The atheist says “there is no God” but actually believes in one – its name is “chance”. Just as the universe was created solely by chance, so it can be uncreated in an instant by “chance”. In other words, life has no meaning whatsoever – not really. Chance has no mercy, no compassion, no love, no hate, it just is. Vanity abounding. The atheist claims they are just facing reality. It is what it is, so to speak. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT – BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Moslem says “Allah” is God. The supreme ruler of creation. Anyone who does not believe in Allah is an infidel, worthy of death, a cancer upon the planet that needs to be destroyed. Hence anyone not believing should be, must be, has to be, killed. Torture of course is good before death. The more torture, the more delight in the heart of Allah and his followers. Allah is TRUTH, all others are liars and deceivers. “Off with their heads”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Christian claims that Jesus Christ is God. He is the creator that simply came to visit us. He is also the redeemer of a fallen humanity, a humanity deeply troubled by an innate cunning knowledge called good and evil. Hence because evil is an expansionary force, always moving, always probing, always seeking entrance into the minds of fallen mankind, we have wars, crimes, corruption, etc that expands like leven in a loaf of bread. The Christian says Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. Many people have likewise been extinguished because they refused to accept that concept as well. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

Then of course, let us not leave out Judaism. They cannot stand the name Jesus Christ whatsoever, and would kill Christians who do not embrace “Jehovah” and reject Jesus Christ as “son of God” if they could get away with it, and soon will it seems. Hence we have wars, strife, divisions, and all the odd stuff the human brain can contour up to get rid of their many and assorted “infidels” and “enemies”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

And then of course we ought to mention the many “isms” out there. Communism, Marxism, Fabian¬†Socialism, and all the other philosophies, theologies, and “isms” of that sort floating around out there invading the minds of men, taking root and forming “movements” and “wars” in which of course, millions have died over the centuries. Of course each was right, and each had “God on their side” as Bobby Dylan wrote in his diatribe song of the same name. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

It seems that thoughts like the above start as a small brook or stream, but as time goes on they become rivers, then torrents carving out huge ravines in the minds of man, becoming a “truth” to those who embrace it. Their thoughts run in these ravines, they cannot escape the walls created. They become totally blind to any other concept or thought. Their truth becomes their motivation to kill the one who does not believe their “truth”. So it is what it is, but why? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask why? Have you ever looked up at the heavens and asked “why”? Why am I here? What is my purpose or is there any? WHAT IS TRUTH?

The real creator, if there is one, must of course look down upon all of this and wonder why He bothered in the first place. For what reason? Why is all of this pain and suffering caused by evil men who pop up and rule over millions, you know, the despots, the liars called politicians? In a sane world they would all be hung for the damage they have done to humanity. Yet it all continues, and shows no signs of abating, to the contrary, it appears that the elite are planning yet another massive “cull” of humanity to the tune of billions if one believes the Georgia GuideStones.

It has always amazed me that the State of Georgia thinks these “GuideStones” are such a wonderful attraction when it calls for the murder of over 6 billion people. How do you condemn Hitler or Stalin and support a tourist attraction that calls for elimination of BILLIONS? Go figure. But then again the killing of the unborn is nothing either. The woman gets pregnant, but a baby is simply not convenient now, so what? Get rid of it, throw it out, flush it down the toilet, it was nothing anyhow. How many? Love gone cold. A friend of mine often said he was in favor of abortion only if it could be made retroactive. Maybe he had a good point there, but then who decides who should be retroactively done away with? Just wondering…

So the point of all this? It seems that “religions” and “isms” are in actual fact the mass murderers of humanity. It seems you can trace all of this back to the root of some “truth”. But what IF all of this “truth” is nothing but a bunch of absolute and total lies OR PARTIAL TRUTHS? What IF the human mind actually does embrace lies much more readily than any truth and that is a factual thing, you know, or at least I hope you know. And then again why do think that is so? Why do people embrace some lie about someone much faster than any truth? Why do we WANT to believe the lie? Why do we pass judgments upon people we do not even know, have not bothered to investigate, but somehow we “know” there is something wrong here. Ever wondered? If you do not believe this is so, turn on your TV s and watch it for a few minutes. Like Fox news, the “Spin stops here because we are looking out for you?” type of thing. Really? Last time I checked, Fox was looking out for itself, but knows how to spin things to get you and I to watch. They call it propaganda marketing.

So what is the point? Why do we have wars, crime, corruption? Is this really the “normal” or is something wrong here? Why are your media outlets filled with all of it? Almost all news is negative news, but not always. There is good in the world but where did that come from? There appears to be some love here and there, but where did that come from? There appears to be some compassion and mercy here and there but less and less now, it seems. Where did it come from?

So what if I told you the Bible, that mankind thinks and has branded a book about “religion”, is not at all? What IF I told you that the Bible, carefully studied and carefully thought about, is a Book that totally DESTROYS ALL RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD? That the end result of all of this has nothing to do with “religion” at all, but introduces a concept so radical, so mysterious and so “far out” that few human minds can actually grasp its message, just as the Bible actually said would happen?

So what IF mankind took this message from “beyond”, from another “dimension” and because of their nature, MADE IT IN TO A WORLDLY RELIGION? What then? In other words, they took a book all about a SPIRITUAL DIMENSION, and brought it down to a CARNAL MIND CONCEPT? What is they took something of THE SPIRIT, but because of materialism it was brought down to just a “soul” message, and a profitable one at that? What if the vast majority of the human race MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF SCRIPTURE? Made it into something it was not, never was and never would be? What then?

Can you grasp the possibility? Can you get beyond the rituals, pomp and circumstance, philosophies and theologies of mankind? Can you come face to face with something so startling, yet SO SIMPLE, that it confounds the human mind? Your mind? That no matter how hard you try to figure it out, you cannot, because it is totally beyond human comprehension? A message of a LOVE SO VAST, and so incomprehensible it has to be shown you via THE SPIRIT? And what if, when this occurs, you become totally aware of the foolishness of all world religions and mankind, Christianity as it is known today, included? And what if, when you know this, you attempt to warn others? Like Jesus seem to be doing?

So what actually happened when Jesus Christ stood before Pontius Pilate and Pilate asked “Who are you? What are you? What IS TRUTH?” What actually WENT DOWN at the cross? There is only ONE NAME under the heavens that causes so much debate, argument, and controversy! A single lone figure who wandered the dusty roads of Judea and spoke softly, almost in a whisper?

He never owned anything, never wanted anything, was not attractive at all to look upon, never seemed to care about the things of the world. Yet his wisdom, his remarks, his miracles still are with us 2000 years later. He never advocated violence of any sort. To the contrary, he told us to love others, to help others if we could. He was not political. He never railed against the State. He never said anything about this world other than it was evil, and the human race was evil because they were fallen. He told us only to point out the evils, warn mankind of it. Never mind no one wants to listen.

Fallen. When we think of “fallen”, we think of demons, fallen angels, criminals. Never us. “Not me”. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it is you. He said we were prisoners held fast by an invisible enemy, bent upon the violent destruction of the human race. He implied we are very self destructive. We do things that destroy us over time. We isolate ourselves, we become ships in the night, passing by, nodding as we go.

He spoke of a war, a spiritual war, an invisible war, a war so vast, so violent it defied explanation. He said that planet Earth was really a “turf” war, and humanity was owned by a higher being, and earth and its people were the subject of this war. Is it possible? We just did not know it, He said, and hence, because it is invisible and not easily discerned, it would be rejected as any sort of “truth”. It is a spiritual war, a war over who owns the human race. The human mind would reject it all as an “old wives tale”, as “myth”. But what if it is not? WHAT IF IT IS NOT? WHAT THEN?

Jesus loved the fallen of the world, healed them by the thousands, never asked anything in return. These are the facts. Yet for all of that, this one lone person is now rapidly becoming the most hated name and person in the history of the world. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Why would someone who never advocated violence, showed extreme acts of love, healed thousands upon thousands is now so hated and reviled? WHY? Why would LOVE be hated? Why would acts of mercy and compassion be HATED? Why would a soft-spoken, kindly gentle person be so HATED? You might want to ponder all of this if you ever hope to get back to BASELINE ZERO. You might want to inquire within. Just maybe this book you think is a religious book IS NOT, and holds within it the secrets of the Universe, all ready to show you a reality you never dreamed could exist. What if IT DOES?

Would you DARE to take this journey of all journeys to FIND OUT? The Good Book says to never answer a matter before you have researched it out – sort of like a prosecutor who prosecutes a case but never bothered to find that the one accused was around the world on a business trip and could not have possibly committed the crime. Evidence never looked at. Evidence denied. Good thing I am not a dictator, because I would take every prosecutor who could not be bothered to find the real truth, or who withheld evidence, or who undermined the truth willfully and I would put them in prison for a long, long time. Something about the public trust. I digress. But it is the same concept. How do YOU answer when you know not the question? Ponder that one as well.

Have you ever wondered why, when you speak of the Bible or Jesus Christ that people will literally get up and leave the room? Or stop their ears? Or get so angry they cannot control themselves? No other name on this planet evokes such a violent reaction to the world and its leaders. No OTHER NAME. No other name under the whole of heaven. Have you ever wondered why? If not, perhaps you should ponder it. What is there, DEEP WITHIN YOUR SPIRIT, that reacts to that name, pro or con? Think about it – ponder it.

Why? Because the world you live in is not what you think it is. Not at all. The Holy Bible is not the book you think it is. It is not about religion. It is about reality. It is a self-proving book. It contains information about any subject you want to think about. But there is an openly hostile SPIRIT that wants to keep you from opening it to study what it actually says, not what you think it says. This spirit entity comes through your mind by telling you there “is nothing here, so move on”. If you do not believe it, announce to your family that you are now going to really study the Bible, to find out if it is TRUTH or NO TRUTH. You are going to spend SOME TIME at this. You set aside HOURS to do this. Watch what happens if you do not believe there is a SPIRIT ENTITY that will come at you from any direction, use any family member, friends, clergy, boss or whatever to derail your efforts. It is NEGATIVE CONFIRMATION. There really is a SPIRIT out there that HATES THE BIBLE. Why? Could it be that this book will bring you back to BASELINE ZERO?

If YOU were to study hard to become a lawyer, doctor, or whatever, the SUPPORT COMES IN FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. Families are proud. Mom and Dad smile. Grandparents mention it to friends and relatives. “My Donny is going to be doctor”. Big smiles and nods of approval. But then…

“I am going to study the Bible, and I am going to do this starting now.” The husband or wife scowl. The relatives are all worried. The boss stops by to inquire if you are OK. Anger comes to the surface. “Are you going nuts?” or “I know a doctor, you know, a shrink, I will pay for you to go there”. Or “What cult group are you involved with?”. “You need to speak to your doctor, pastor or whoever and get unprogrammed”. On and on it goes. All stops are pulled out. The boss becomes very concerned. Friends are relatives speak softly, wondering what has happened. “Something has gone wrong with my sister. She studies the Bible, can you imagine ANYONE doing that?” So it goes.¬†¬† EVER WONDER WHY IT IS ONLY THE BIBLE THEY BECOME SO CONCERNED ABOUT? Have you ever wondered why, when you actually begin to study that BOOK, that your world of friends, relatives, loved ones all think you are involved in some cult group or worse? That your mind has been poisoned? That someone has “taken over” your thought process? You are under some sort of mind control? “She is involved with this cult leader, he has taken over her mind, brought her under his spell.” And so it goes. WHY?

Jesus said Satan was a murderer and a liar. He also said he is very powerful and needs to be respected. He holds the human race captive even if they don’t know it, but when they begin to inquire within the pages of Scripture IN EARNEST, suddenly that which was INVISIBLE and UNKNOWN becomes very well-known, and Satan uses friends, relatives, clergy, bosses or whomsoever or whatever to turn you back. WHY?

Now then, when you were IN THE WORLD, doing your thing IN THE WORLD, you know, like climbing up the corporate ladder or whatever, you were in full control of your mind, money and home ownership, AND IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR MENTAL PROCESS? Suddenly all of that changes when you pick up the Bible to read it, study it, meditate in it, when you INQUIRE WITHIN ITS PAGES TO FIND OUT SOMETHING. Suddenly you are a mental case, unable to discern anything. SUDDENLY YOU HAVE LOST TOTAL CONTROL AND ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HELP FROM OTHERS. WHY?

It is a truth, and I know it for a fact, because I have spoken to hundreds of people concerning it. There really is a SPIRIT that wants to keep THAT BOOK, and the person of THAT BOOK away from you. “I have no interest”, is a common thought. “I hate religion and what it does to people.” “I cannot stand that book, I hate it…” and so it goes. And to you who read it, “they” will try to get you to stop “this nonsense!”. WHY?

You need to PONDER why this is so. Really, you need to. Why just the Bible, and why the name Jesus Christ? What is there about this Book and this NAME that upsets the entire world, and more so every day that passes. We come around full circle. Pontius Pilate’s “WHAT IS TRUTH?” The Bible tells us Pilate was nervous. He was not sure at all what he was dealing with. He was between a rock and a hard place. He tried to wash his hands of it. WHY? Was it the dream his wife had? Was it because he somehow knew that the lone figure who stood before him was something far more than that which appeared? Did he somehow KNOW that the real truth was actually standing before him? That the REAL TRUTH was somehow tied to this material body and person known as Jesus? That somehow, as he stared into those eyes he came face to face with an eternal SPIRIT being? Something human but much more than human?

Pilate was NO amateur politician. He was cold, cruel and heartless. Yet, somehow, HE KNEW that he was dealing with something radically different. He KNEW IT and so attempted to wash his hands of it. So his question rings in humanities’ mind to this day – WHAT IS TRUTH? Can we find it, and if we do, can we KNOW in an absolute sense, we have FOUND IT?

In part two, we will descend down to BASELINE ZERO and what IS THE REAL TRUTH. Are you open? Is your heart open? Did you know that SCIENCE ITSELF PROVES JESUS CHRIST WAS THE REDEEMER? Well it does, and does so in such a remarkable way it cannot be disputed. ONLY DENIED.