant, the results of it are all around us. The fall of humanity answers EVERY question a person might have when asking WHY? It really does. WHY does mankind fight and war and turns to the most horrific of tortures? WHY does mankind rape, murder, steal? WHY does mankind need police and militaries? WHY do nations attempt to undermine their neighbors? WHY do the “isms”, philosophies, religions WAR and KILL MILLIONS? WHY? The Good Book tells you why. It is the only Book that lays it all out for you.

Mankind fell and ingested in some manner, a knowledge he was not supposed to have within. Ingestion altered the DNA and genetic makeup, subjected mankind to external and internal curses, caused some form of SPIRITUAL DEATH and a total CUT OFF from his Creator and cast him into a no man’s land of pain, suffering, vanity and utter hopelessness. It appears to me that the “rich men of the Earth”, you know, the elite forces, are attempting to get back to a “paradise lost” through the power of money and technology, hence the push towards trans-humanism, the merger of machine and man. Along with this push is the constant tampering with DNA and genetic codes. It is interesting that the Bible said this would happen just before the “manifestation of the Sons of God”.

Humanity is always searching for this utopia that somehow thinks is “out there” somewhere, hence this unconscious search is the root of all of the “isms”, “religions”, “philosophies”. They are nothing but an attempt to solve the problem of “paradise lost”. Humanity KNOWS something is wrong, just pretends it isn’t. I personally do not know ANYONE that is not attempting to make their life “better” or has hopes for “a better future”. Do you?           WHY IS THAT? Why are we not totally content? Why are we always looking for something better? Better in what way? “I have issues, I need to work on!” WHY? Why do you have any issues at all? Ever wonder about that?

Once a soul begins to comprehend that something is really wrong here, and somehow has always known they “don’t fit in” or “something is wrong here” but never did anything about it, but now there is a restlessness of the soul and spirit, then that SOUL WILL BEGIN TO DRILL DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. Once we begin to realize that civilization as we know it could not possibly be “normal” but rather “abnormal” and an aberration, then that soul can begin to extricate themselves from this mess called Earth. They can then begin to DRILL DOWN and find the ULTIMATE TRUTH BEHIND ALL THERE EVER WAS, IS NOW AND EVER WILL BE. One will, if they in truth seek it out, inquire within, search it out with all due diligence, FIND the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Pilate did not realize it at the time, but the ULTIMATE TRUTH was STANDING BEFORE HIM in the LONE FIGURE OF JESUS CHRIST. Within this lone individual who walked the dusty roads of Judea was a SPIRIT BEING that came to us from the ETERNAL. Came to us to tell us what was really wrong. He knew He would be hated, reviled and murdered, but came anyway because the HIS LOVE required this mission behind enemy lines. He first loved us before any of us could love him. He came to set humanity free. He did so under a little known law called “Kinsman Redeemer Law”. He took on the form of humanity and walked among us.

He told us mankind walked in “darkness” and was a prisoner. He was held captive by his own nature and had a jail keeper called Satan, that “old serpent” that deceives the human race. Do you know anyone who is not subjected to the curse of age and death? So then, what really is this BASELINE ZERO we keep speaking of, and HOW do I drill down to find it? BASELINE ZERO is the answer that Pilate wanted to know from Jesus Christ, that is what IS the ULTIMATE TRUTH behind all of life, behind our very existence?


The love we have within us is a very damaged and selfish love. It is self-centered. It is a manipulative love. It desires to be fed. It is a very conditional love, with many conditions. “I will love you IF” and then we list our ifs. Somehow, however, we KNOW that love is the answer. It is what we all seek. We really do want someone to love us for WHO WE ARE, not for what we can do for them. We want to be held and comforted. LOVE MAKES US BLOSSOM AND UNFOLD AS A FLOWER. It brings out the real gifts and abilities that each person has. LOVE is the ultimate power to make us flourish.

The opposite of this is obvious. Love withheld, love denied, and the absence of love make us wilt, we withdraw, we become hurt and throw up “walls” to shield us. These walls once thrown up are almost impossible to destroy. So we ignore the pain, tell everyone we are “fine” and “good” when the real truth is the opposite, but we are afraid to admit it. To avoid looking within, we turn to DIVERSIONS, like sex, booze, sports and all forms of idols or whatever we can dream up. We keep busy so we don’t have to look within for it is painful to do so.

The point being is that we KNOW that LOVE IS THE ANSWER, and we all also KNOW that we do not LOVE AS WE OUGHT. We KNOW this FORCE OF LOVE is damaged, not at all what it should be. WE KNOW IT, but we have no idea what to do about it, or if there is anything that we CAN do about it. It is like a mystery, something missing, something lost, something not “right” but we cannot put our finger on it. It makes us restless. We are uneasy. We bury all of this with our work, games and idols. We all know that within us there is something “missing”. WHY? WHAT IS IT?

What is missing is what we lost at the fall. What is missing is DIVINE LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, A LOVE SO VAST, SO DEEP AND SO TRUE WE CANNOT FATHOM IT. We were cut off from it. Adam and Eve subjected the entire human race to spiritual death and ruin. We have no real compass. So we wander around in denial, pretend all is well and hope against all hope. It is all vanity, for in vanity there is NO HOPE or we could say, a FALSE HOPE. The Good Book tells us that Jesus told us that the vast majority of people die NOT KNOWING their real condition of being LOST. They die with a FALSE HOPE.

Now we come to another important item to be considered. The concept of the TEMPORAL and the concept of ETERNAL. There is a great misunderstanding of what “eternal” actually means. Most would say eternal is “endless time”, or “time without end”. Eternal in reality is the total absence of time, a place where there is NO TIME AT ALL. We cannot fathom such a place because our minds are constructed to work within time and space. So now another important question – is the soul of man, the spirit of man ETERNAL or TEMPORAL? The Good Book says our souls and spirits are ETERNAL. Scientific experiments have not only proven but have photographed what appears to be a SOUL/SPIRIT leaving the body at death. It appears as a “mist” or some form of ethereal being.

Many “after death” reports, of people who “died” but were brought back to life report leaving their bodies and watching the doctors and nurses working to revive them. Many report going through a tunnel of some sort which is really a “portal” or a form of “gateway” to the dimension of the eternal. So now we have to ask a very important question here: If our soul and spirit are eternally alive, where does it go when it leaves the physical body and leaves this material universe?

The Good Book tells us, but we do not want to hear the answer. The Good Book is a legal indictment from the Kingdom Of God’s Court. We are born CRIMINALS. We are born into a temporal world as liars, deceivers and real enemies of the REAL Creator. We hate Him with a passion, but do not realize it, for this hatred lies deep within the inner unconscious heart, often called the inner heart, the hidden man. It is this hidden heart, deep within that is in rebellion, and very subtly influences the conscious mind to invent religions, isms and philosophies, all of which are attempts to circumvent the real truth and the offense of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is this deep hidden heart of humanity that KNOWS the real truth, and this knowledge brings about the “restlessness” or “disquieting” of our lives. We know something is not quite right, but we cannot put our finger on it – it remains, as the Bible says, the mystery of iniquity or the mystery of “evil”.

So in order to escape this, we become “busy”, and we are in and of this world and what it offers us 95%, but that 5% of “not sure” is always with us, nagging us, disquieting our lives. It surfaces when someone close to us passes on that we are made to face this 5% of “the mystery” of life. Humanity invents all sorts of beliefs and religions and concepts so they do not have to face the mystery. We put our faith and trust in this “religion” or that concept or ism. I have had to deal with people who are facing deaths door, and it is then that many will finally admit there is a problem, and will often say something like “how do I get right with my Creator”? THEY KNEW ALL ALONG THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG, BUT REFUSED TO FACE IT.

Now is the time to FACE IT, to OWN UP, to BELLY UP TO THE BAR, BOYS, and let’s have a frank discussion. As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?”

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.

Isaiah 1:18 NKJV

Two things you must understand here, two things I know for an absolute fact. The first is, your Creator LOVES YOU with a love you cannot even begin to fathom. It does not matter what you have done, no matter how evil or wicked you have been. It does not matter how young or old you are. It does not matter if you are a king or pauper. NOTHING MATTERS. HIS LOVE FOR YOU IS TOTALLY UNCONDITIONAL.

However, having said that, you must also understand there is GULF between you and your Creator. Between HIS WORLD and your world. Preachers call it THE SIN BARRIER. In reality it is a LOVE BARRIER, but even more a dimensional barrier.

The love of the Creator is so different from our loves there is no comparison. His ways are not our ways, His ways are ABOVE AND BEYOND our ways. This barrier is also a DIMENSIONAL BARRIER, however there is an INNER PORTAL, deep within humanity’s inner hidden heart that can be opened. When Jesus Christ came into this world it was God reconciling Himself to THIS WORLD and FALLEN HUMANITY. Reconciliation HAS TO BE, MUST BE, A TWO WAY STREET. So if God has reconciled Himself to the world via the CROSS OF CHRIST, how then does humanity reconcile themselves BACK TO GOD? No one seems to want to answer that question, but answer it we must.

Jesus told us there is ONLY ONE WAY that can take place – it is called the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. It is an “incredible journey” that takes a person from their conscious mind all the way in to the INNER HEART, and that PORTAL TO HEAVEN. Notice it says that the person MUST OPEN THE DOOR to their heart and let Christ in. This STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are, in point of fact, the only way humanity can DRILL DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. There is no other way offered. This is it. Belief does not cut it, nor does faith, because one can believe or have faith in anything. The religions of the world prove that. Belief and faith in what Jesus told us is the dynamic force used to propel us to search out the truth, and find it. Belief and Faith in the Word as being TRUE then persuades us to be obedient and search God out.

The reconciliation pathway IS the strait gate and narrow way, for it is the only way into the inner heart. If you do not DRILL DOWN via this method to the portal doorway you cannot even hear Christ knocking, nor will He show you HIS LOVE TYPE so you can compare it with yours. In point of fact there is no comparison. This IS Baseline Zero. WHEN YOU OPEN THE DOOR, YOU ARE MEETING ULTIMATE TRUTH, and HE IS JESUS CHRIST, the very one standing in front of Pilate.

It is here, at BASELINE ZERO that this truth of WHO YOU ARE, and WHO GOD REALLY IS where it all jells down to the most profound meeting of the minds you will ever experience. It is here that the TWO DIMENSIONS come together. It is here that the two worlds meet and reason together. It is here that your sins are forever washed away and you are made white as pure wool. IT IS HERE, and HERE ALONE that you RECONCILE YOURSELF back to God by acceptance of HIS LOVE. It is here and here alone that you see and understand that this world is a total aberration and horrific anomaly. It is here and here alone that brings true repentance as you give up your loves and embrace His. It is here and here alone where you will recognize what a total deception modern Christian salvation theology really is.

There is a story told by John Lear on the Art Bell program some time ago, but it helps us to understand what is going on here:

“There was this ant farm. The ants were all very busy doing their thing, and reasoned among themselves that “it is what it is” and their world was the only world there was and ever would be. One day a very wise ant happened to look out as this man walked by. The ant said to the man, “What’s going on?” The man stopped and said, “what”?

The ant asked again, “What’s going on?”

The man replied, “you would not understand, it’s a big world out there, many, many, things far beyond anything you can relate to or understand from your perspective. I cannot explain it to you, so what is the use? You could not relate to any of it, it is so different from anything you know…” and the man turned and walked away.

The ant was perplexed and troubled by this exchange. What could be so different and so mysterious that the ant, with his miniature pea brain could not grasp? There was no answer, and so the wise ant simply returned to his duties and did not inquire anymore.”

So you see we are the ant. The man is the Creator. Our world is not THE ONLY WORLD. OUR DIMENSION IS NOT the only DIMENSION. Our LOVES are not the ONLY LOVES. It’s a BIG, BIG, WORLD OUT THERE, and ones we really know NOTHING about. Do you see? The Bible, however, gives us SOME OF THE ANSWERS about the big world out there.

The second thing is, THE TRUTH IS THERE FOR YOU TO FIND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. The problem is, you must really, really, really want to find it, else you will not, for to find the real truth of the SPIRIT OF GOD, you must leave this world and the SPIRIT OF SATAN, your prison keeper, and Satan will do anything he can to stop you.

I brought this up in one of the other blogs – Satan pretends he does not even exist, but if one really decides to seek out the truth with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength, suddenly Satan will come softly to you, and does so via friends, loved ones, relatives, pastors or priests, husbands or wives, children or grandchildren, grandparents, your employer or friends at work, and will often attempt, in any they can dream up, to STOP YOU FROM THIS “INVESTIGATION” OF YOURS into the meaning of life. Satan is clever, and uses those closest to your life to “influence” you AWAY from your endeavors to find BASELINE ZERO. Count on it, it will happen, which is why Jesus told you to COUNT THE COST.

It is totally amazing to me to watch this happen. Job loss, job promotion, illness, ANYTHING to stop you. Satan is real, and he wants to keep you in THIS WORLD, and does not want you to be investigating any of this. The Good Book tells us all about how Satan works in the parable of the sower.

  1. The first obstacle thrown up is to prevent you from understanding the Bible. Before this happens, Satan attempts to make you think OR feel that the Bible is a book of “non-interest” to you. If that fails, and you insist on reading it, then it will appear as nothing anyone can understand at all, so why bother? The verses are confusing, hard to remember even if you read the same verse over and over. The Good Book says that Satan’s spiritual folks come to you and “snatch away” any Word that might have meaning to you. You must plow through this initial obstacle and NEVER QUIT. There really are demonic forces out there.
  2. The second obstacle to overcome is what is termed the “Great Joy” crowed with modern Christianity as the best of examples. It is an all positive gospel of “salvation”. It is the modern faith and belief gospel of salvation. Simply believe, have faith, say a simple prayer and you are written in the Book of Life and you are “heaven bound”. This obstacle is what traps millions and millions of Christians, and they are called “the many” who stand before Jesus Christ totally rejected at the judgment. In other words, Satan has invented through his dupes that we call preachers, teachers and evangelists WHO PREACH ANOTHER GOSPEL of salvation that looks, feels and seems “right”, but is a total lie and leads to total rejection by God. There are many warnings about these folks scattered all over both the Old and New Testament.
  3. If all of that fails, then another obstacle appears – the cares and pleasures of this world. Notice THIS WORLD. That is a clue that THIS WORLD is a PRISON and has a PRISON KEEPER. All of your cares and pleasures of this world are called OBSTACLES. This includes families, relatives, loved ones, jobs, hobbies, idols, whatever that keeps you IN this world, occupies most of your time, AND prevents YOU FROM DRILLING DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO. It is here that others will TURN BACK.

Jesus said you must love Him, that is, THE TRUTH BEHIND IT ALL, more than anything else, or you WILL turn back from your search for the REAL TRUTH, or BASELINE ZERO. When we are born into this world, we are OF this world. We grow up and we live in THIS WORLD. To us it is what it is, and we all think of it as NORMAL. It is not normal at all – it is a total aberration that at the end, reveals we were eternally dead before our creator and did not know it. Jesus said “let the dead bury their own dead”. He was referring to all of humanity, born spiritually dead to God The Father, but very much alive to this world and Satan’s rule, but totally unaware of that fact.

  1. It is THE GOOD GROUND FOLKS, with an honest and SINCERE HEART that wants to find the truth above all else, THAT DOES SO WITH PATIENCE. It take time, time for the Lord Himself to DRILL DOWN TO YOU, and YOU DRILL DOWN TO HIM. You meet in the middle in the INNER HEART, THE HIDDEN HEART. Here it is:

Revelation 3:20

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.


This “door” is actually a PORTAL that lies within the deepest regions of the heart, known as the inner heart of man. You do not know this place, but it is here that your life is run by this “unseen man” you are totally unconscious of. It is here that the hidden “you” sits in royal splendor, running the affairs of your being. It is here that this “door” or “portal” was placed by the Creator to allow you to “escape” to the Kingdom of God. This is what the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are all about – a walk to the “other side”, where THIS WORLD and THE KINGDOM of God can MEET and REASON TOGETHER. It is not fooling. It is here that God actually does REASON WITH YOU. You don’t love, HE DOES, and therefore, what do you want to do about it? It is simple, profound and totally necessary for salvation, for this is, in reality, a LOVE TYPE EXCHANGE. It is where true repentance takes place, where GODLY SORROW leads to a REPENTANCE NOT TO BE REPENTED OF.

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