A short few days ago, i finished the final editing on our Earth Whispers Special Report “Cosmic Intruders”. The research into it was rather extensive because it entailed laying hold of government and insurance industry special reports – as many people may not know that the insurance industry is way ahead of the game when it comes to threats to their bottom line – hence investigations of “future things” are very important to them.

The upshot of all of this is to be found in Part One of “Cosmic Intruders”, intruders that can be proven to be not far off – intruders that will bring about massive changes to our planet, and hence to all of those living on it – or we could say, to the small pool of humanity that survives it all – and thus the preliminary effects of these intruders is now being felt all over the world – in ways few would expect. One of them perhaps, might be what appears to be the total insanity of world leaders.

With the Ebola scare, and other manufactured biological nightmares being introduced by the elite of the world, perhaps not many will be around for any “arrival” of the intruders because mass insanity of the elite may well precede any mass die off by other means – or, perhaps, the intruders will simply finish off the “elite” who got rid of all the others on Earth. Or perhaps, as the Good Book is apt to say, God has the last laugh just after the fat lady sings. Maybe the elite plan to kill off the fat lady so she cannot sing, and therefore the prophecies of the Good Book become null and void – but then again, is it that perhaps the pottery telling the pottery creator not a good thing? Martha Stewart knows, even if no one else does, do you think?

Agendas and the well laid plans and traps of the elite appear to be going off on schedule. Mass panic, fears, FEMA Camps and sounds of alarm as rumors abound, first in one year and then again in another year. Woe is unto us, for we have stood by and allowed the worst of evil to rise up under our noses and did nothing to stop any of it. Woe, Woe unto us. But then again…

Everyone tells us Obama and his crews are stupid and incompetent. That’s all. He doesn’t understand, they say. He just does not get it. To many fund-raisers, to many vacations, to many golf courses. He does not care at all, they say. Never did, never will. But what if the opposite is actually true? What if Obama is brilliant? I mean, really above and beyond? What if the game he is actually playing is way above the heads of the pundits? Or everyone else? What if he is working a plan so brilliant, so diabolically clever that no one either dares to call it what it really is, or does not recognize what it is? What then?

You hear about the “end game” a lot these days. The Illuminati, the elite and their game plans for humanity. You know, germ warfare, chem-trails, financial collapse, wars, Ebola, zombies and all of that? Appears to me that we have had zombies inside the beltway for some time now. You know, like Harry Reid, Nancy P and all of the others down there? Appears to me that these types of folks stagger about, grunt a lot and eat their neighbors – mostly Republicans of the new ilk, you know. It has been going on now for a long, long time, sort of the like the alien visitors, you know, the X-files cigarette smoking man who told Molder that the aliens have been here for like, forever.

So where am I going with all of this? I have not the slightest idea – so why do you ask? What’s the point, you ask? How should I know? Should I even care? Should you care? Does anything ever change? Maybe that’s the point. Martha Stewart still cooks and shows us how, but that is not new – been there, done that many civilizations ago – even had TV, it is claimed. Most likely has their own Martha’s telling everyone it was a good thing! Ever wonder how many people died to make all of those recipes?

Civilizations? Well, they come and go, each thinking it is far smarter than all previous ones. One common fatal flaw it seems. Civilizations have also been here for a long, long, time. You know, those aliens are smart little creatures. Been here forever but leave nary a trace – a few rock carvings, odd buildings, mysteries here and there. They all tell us the same thing – been there, done that, never again. Civilizations did the same thing. Odd buildings, odd carvings, odd books – old wives tales, mythology, the writings of crazed zombies warning of a dire future – just around the corner they said. Been there, done that, never again, they all said. Well, they were right on one point – THEY will never do it again, for they have journeyed to the other side.

The Lord of all called them “ages”. Each age had it wise men, idiots, and those in between. Mostly those on the lower IQ quotient who could care less. They also had their beer and burgers, hotdogs and chili beans with tomato sauce. Mad upon their idols, they were. Sort of like America today. The point? How should I know?

You know the one thing I hate about chili beans and tomato sauce is how it stains all the shirts I wear because I am a sloppy eater – leave so much on my shirt that I can have a snack in between meals. There is always a method to the madness. Sort of like civilizations that stain history with all of their bumbling along, thinking they were wiser than the creator – who must now be doubled over with laughter at the latest attempt – I think I read that somewhere in the Good Book. Something about some odd and mysterious attempt by a bunch of “wise men” with lots of money who but could not read the writing on the wall – you know, the one that says weighed in the balance and found “wanting” or something like that.

Maybe that’s the point of this ramble. Maybe the real point really is, been there many times, done that many times, but once more with gusto, so who cares? It will be different this time, they all say. We just gotta get rid of all of those crazies out there – clean it up, cull the herd, get rid of all the bad seed out there, you know, the cancer cells – like those that actually believe in anything worthwhile. The New World Order? Been there, done that, but well, once more with gusto!! Do you see? It never changes, and the end result is always the same. Someone once said that the true definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results each time. Go figure, been there many times, done that many times, but maybe, just maybe this time things will be different, but then again, I doubt it.

Golden Age coming up. Alien arrival coming down. Golden future. Ten toes. Clay and Iron. Big rock comes, destroy it all. I mean ALL OF IT. Daniel Two seems right. Seems to me the same ending as all previous ages before. Do you suppose, just suppose that mankind has a problem somewhere? Maybe that’s the real point of all of this. Maybe we need to be gathered under the wings of the Almighty, and hide ourselves while the rich men of the Earth destroy modern civilization and themselves.

Are you going to stop them? Am I? Is anyone? Only the Creator, the Good Book says. He is it. No one else. So then, IT’S ALL OVER ANYHOW, SO WHY ALL THE FUSS?

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  1. I am preparing to come out of the gate… HOPEFULLY… 9/28/2015… coinciding HOPEFULLY with tribulation begin (well, not sure it will begin… but it looks like it might)… in the full measure of the full stature of Christ to take on the 666 beast and his system for the soil of New Testament Israel (America) in the Revelation 12 battle for the soil… and Return To Eden. Been waiting all my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ This isn’t a spectator sport. it’s not television. It’s life, it’s reality… it’s the grand, epic, adventure of a lifetime! And it is all fore-ordained!! Therefore, thankfully, I cannot “blow my program”. No, the Manchurian Candidate of the woman of Revelation 12… will emerge just as prophesied. (At least I know I am a Manchurian Candidate… am happy about it… love the story… looking forward to taking the dominion on American soil and Entering Eden… as promised. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an adventure! It’s the story we are living right now! Sure, it’s all decided… but we get to play our parts. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well if the world was to end tomorrow what would I do? Same thing. One said, I go do my garden. Heh. Yea I have been mulling the same thing lately. It will happen when God says and how he says, in what way he wants it to. Case closed! Thxs again Stewart you just made another confirmation for me. I love it!

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  3. Here we are, the beginning of the end, waiting for God to do something, waiting to fly away.
    He sent his son, his son said โ€ it is finishedโ€. Everything that needed to be done by Him is finished,
    He has shown us the way and we are now his body but where are the greater works he said we would do?
    What does one do with the scripture – Rom. 8:19, For the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.

    I am not posting here to glorify a man but could this brother be an example of what the body of Christ should look and act like? Check out these links on You Tube, discern for yourself if he his for real. I know one thing, he does not fit in churchianity.

    Faith to Raise the Dead, Day 1 of 4 โ€“ David Hogan mp4

    All 4 sessions are worthy of your time, and who knows they may answer some big questions for you.
    C. Thomas


  4. Good Morning Everyone,

    I say History repeats itself. This age really believes that they’re smarter than the other generations but if it was time for this generation to go it would like the others. Why do we elevate ourselves so much? In one instant, we can be gone.
    We don’t know what true peace is until The Lord Almighty has mercy on us to save us from our misery.

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  5. Hey SCB,
    Hmmm?… interesting and unusual post there.
    So here’s my story and some of my thoughts on some of that: The first thing the Lord led me to, right after my born again experience, was while I was walking down a mall one night and passed by a ‘christian’ comic book store. It had a comic about the evils of Masonry on a rack in the front window. {My dad was a Mason and had tried very hard to get me to join [convert] me.With with my background in theater, he said, I would be really good & easy for me, and that I would enjoy being in all of their pagentry and that.} For some “strange” reason(now I know) I went in and bought the comic book, read it, and hence began my study of the nature of evil. For years it seems I would ask the Lord ” But what am I TO DO about all of this knowledge I have now?” Finally He gave me an answer, “Just learn about it Dummy, don’t DO anything, ‘yet’. I’ll tell you when the time comes IF you are to act and what TO DO then.” Now that I am a little more mature, and not a baby sheep anymore, I think that I am just to put all of this in His hands and not DO a darn thing about any of it. There is no “YET” for me….
    He will take care of all of this, He will take care of me, and all the rest of His family that He has chosen to be with Him in Eternity.
    Our battle is supposed to be a “spiritual one”, against the “principalties and powers in high places”, not with the world. It’s not our job to save the world anyway. We can’t nor should we even attempt to try an change it. That is the work of the Holy Spirit.
    I think that is what is getting us all tripped up right now. I think we’ve suddenly become afraid of what is going on in the world, and what will happen to US if we don’t DO SOMETHING about it; when we have already left this world behind, right? So,… who cares? Like you say, It might already be over with anyway. So? So what? “What, me worry?” as Alfred E. Newman says. This would finally be the appropriate time & place to make & use that remark, I think.
    And thank you and Cindy for putting me on that prayer list. Wow! That was a real surprise and an honor for me to see my name listed there!!! And boy, do I need it too! Thank you again so very much!
    With you always and forever,


  6. I was just thinking about how Obama always has this stupid look on his face. He must practice that look for all of us. I think to myself how inept he seems. But, maybe it is all on act. Maybe that is what he wants us to think. Meanwhile he is steering our nation into oblivion. How could our national leader be so dumb? I did not vote for him. I did not even vote. There was no one suitable to vote for. All his promises of change. I see what he means when I watch what is going on. The change he promised is not what people thought they were going to get. Now for saying these things people would label me as a bigot. Just because the president happens to be black. Actually he could be purple with pink polk a dots for all I care. I still don’t like him. He is evil. If people can’t see that, then maybe the delusion is already at work.

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    • This fallen nation deserves the type of leader we now have. People can get mad about Obama – try to have him removed – but if our Lord put him there – then there’s a message, a Warning – a Judgment to this nation, right there! A ‘sign’ if you will, that many Christians cannot even discern. The current Blood Moon Tetrad: The Final Curtain! The End of This Age! It is now just seconds from ‘Midnight’!

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  7. The point of it all Stewart was to show those paying attention that God is still longsuffering and His love is everlasting, but He has a time and season for all things. It’s like a parent giving their children various toys, of which some require reading the instructions, so as not to hurt yourself or others as well as enjoying the purpose of the toy. But, because the child(ren) did not read the instructions or felt they could do better with the toy than what the manufacturer of the toy and instructions provided or suggested, they change the purpose of it and damage it, their self, or others negating the enjoyment that was to be had. So it is with mankind, God the creator, maker of all things provided instructions concerning the earth and all within it in the Good Book, but there are those who decided the rules needed altering, adding to or diminishing and they’ve written or come up with their own rules/instructions causing many changes, wreaking havoc in the earth for their benefit believing they are more knowledgeable than God. But, the Good Book says all that they do is VANITY!! Mankind did not take heed to God’s warnings in ages past, nor do they in this age, which He calls a generation of vipers and a wicked generation. For WOE to them, for eternal damnation awaits the disobedient ones, whose father is the devil. But many are as those before, because iniquity abounds, the love of many is waxing cold and they are becoming worse and worse; not heeding the warnings God, the prophets, messengers in Christ.

    Reminding me of a movie I saw the other day about aliens amongst us, that appeared human, but with these special shades you were able to distinguish between the alien and human. Also, with these shades you were able to see the subliminal messages in books, magazines, billboards, etc. such as OBEY, DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY, CONSUME, SLEEP, to name a few. Well, I believe they are here NOW as Stewart stated and have been for many years, coming and going releasing a slow altering of consciousness, therefore, bringing about a world of busy, captive, unaware people going along as usual being lead to the slaughter bit by bit. Yet, the Good Book says, AWAKE, AWAKE, come out of the slumber. Watch, as well as pray, be prepared for the coming of the Lord. Take heed that no man deceive you.

    We must continue to watch, as well as pray, being sure to be prepared, while awaiting His return. Because God will have the last say and absolute security is ONLY in Christ Jesus.

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  8. Hi Stewart, you are right but I also know you are right about a remnant The Good Lord has. I wait and wait for The Lord but I know He has an appointed time for everything, Every thing works for The Good to those who love The Lord. Now is the time we need to be there for each other to be lifted up and give Thanks and Praise and Glory to The Lord! The elite of the world could not do what there doing if The Lord had not allowed it. Fear not little Flock. Thank you Stewart

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