What Is Truth – Finding Baseline Zero – Part Two


In part one of this series I pointed out how religions, isms, philosophies, and their resultant “theologies” appear to be the root cause of all of the wars and mass murders on this forsaken planet we call Earth, prison-house of humanity – held captive in time-space, living on a quarantined planet, destined to trouble all the days of their probation that we call lives. I asked WHY? Does anyone ever stop to ask WHY? What is wrong here? Is this just “normal”, or are we all actually in some sort of aberration, some sort of anomalous situation that really was never meant to be? In other words, is what is transpiring upon this planet, now for eons, normal or abnormal? Have you ever asked that question?

I pointed out that no matter what philosophy of life one embraces, no matter what “ism” or theology, no matter what religion, the embraced appears to think that is a “truth” to them, and will often fight and die for that truth. Each one embraces some sort of “belief structure” that is in essence “their God”, even if they don’t believe it. I pointed out how thought structures form pathways in the brain, and the more the thoughts run in their pathways, the deeper they carve out rivulets first, then valleys, and finally a deep ravine, and the mind is unable to depart from that thought structure, becomes captive to it, unable to escape, and most often does not want to. In other words, the “isms”, philosophies, religions or whatever you wish to call them become entrenched, become “truths” and those “truths” are what control that person. Hence to a communist, Marxist or Fabian Socialists, that is their God, their “truth” and all others are either ignorant, stupid or are not worthy of life. They therefore become “enemies” and have to be dealt with.

This is what has happened to America now. Obama is a communist/Marxist even if people cannot recognize it for what it is. Harry Reid and his ilk likewise have simply changed their name to “progressives” but it means the same thing. To them, the nation we once knew must be radically changed and altered into the “New World Order” Fabian/Chinese socialist model. Anyone who does not agree with that is then the “enemy”, and as the Georgia GuideStones tell us, the population of Earth must be culled down to one half billion – and held there in an Iron Mountain perpetual sustainable balance with nature.

This is their “ism”, this is their God, and they fully intend to serve him to the fullest. So then, what is different about today’s mass (will be) murderers and their plans and their agendas than those of the past? Than those of China and Mao, Russia and Stalin or Pol Pot? Is it not identical? How do they condemn all of that and plan the same thing? The justifications for such culling may change, but that it is all it is, false justifications, false rationales. It is what it is. However, the rich men, the elite ought to know, more than any others, that what goes around comes around. There is, according to the Good Book, a culling of the elite. And that ALSO is what it is. So what does of this chaos within humanity mean?

I deduce it means that Jesus Christ was absolutely correct when He said mankind was a fallen creature, and that what appears to us as perfectly normal is a total aberration to what was supposed to be. Nature itself, as science has proven time and time again, does not run amok. For every action, there is a reaction – in spite of what science now says, there is no such thing as CHAOS, there is only what appears to be chaos. The entire universe is run under strict laws. The construct of the atom is identical to the construct of the spirit – it is always the negative in motion, the positive is always steady state. Good and love simply are, unmovable, steady, constant. Evil and hatred are always in constant motion, always moving, always probing, always looking to expand their influence and destruction. You can take that construct and apply it to spiritual/soul things. They are identical. WHY?

Humanity really thinks they are something special, what with all of this high technology and stuff like that and their shining cities that glisten in the darkness, islands of light when viewed from aloft. As a professional aviator, I flew into New York City thousands of times. It was always strange to me that New York, called The Great City Babylon in the Good Book, has atop one of the wall street buildings, a gigantic fully lit 666 on top of it. As Captain I would point it out to the first officers as we came in for our approach. I would say “See the 666? Wall Street. Don’t you think it odd that 2000 years ago we were all told about it? 666. Number of the Beast, a number tied directly to commerce and money and the enslavement of the human race”. How did the Good Book know all of that? You might want to ponder all of that as well. How is it that a book, written over a thousand plus years, by different authors, has a mathematical continuity so great that the world’s greatest mathematicians sit in stunned silence. Not to mention the Bible codes, or that every human being ever born on this planet is named in that book as well. How is that possible? Don’t you think it is a bit odd? Does it not stir up your brain atoms even a little?

In point of fact, the odds of this continuity, from author to author, over 1000 years of span proves via mathematics that the Good Book was not written by any human being whatsoever. The odds, the experts tell us, are quadrillions of quadrillions to one – meaning of course, NOT POSSIBLE. HOW SO? What is also very interesting is that the prophetic utterances of that Good Book are coming to pass with 100% accuracy. How is that? WHY? You might want to ponder that one as well – at least a little bit, anyhow. So if no human could ever do such a feat, WHO DID? Well, we could say some sort of mathematical genius apparently. Maybe even someone who knew all about genetics and DNA. Sort of like that person who stood before Pontius Pilate and who said that every hair upon your head was numbered. How did He know that? Wild guess? I doubt it, but maybe…

“WHAT IS TRUTH?” Pilate shook his head. “Don’t you know I have the power to kill you?” He said to this lone person standing before him. The answer was really a startling one. “You would not have any power at all unless it were given to you from On High…” NO POWER AT ALL. Wow, what a comment. NO POWER AT ALL. So what is this person speaking of here? “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT IS TRUTH?” What is the ultimate truth behind everything there is, has been, or ever will be? Do you know? Do you even wonder?

So perhaps we need to DRILL DOWN through all of the “un-wisdom” of the world. The Good Book says that the wisdom of the world is utter foolishness. Do you really understand what that means? That means that all the wisdom in the world’s libraries, universities, think tanks, schools and theologies and isms and philosophies are nothing but clap-trap. Utter foolishness. It is all vanity. It does say that, you might want to look it up sometime. WHY?

One of the reasons why is the temporal nature of humanity. Here today, gone tomorrow. Like a weed that grows fast, wilts and dies. A puff of smoke. Here now, but not tomorrow. Will anyone remember, further will anyone really care? Not likely. All of your worldly cares, all of your worries, all of it, well, sad to say, you carry that away with you when you pass on. Life goes on and the mystery of death remains unanswered. Or does it?

Do the cries and screams of the human race rebound off the walls of silence? Do the cold winds of silence remain? We search the heavens for answers, we probe deep into inner space. Scientists claim that have found the “God-Particle”. Not really. But they don’t know that yet, because they are  all looking in the wrong place. So death comes, we weep for our loved ones, we miss them terribly, we search within our hearts for answers, WHY?

The question really becomes, is DEATH really the way it was SUPPOSED TO BE? Or is death an aberration? Something not meant to be, an anomaly of some type – a strange mysterious event brought about by what the Good Book calls the “fall”. Is it possible that there really was a fall? Is it possible that you, who seem to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, are really fallen? The answer is stunning according the Good Book: YES!

When a person is born into the world, they are born FALLEN. It is their nature. It is in the DNA and genetic codes. How it works, no one really knows. It is your ability to determine what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil THAT PROVES YOU ARE FALLEN. It is your nature. You cannot change your nature. A leopard cannot change his spots. It is what it is. And there is not one thing you can ever do about it of your own accord. You are LOCKED INTO THE PRISON OF YOUR NATURE. You cannot free yourself. It does not matter how good or loving or kind and wonderful you are – you are still fallen. As a matter of fact, it does not matter how evil you are either. It is what it is.

This is one of the most important things to understand when drilling down to BASELINE ZERO. Your nature is set by your DNA code. You cannot alter it no matter what you do, good or evil. It is what it is. You are born with it, you live with it, and you die with it. Therefore to you EVERYTHING IS “NORMAL” and as it should be. Some are better at controlling their evil nature and are called “good” people. Others are not, they are called “bad” people. Both are fallen, both are lost and walk in “darkness” according to Jesus Christ.

So maybe that is why Jesus Christ is such a controversial figure. He told us we walk in darkness, spiritually lost; destitute. But to us it is normal. So what was He talking about? What did He mean, when He said He was the LIGHT? A seemingly great division here, darkness and light. Contrasting the two concepts. Telling us that the LIGHT was actually the normal, the darkness an aberration, an anomaly. What LIGHT? Say what? Maybe that was what bothered Pilate – maybe he knew that there was something very strange standing before him, a person whose eyes, they claimed, drilled through you to the core of your being. Not hurtful eyes, but penetrating, searching, seeing the fear of all humanity, actually eyes full of love and peace, compassion and mercy. Pilate could see and sense a vast difference between what Pilate thought was normal, with this person in front of him.  Eyes full of compassion. Eyes that knew Pilate was in trouble. Something missing today in most people.

So if humanity is what it is and cannot change anything, what then? First of all, one might want to come to a recognition of this plain and horrible fact. The Good Book says that the human heart is wicked and evil beyond anything we can imagine. Is this the “darkness”? Says so a number of places. Well, we don’t like that. Who is this person who comes here and tells us we are fallen and evil and in dire need of help? “I am a good person, a do not steal, rape, murder or have evil thoughts…” And so it goes. The reasoning sounds wonderful. How could evil within be possible? People are good. People’s hearts are basically good, many say. Look at all the help, service, hospitals, etc. Does that not prove people are basically good?

It depends upon what viewpoint you take. From a worldly point of view, the “darkness” point of view,  we would have to say that the good people far outweigh the evil ones, you know like Ted Bundy and such likes. But Jesus Christ said that was not true, and even pointed to the love parents have for their children and branded it “evil”. How does giving good things to your loved ones make you “evil”? Say what? EVIL? “Are you kidding?” NO, not kidding at all. And this is the hard part to understand or grasp as we drill down to BASELINE ZERO. If we are fallen, we are all “evil”. We walk in “darkness” and call it “light”. Can you embrace that concept? Is it possible we are fallen?

It gets back to the fall. Was there really a fall of some type, and what actually happened? Most people think the story of the fall is just an old wives tale. Myth. Stupid even. How could anyone believe such a story as that? For the sake of argument, let’s assume the story is true. Not saying it is, just saying let’s assume for the moment it really is.

The Good Book tells us the Adam and Eve (science now admits we all came from one pair of parents), were created in the IMAGE OF THE CREATOR. The Good Book tells us that the Creator is a SPIRIT, and that this SPIRIT is a SPIRIT OF DIVINE LOVE. In other words, a vastly DIFFERENT FORM or TYPE OF LOVE, a form of love so radical, so intense, so vast and so much higher in value than ours that we cannot comprehend it. A LOVE TYPE. You might take note that there were no rules in the Garden of Eden for behavior, for ethics, for morality or anything. Only one rule – “You better not eat of this tree of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.” Better not, no sir, stay away from it, bad for you. Why no other rules? True love does not require any. It is its on rule. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Simply really, even if impossible for us to do. And if you think you do, you are very deceived and lying to yourself. You are NUMBER UNO. Always, better believe it, for it is true even you don’t think so. “I would die for my neighbor”, you say. Wonderful. But it does not change your nature. It is what it is.

So one might ask a very intelligent question here. Why would the creator place such a KNOWLEDGE in the Garden and then say don’t eat it? And what was this so-called knowledge of good and evil anyhow? The answer is simple if you truly understand the nature of real true love. True love will not withhold knowledge, even dangerous knowledge, knowledge that kills. It will present it, but it will also WARN YOU concerning it.

I was a professional pilot for many a year flying the latest in jets. Those aircraft are put through an entire series of tests, and all of this information is then placed into what is known as “aircraft flight manuals”. The flight manuals tell us what we can and cannot do with these aircraft. They are filled with good knowledge. Ignore what it says, IGNORE THE WARNINGS, you will perish, along with your passengers. Same concept – ignore the WARNINGS, well, bad things happen.

So what was this knowledge? The word study means some sort of cunning, like fox smart, wolf cunning. Sort of like having the ability to decide for oneself what was up or what was down, how to “outfox” your neighbor, you know, take advantage. But something else happened as well. The unconditional love of Adam and Eve was destroyed. It died. It was no longer there. The LOVE OF THE CREATOR vanished from within. The DNA and genetics were altered forever. LOVE LOST. PARADISE LOST. The SPIRIT WITHIN DIED THAT DAY. “In the day you eat thereof, you shall perish…”. sO WE WENT FROM LIGHT TO DARKNESS. We now call the darkness LIGHT. A reversal, from TRUTH TO LIE.

So you might say, well they did not die, they lived for eons. Actually they did die that very day. They died to GOD. They died to their maker, their creator. The UNION WAS BROKEN. The spiritual link was cut off. Adam and Eve were reborn that instant into a new world, the world we KNOW TODAY. A world of broken hearts, sorrow, tears, toil and trouble, a world of chaos, wars and then PHYSICAL DEATH. First spiritual and then physical death. An aberration, a terrible anomaly. Could it be actually true?

Well, like I said before, we are born that way. We don’t know anything different. To us, all of this is normal. People are born, people die. Wars and rumors of war. Rapes, murders, thefts, corruption, hate, love, all of it. “What me worry?” says Alfred E. Neumann. Maybe you should. Maybe you might want to take another look. IT COULD ACTUALLY BE TRUE, YOU KNOW. IT COULD BE. Even if you do not realize it, we are getting close to BASELINE ZERO.

So what if what you and I know to be NORMAL, is NOT at all normal? What if we are in reality an aberration? An anomaly? What if we really are like some form of a twisted sisters? What if, to the creator, we are bent to do evil, full of rebellion and hatred for Him? What then? Could it be possible? How would one know? How could one find out, how does one drill down to BASELINE ZERO?

So is it possible, just possible, that this lone man who stood before Pilate actually came here to repair and to save that which was lost so many thousands of years ago? You might want to ponder that one for a bit. As the saying goes, put that one in your pipe and smoke it. WHY?      Because you and I know that in this world just about ANYTHING is possible! And we also know that the truth, very often, is in fact, far stranger than fiction.

So “who are you? What are you? What is truth?” So I ask, how did Jesus Christ know the Earth was round? That every hair upon your head was numbered? That there are “portals” and “gateways” between dimensions? That the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed, and He told exactly how it would be done? That Israel would be reborn as a nation in 1948 ? That matter was made up of atoms? That Russia would rise to a world power in the latter years? That America would rise up and become a twisted, sick nation full of evil and raise havoc upon the world? Better ask yourself how all of that was known 2000 years ago or more?

These are questions you need to stop and ask yourself. WHAT IF? Is it possible that the story of the fall is REAL, and NOT mythology? That mankind’s NATURE was radically altered in some way we do not understand and that humanity really does have something terribly wrong within? And that this simple fact answers all the questions as to the chaos and wars and horrible inhuman atrocities committed all over the world, by every tribe of man on Earth? Is it simply it is what it is, or did something go terribly wrong long, long ago in the hazy mists of time, and that the story of the Garden and the knowledge of good and evil really is TRUE? WHAT THEN?

Where does that put you? The Good Book says that no matter how good you are, or how evil you are you are fallen and counted as an enemy of the Creator. Protests don’t count here. It is what it is, and what it appears to be ain’t what it really is. Not at all. The reality of your existence is far different from what you think or perceive. I am not fooling here. This is deadly real. More real than you could ever imagine. How do I know? Because I went to the “other side”. I died. I have seen the other side. The Bible is telling you the truth. You may not like it, you may hate it, you may get sick of hearing it. But for all of that, you are loved with a love so fantastic it is beyond all human comprehension.

There is an invisible hand reaching out for you. The Creator of all that there is, is simply waiting for you to realize what your position before Him really is. He does not care if you are whore or a saint. He does not care if you smoke, swear or drink yourself silly. He does not care what you have done, or why you did it. He does not care if you are a murderer or a mother Teresa. His hand is there, and if you will take it, he will lift you out of all of this, all of this trouble, all of this sorrow, all of this doubt, all of your problems or “issues” as we call them today. His love for you, for His creation is beyond all words, there are no words. I know because He showed me. His love for this world,and  for all the broken hearts of all humanity is there, waiting.

You see, the fall placed a veil over your mind. But you can pierce this veil, You can overcome, and break free. But you have to recognize your predicament and face it. That is step one. Look around you, and look carefully. Something is wrong here. Something has gone terribly wrong. Genesis tells you what it is. Jesus Christ actually is the redeemer. The healer. The lover. He came behind enemy lines to rescue you. He loves you. More than you will ever, ever, ever know. Jesus told us how. He told how to get to BASELINE ZERO, and how to KNOW THE TRUTH, so you don’t have to be like Pilate and ask. You WILL KNOW, and when you FIND IT, you will understand everything I have warned about for the last 30 years.

In PART THREE – DRILLING DOWN TO BASELINE ZERO we will get to the bottom of all of it. A LOVE EXCHANGE. A RESCUE. A REDEMPTION. A JOY UNSPEAKABLE. A RECOGNITION OF THE REAL TRUTH. It has nothing to do with faith, belief or religions. It is so much more than all of that. All the isms, all the theologies, all of the philosophies, all the knowledge of the world means NOTHING at all. It is all foolishness. Eternity awaits. Hell is real, a place I have seen. Heaven is likewise real. Mankind has a choice, yea or nay. No choice is a nay.

It is nothing I believe. I have no idea why the Creator brought me to the other side. Perhaps just to warn you. I have been there, I have seen it. Jesus Christ IS GOD. He created all of it. He is the creator of all of it. He showed me. I looked upon the LOVE OF GOD. I saw it, just like a movie, looking into something so deep and so vast i cannot describe it to you. After He showed me HIS LOVE, He asked me, “Stewart, do you agree that LOVE runs this universe?” It was so obvious. Here was the answer, the final TRUTH, the MEGA TRUTH OF ALL THERE IS OR EVER WOULD BE. DIVINE LOVE. SO SIMPLE, SO PROFOUND. “Stewart, do you agree you have NEVER loved?” That was obvious when compared to His love. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. GUILTY AS CHARGED. Ever so softly came the next question. “Will you?” Now here is the crux of the entire matter. The human heart is damaged beyond repair. No matter what you do, you cannot fix it. Here is what true Biblical repentance is all about. A LOVE EXCHANGE. You give up yours, you get His. Simple, so very simple.

Here is the final turning point. “Yes”. I could have said no. I could have. But I did not. Here is what every soul on Earth is looking for. TRUE LOVE. We are devoid of it. We do not have it. We are lost, lonely and alone. We hurt, we cry, we weep. We look around us for someone to love us. To hold us, to care. Anyone actually. We bury our loved ones, we look in to the heavens and we cry, WHY? There is an answer. There really is an answer.

It was not supposed to be this way, the way it is. Never in a billion years was it EVER TO BE THIS WAY. What we consider “normal” and “every day the way it is” is a horrible, terrible aberration. We really are living an aberration, a horribly anomaly. You won’t really realize it until to you see your creator. He really does want to save you out of this mess humanity is in. Step back and look around you. Something is wrong, terribly wrong. You can escape. You can find BASELINE ZERO and KNOW the TRUTH.